11 Best Batman Action Figures to Buy in 2020!

Batman is a hero with no superpower, but the power of never give up. Bruce Wayne is Batman’s true identity. Bruce Wayne is a rich American playboy. He a philanthropist and the owner of the Wayne Enterprise. He witnessed the murder of his parents Dr. Thomas Wayne and Martha Wayne. He was only a child then. After that, he vowed vengeance against criminals, an oath tempered by a sense of justice. Bruce Wayne trains himself intellectually and physically. He crafts a bat-inspired persona to fight crime. He is a savior, and that is why he is so popular among us. So, we list down the best Batman action figure bellow here.

List of Batman Action Figure

#1. Medicom The Dark Knight Rises: Batman Action Figure

There were two failed attempts at the titular character from the Dark Knight. After that, Medicom has hit us with an action figure that strikes out every faulty feature from the previous two versions out of the park. As a result, it makes an entirely different, but a flawless figure. Not only is the figure itself coming with an impressive arsenal of artillery, several face scans, the remarkable aesthetic of the piece itself. But if you wanted to up your Dark Knight collecting game, or are just a fan of Batman, you have the option to detach the chest piece and cape. You can purchase the Batman Begins Batman figure and create an entirely different look for your own collection. Other than a couple of loose-jointed gripes, the lower waist dumbbell joint was slippery and loose on the body itself. It makes for some wonky vanilla poses, but it was nothing a few dabs of Mod Podge couldn’t fix. The figure is practically perfect in its 6-inch form. If we can add something little something to this figure’s ‘spectacular factor.’ we would’ve given a more screen accurate unmasked Bruce Wayne head sculpt from The Dark Knight Rises to it to up the ante. But it is that grand already. So, we include this in the list of best batman action figure.

#2. DC Comics Multiverse Justice League Batman Action Figure

It is a beautiful Batman DC Multiverse figure, surprising good quality, especially for the cape which you can wrap around the figure for it is a cloth-like material. It isn’t ubiquitous for batman figures. The figure’s costume alone looks excellent. It gives us hope of how great the movie’s Batman costume will look and excites us very much so and as a huge! Batman fan we find this figure to be a lovely addition to the bat collection, more so than I had expected in fact. This figure has highly detailed paint applications, high build, very nice weight, and balance, and great articulation for a $20 figure, two thumbs up from this guy. It is a must-have for collectors, especially for the Build a Figure Steppenwolf. We can honestly say it’s the best variant of the figure by far, and that’s a lot for us to say as we have never liked to Build a figure. But they have strangely gotten better in quality over the years. So, grab this now while Amazon still has it for sale, won’t find a better offer elsewhere!

#3. DC Justice League Batman Figure, 6″

It has nice detail in the costume for the price and looks like him in the face. The cloth cape is poor but not enough to take away from the quality. All the joints bend (knees arms) and head works perfectly. It will last for a kid to play with or to pose it. The list of best Batman action figure cannot be completed without this.

#4. Justice League Action Figure – Batman the Dark Knight

It is a great toy for kids. Batman is made of a very heavy-duty product that will not fall apart easily when put that through the use that these children do. It’s a very detailed toy. This Batman is great! He is articulated nicely. He has a long fabric cape too. If you have a Batman fan in your life, this is the one to buy to ensure smiles and fun!

#5. Batman Missions True-Moves Stealth Suit Batman Figure

Kids, fans, and collectors seek authenticity, so this figure is closely modeled after its inspiration. The dynamic, iconic designs, true to character details, and added articulation enable lifelike posing and a range of battle moves. The True-Moves action figures deliver the ultimate Super Hero play, quality, and value. This action figure is ready to do big battle damage. The huge size helps fans bring their favorite character’s stories to life and feel the full force of its superpowers. This is a must item of best Batman action figure.

#6. DC Justice League Action Stealth Shot Batman Figure, 12″

This action figure is sturdy; the bendable joints are strong and would take some harsh treatment to break. His cape is attached well and looks awesome. This action figure can be put into my position, including standing and sitting in the bat mobile. This great-looking action figure is a great buy.

#7. DC Justice League L&S Batman Figure, 12″

This deluxe Batman action figure comes with authentic moves, lights, and sounds. It has five points of articulation for realistic posing and action play. Each figure in this captivating assortment has true-to-movie features, multiple points of articulation, lights, and sounds for realistic action. It is offered at a value price.

#8. Fisher-Price Imaginext DC Super Friends, Bat copter Action Figure

The Bat copter gives Batman a new way to chase down villains. It has landing gear which can grab villains from the ground. It also has rotating helicopter blades. So, you can buy this without any delay.

#9. Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Multiverse Batman Figure – Amazon Exclusive

This deluxe 12-inch’ Glow in the Dark’ Batman figure inspired by The Dark Knight Returns a comic book. It is a highly detailed, authentic styling, Kryptonite’ Glow in the Dark’ enhanced Bat suit soft goods cape, signature cowl, gauntlets, boots, and belt. It has multiple points of articulation, to wage colossal battles and create dynamic action poses.

#10. Kaiyodo Complex Amazing Yamaguchi No. 009 Batman Action Figure

This figure has excellent articulation and accuracy to Batman. Posing with him is work but it’s the kind of work that’s worth it. How many parts of the cape depends on what pose you want him in. The gaps between the caps give more freedom to pose the cape with Batman more than bother it. If you love to pose figures, this one gives you a bit of a challenge. You can do a lot it with the cape, but that’s what helps makes giving Batman those amazing poses fun. All the joints are good, and this is probably one of the best Yamaguchi figures to date, in our opinion.

#11. Bandai Tamashii Nations Ninja Batman Action Figure

If you are a fan of Ninja Batman the movie or just Batman, this is a great action figure. It is a little smaller than some recently available Batman figures. It is 6.5 to 7 inches but well-articulated, and just plain cool.

By choosing these action figures, we tried to cover different aspects of a Batman fan. All these figures have excellent quality and designed to make the Batman fans smile. We hope this list will help you to choose your desired one.

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