999 Dots, a new invention for creative minds with the tagline of connecting to the infinity, was established in 2018 and launched the brand in New York, USA. New York, the Big City or The Capital of the World, is the city of free minds and potential talents. We are especially targeting the booming visionary minds for our media related contents. Our collective effort to extract certain things from the most hyped media contents and provide something interesting to inspire the young minds is the main target.”999″ is an angelic number and it has some meanings which perfectly define our targets and goals for the brand and its future.

The true meaning and the establishment of 999 dots is to elucidate our goals of generating a bond with creative minds encouraging them to initiate more talented works in the society. Permanence, persistence and perseverance are the main ambitions so that we can fight against all odds, discouragements and hurdles. With our brand, we strive to inspire artists, photographers and movie makers to start a new chapter of their life and we will be part of their new journey. As a brand for creative minds we believe, the latchkey is to set realistic customer expectations with a touch of singularity and creativity.

Our exclusive contents reflect the changes in the creative person’s life and bring out the better show by their music, movie, painting or photography. Artist, Movie makers and Photographers can express the language of our souls. This innovative manner is meditation in movement wherein we act on new thoughts to co-create with the Universe. With the help of our brand, they can know their inner self and bring it out to the world with their passion for work and be the inspiration for many others. All the members of 999 dots adhere to the fact that creative minds are born to serve humankind by igniting a deep sense of peace in them. An artist is a gift to the society and he brings peace and happiness with his exclusive talent. Our collection of contents pay tribute to all artists, filmmaker, photographers who bring the light of hope and smile on the face of the people with their works.

Our brand is exclusively focused on young people who are waiting to show their talent or are yet to discover their hidden talent. We believe our media based contents can influence and inspire them with the thoughts of other famous personalities all over the world. The main motto is to create a creative and peaceful world for our creative minds and explore the talent in the world and help them to work without any hassle.