Athena Karkanis: 8 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

If you happen to watch Canadian television, often, you might have noticed Athena Karkani in most shows. Athena Karkanis may not have been a regular or a common household name for the frequent American TV-viewer, but this actress has performed some very hard parts in her life mostly on Canadian channels. In reality, working with the creator Jeff Rake’s on his Television series “Manifest,” is probably the first time ever that Karkanis has left her usual attire of guns and suits and chosen some decorated womanly clothes and a sympathetic character to perform her personality playing the role of Grace. Bet you didn’t think of Karkanis in that sense. And bet you don’t have other insightful thoughts on her either because all of us someone to spend time talking to. But now once if you are free and ready to take in something refreshingly new, here is our article waiting to be read. If Athena Karkanis is your person of interest or has caught your attention, we are here to back you up.

1. Early Life

Athena Karkanis was born on 7th September 1981 in the city of Lethbridge located in Alberta. Although at the time her parents lived and raised her in Canada, she primarily belongs to a Greek and Egyptian descent. As of 2019, Karkanis is 37 years old.

2. Education

Athena Karkanis was conflicted when it came to making life decisions on the choice of career. She first attended the McGill University located in Montreal of Quebec, Canada. She majored in political science and earned a bachelor’s degree on it from McGill University. After university, she was planning to attend law school. This was when she made the decision to pursue something entirely different. She had a passion for acting, and it was smart of her to recognize it early then. She dropped out of her law school fantasy to pursue an acting career.

3. Career

At only an age of 24, she finally made her on-screen debut on Television show 1-800-Missing. Soon after this, she started to get more roles. Most of them were supporting roles or guest appearances at the beginning, but later on, she successfully got into recurring leading roles and such on Canadian TV shows. The acting wasn’t her only expertise in the field; she also had other talents through which she made a career of. She gave her voice in several TV animation series. If you are a regular viewer of Wild Kratts, Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, or Skyland you might have heard Karkanis’s voice on at least one of those shows. Subsequently, Athena Karkanis appeared on several horror films with supporting roles in Saw IV, Survival of the Dead,  Repo! The Genetic Opera and so on. Her signature roles are mostly in post-apocalyptic and action films.

4. Involvement in the Show Biz

One might think that Karkanis has built a lifestyle and everything she owns from only her acting career. But we tell you that it’s not true. Athena Karkanis is a hardworking actor who has active participation in the film industry part-time. Yes, you heard it right. Acting for Athena Karkanis is a part-time job; in reality, there are other fields of income for Athena. She is a voice actress too, which earns her a decent amount from various animation shows and films. Added to that she is also a singer from which she has her fair share of earnings too. She has also given a voice for several video games, and we all know that the video game business is vast at present and only keeps growing. So now you know how Athena Karkanis earns her decent income. She is talented and hardworking; therefore, she deserves it. 

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5. An all-natural

Athena Karkanis is one of those actors that never had to attend an acting school to get to where they are right now. She is as successful as most actors but the only difference? She never had any lessons or such in her field of career. She could become what she is today with just burning passion. Karkanis plays a huge role in teaching us how being passionate is all you need to achieve big dreams.

6. Seamless body

The Canadian movie star is a beautiful woman with an appealing character. She’s got an incredible physique, and she’s very tall. Athena lies at the height of 5 feet 7 inches, two inches more than the median height of American females. She has fantastic body measurements of 33-24-33 inches. In addition, Athena averages 57 kg. She has large black eyes and long curly hair, which is dark brown in color.

7. Relationships

Nothing has been revealed about Athena Karkanis’s love interest. She doesn’t seem to have much fascination towards relationships at the moment. Someone who knows Karkanis well will also know that how much of a dedicated actress she is. If she were to let herself be involved in distractions such as relationships which mostly fail in the western culture, then maybe she would have lagged in her achievements. It is her preference to not get into relationships at the moment. Rumors have it that Athena Karkanis is presently focused on reaching the highest point in her career rather than any distraction.

8. How she chooses a role

For Athena Karkanis, there is nothing specific she is looking for in a role. She doesn’t have a sort of ideal characteristic or personality for enacting a role. But however, she does say that she cannot play a role that she is unable to connect to in all aspects. Usually, she looks out for something challenging. She plays roles that are unlike her, surprising to her or simply complicated. She also likes roles that she hasn’t ever played before for which it makes her more tempted to choose such bipolar roles. She likes to be authentic while playing a role for which it is extremely necessary for her to connect to the role in hand if it meant for the role of a Psychopath.

Talented people around the world often go unnoticed due to lack of exposure or publicity, but we as humans should know who deserves all the attention. All talents must be acknowledged, and that is what we are out for. Hope our article proved to you the extent an actor who is a mere actor on-screen has talents you would have never guessed.

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