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10 Best Animated Short Films to Watch in 2019!

The inner child in us never dies, which is why we still get fascinated with animated cartoon films and shows. Age truly doesn’t matter when it comes to watching animated movies, heck even my Mom watches them still. Animated Film allow us to immerse into unreal surroundings and sort of experience things in an environment that is different from the earth. Not just that, when animators build their characters there is flexibility on how unique a character can look like, same when it comes to the abilities of these characters, unimaginable things can be achieved through animations for which there is no boundary, neither is there any need for stunt doubles or CGI. When you click on an animated film, you do so with the intention and expectation that you will get to experience a surreal experience that expands our imagination. And that applies to this instance that you clicked on this article for something worthy.

To cater to your needs, we bring you the best animated short films ever created that we ensure you won’t disappoint one bit!

List of Best Animated Short Films

1. Being good

Directed and Produced by Jenny Harder, Being good is a 4 minute 44 seconds long animated short film that was released in 2017. It is probably one of the films with the most effort put into approximately 5 minutes long of a film. The crew worked for 2 years continuously to perfect this Film. This Film tells us a small tale about a punk girl who is always accompanied by her two guardian angels, one good and one evil which always get them into disputes. During one such dispute, things get revealed which ends off the Film at thought-provoking satire. Winning 2 awards of excellence and 3 awards for best animated short Film in the year 2018, this movie truly puts the stakes at a height.

2. Invention of Love

A Russian short film about love and drama that got its release in the year 2010, Written and directed by Andrey Shushkov, much is conveyed through this Film silently and softly within 10 minutes. Invention of Love is about a man who is obsessed with technology and further exploits it to win a lady’s heart. But how long is this love that is based on inanimate things going to last? Find out more about the twisted ending this Film has to offer by watching this Film right away. Truly a masterpiece as this movie aesthetically conveys a harsh message about reality and modern generation obsession about technology. In my opinion, This movie needs to be recognized as one of the best animated short films with a strong message.

3. Alarm

Produced by a Korea-based animation company called Mesai, Writers Jung-Woo Choo and Moo-Hyun Jang bring us a highly relatable short film depicting each of ours every morning misery, called “Alarm” that runs for 9 minutes. Being here since 2009, Alarm has received a 6.1 rating on IMDb from which you can conclude that this movie has gained critics. Alarm is about the situation that all of us are familiar with in the morning, yes, the longing to sleep more accompanied by snoozed alarms ringing all the way.  All of it, giving you a 3D high definition animation experience achieved by the clever Korean animators, truly they have done an excellent job with the visuals, leaving every detail absolutely flawless. A must watch from the genre of animation, nevertheless.

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4. Zero

Directed and written by Christopher Kezelos and produced by Christine Kezelos, Zero is a 13 minute long,  2010 Australian stop motion animated short Film that has bagged several awards under the title best animated short Film. Zero portrays the story of a character named zero, who is born into a world of strict social status and discrimination. He was born in a family that falls in the underprivileged category, yet is determined to be something special despite all the hate, in his journey of self-discovery he meets a woman that he falls in love with and is constantly empowered by her presence. An entire short film filled with puppet characters might not look compelling to you, but upon watching, you will find out that this animated Film goes straight to the heart. A highly needed movie with an exceptional message about social status is exactly what you should be watching next.

5. For The Birds

Created by the renowned Pixar animations, For the Birds is a typical comedy family friendly short film that inflicts in you a short lasting feeling of euphoria. Running only for 3 minutes, this short Film tells a tiny tale about a flock of birds that rest on a line of wire. What’s revolutionary about that? Well, yes, it might not sound much to you or anyone but yet there is something of a charm about this Pixar creation that entertains us despite the simplicity. Directed and written by Ralph Eggleston, For the Birds has been out on the internet since 2000. Despite the year gap, the birds from this short Film are still given tribute in the more recent Pixar movies like “Cars” and also in “Inside Out.” So if you thought these characters look familiar, now you know from where.

6. Paperman

Paperman is a black and white animated short film produced by Walt Disney in the year 2012. It was the first animated short Film to win an academy award. It has also won an award for the best animated short Film. This short Film tells the story of a young accountant, who through a series of uncalculated events, finds his way into a beautiful woman. It’s a story about the possibility of finding soul mates in places where you wouldn’t even anticipate to. Finally, the Film leaves you with contemplation and optimism that there are people out there for you. Being a hybrid of both 2D and 3D technology, this Film provides a never seen before minimalistic experience of unique animation. 

7. First Bloom

Directed and Written by Tingting Liu, this short Film is about a story that has taken place in China about thousands of years ago. Qualifying for Oscar, First bloom is about the tale of an emperor’s daughter who falls into a deep connection with the servant that serves them in the palace. Although such a relation is often forbidden, the two strive to bloom out of these restrictions together. This short Film has been screened in several film festivals and most importantly won the award for Best Animation at the 2018 SanDiego Comic-Con film festival. With a total of 4 artists, this 2D animated Film has not concluded on the gender of the servant and has further decided to keep the role of the servant gender neutral. This short Film has to be one of the best animated short films as it breaks the stereotypes that follow discrimination based on social status.

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8.  Ian

A promised moving story that is written by Gastón Gorali and Directed by Abel Goldfarb from Argentina, Ian is the lead character’s name who was born with Cerebral Palsy and usually faced with exclusion from his peers, often being bullied. Ian’s mother takes notice of this adverse situation and tries understanding the consequences if Ian was to be included with his peers. Smoothly delivering a 9-minute long story in a fashion that hits you in the right spot, might even lead you to cry your heart out. A Smooth and deep animation that emotionally touches you trusts me when I say that, you won’t forget the impact Ian leaves on you.

9. Tweet Tweet

Directed by Zhanna Bekmambetov, Tweet Tweet is a short film that combines humor with pathos to excellently execute its ideology that revolves around the metaphor that our life is like walking on a tightrope. A film that is silent and without dialogues for which each time you watch this short you will find something deeper and more intriguing about it. Hidden with several deep meanings, Tweet Tweet is a must watch for all our dearest philosophers.

10.  Wishing Box

Directed and written by Wenli Zhang, Wishing Box is about a pirate that discovers a chest and brings it along with him on his trip, but what is inside it is the true mystery of it all. Is it more than he expected, or is it plainly disappointing? Watch this well-done, clever animated short Film with a humorous line of plot and characters to find out more. 

To conclude, our picks on the best animated short films involve only a few hands down the best shorts that touched our heart more than our mind. Accurately for which we listed them generously for you as we follow the saying that goes something along the line “ The way to a person’s soul is through their heart”, although I believe I completely butchered that phrase right now. With great embarrassment, that’s all for this article, Hope you enjoy the lifted spirits after finishing off this list’s best animated short films.

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