Alyssa Arce: 9 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

Models don’t fall into the attention of ordinary people. However, they receive loads of attention from high ranked personalities and other celebrities involved in show biz. They also earn a lot and look breathtakingly gorgeous. One such figure is Alyssa Arce. She had a massive spike in popularity after getting exposure as Justin Bieber’s girlfriend once back in 2014. But then again, the era of technology promotes models in an efficient way. With the increasing popularity of social media, models like Alyssa Arce are starting to attain the general public’s attention with their drop-dead physique. Easily their looks are able to grab people’s attention enough for them to obsess over these models. Alyssa’s fans obsess over her looks, but only a few of them know her other aspects of life which are equally important.

We highlight the other aspects of Alyssa Arce’s life that one cannot just know from her runway appearances or photoshoots.

1. The Basics

First things first starting all the way from the very birth of this southern Belle named Alyssa Arce. She was born on 27th February 1992 and is 27 years old as of 2019. She first ascended the earth in North Myrtle Beach, located in South Carolina of the United States. She used to be a high school cheerleader as goes her looks and perfect physique.

2. Interests

The gorgeous model has interest and hobbies away from just modeling. Alyssa shows immense passion for sports and the whole concept of being fit. One of the biggest reasons for such a choice of expertise goes back to her family. She says she has always been into contact sports. It is not only her that shows great interest in sports; her family is high on being active. Alyssa has ever taken a keen interest in soccer too and therefore admits to being playing soccer for over fifteen years of her life.

3. Building her career

Alyssa Arce was interested in modeling all throughout her life, which even includes during her childhood. As early as her teenage life, she began modeling professionally. For the sake of building her modeling career, she moved to Miami right after high school. Soon she established a stable modeling career with enough time all during which she was signed by Wilhemina Modeling Agency. Additionally, she even worked with another agency name, Ford Modeling.

4. Positive Body Image

All models do the same job, they walk the runways, they have a beautiful physique, but still, their earnings aren’t the same neither are their names. But one character that is unique to Alyssa Arce herself is positive body image and confidence in her own skin at a level unlike no other. Time and time again, Alyssa’s determination has been admired around the world. At any given time Alyssa can confidently strip down not just in front of regular people but also the camera. I genuinely wonder how one can live with so much confidence? Perhaps, enough to conquer the world. With this unique confidence, she found modeling as her platform quickly. 

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5. Playboy’s Miss

It would be a shame not for Alyssa, but for Playboy if they were to leave out Alyssa Arce from the list of Playboy’s Playmate. Her exclusive presence in the modeling industry gave her enough exposure to acquire Playboy magazine’s attention. Soon after that, she was honored with the title of ‘Playboy Playmate of the Month’ during July 2013. This powerful feature on the magazine not only substantially ended up boosting her standings in the industry but also made her a person of interest for the famous celebrity Justin Bieber. The Duo was then seen to be comfortably enjoying themselves sometime during 2014.

6. Facing criticism and controversies

It is pretty evident that open-minded people being their own person publicly is without a doubt, an open invitation for criticism. Since Alyssa Arce is confident in her flawless skin and often poses naked in pictures, she is openly criticized for so. These pictures also end up getting leaked turning into scandals on online community which also features a vast Alyssa Acre fan base for her seductive physique. She also receives backlashes due to her career that is partially built from exposure as a Playboy’s playmate. As many as admirers she has, Alyssa has many haters too. Her fling with pop star Justin Bieber has sparked several controversies as well. They were seen to be kissing on a luxury yacht in Ibiza right after his association with Selena Gomez. This sparked various hatred too, with rumors going around that she caused the former couple’s split.

7. Some personal facts

We know Alyssa Acre to be half-Honduran and half-Caucasian from her father’s side. She admits that despite being gorgeous and drop-dead sexy, she is still down to earth and very friendly. Amongst a crowd, she is known to make people laugh with her witty humor. She has an effortless sense of sarcasm and humor. Alyssa Acre is also known to have a strong inclination for traveling as well. Although it might not look like from her figure, Alyssa says she enjoys any good food. She also says that she would love to date a man who cooks good food. 

8. Tomboy

Even though she looks perfectly fine as a woman, she is slightly a tomboy. She considers as so owing to her fantasy towards cars. She claims to be all crazy for vintage racing cars and muscle cars. She was seen fantasizing over an old Ford Mustang in an interview. Adding to her love for cars, she also has a part of herself devoted to soccer.

9. Her thoughts on her looks

In an interview with FHM, she said that she would consider Blake Lively to be her celebrity doppelganger but not as far as twins. She thinks that both of them have some similarities and well after all both of them are drop-dead gorgeous anyway so we can all agree to her claims.

That ends our list of facts that one had to know if you didn’t already know about Alyssa Acre. I hope we didn’t disappoint here.

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