Beau Garrett: 10 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

A fresh face that you often see on American television such as those named Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior and The Good Doctor. Beau Garrett is not just a pretty face; there is more to her. Actors build their career with hard work. There are stories and incidents that happen behind the scenes that make them successful. Little happenings in their lives add to something that we commonly know as the butterfly effect. In our article today, we focus on all those aspects that led to Beau Garrett’s success in the film industry. Some of the films that you can see Garrett’s striking screenplay are on Tron: Legacy, Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer and Lust for Love.

Test your knowledge on how much you know about Beau Garrett while we list everything we know about her on this article today.

1. Early Life

Officially known as Beau Jesse Garrett, Garrett was born on 28th December 1982. She was born in Los Angeles at the Cedars Sinai Hospital. She is the second child to parents David and Randi Garrett. Judging by her personality, you can get a slight idea to the environment she was raised in. She was raised in the Santa Monica Mountains located in Topanga somewhere in the premises of California. As a child, owing to her surroundings, she grew up riding horses. She was skilled enough with horses that eventually she became a fairly competitive equestrian.

2. Recognition

To how she received initial fame is a story to remember and cherish for both Garrett and her fans. It is rather an interesting one. The first time she received some professional attention was from an Elite modeling agency when one of the agents was there to spectate a school choir held in a shopping mall. She was a 13-year-old heartily singing Christmas carol with her school’s choir then miracles happened.  

3. Conditional fame

Her parents let her rise to fame and media exposure only so as that she could sustain all the fees for her horse’s boarding. She earned money only to pay off her dues with no intention for fame. At the time modeling was her in remotest interest. In 1997, she participated in Elite Model Look in hopes to build a solid career. She was one of the very few semi-finalists at the competition’s international finale.

4. Her thoughts on modeling

Beau Garrett began professional modeling at a young age of 14 and continued till 21. She started working for GUESS around the 1990s for the first time. When asked what was her thoughts on modeling at such a young age, she said that the time was both strange and interesting. She also added that such times were not exactly sustainable for her at the time.

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5. Career

As mentioned before, GUESS was the first brand that hired Beau Garrett in 1990s with whom she was integrated with for long. After that, during 2008, she became one of the spokesmodels for a renowned cosmetics brand named Revlon. She has modeled for several other brands some which are CosmoGirl and Double D Ranch. Beau Garrett is signed under the agency Vision Models with headquarters located in Los Angeles.

6. Castings

She was the first cast as the lead role of a music video titled “Cold” by Crossfade in 2004. Gradually she made a handsome of appearances on television episodes. She made her first filmography debut with her casting on horror feature film named Turistas. She got to work with actors Olivia Wilde, Josh Duhamel and Melissa George in this film. Then on 2007, she was cast amongst the supporting roles in the Fantastic Four sequel, Rise of the Silver Surfer. Garrett was then cast for several minor roles working alongside famous personalities. On 2017, Garrett starred in American TV series, The Good Doctor, which was claimed as the most-watched show in the United States television in 2017. She received a horde of positive criticism after this show’s huge success.

7. Concern for Human Welfare

Beau Garrett has shown an immense concern for human welfare. Her philanthropical works aren’t only based on words; they are measured from her actions and well doings. She is currently involved with an organization named BuildOn. On 2015, she was reported to travel all the way to Nepal to contribute to the building of a schoolhouse somewhere near Kathmandu.

8. Family relations to look up to

Yes, Beau Garrett isn’t the only superstar of the family. She is a cousin to another famous celebrity who we know as Kyle Chandler, and you might have seen him in The Wolf of Wall Street. She was only six years old when Kyle made his debut. There is a huge possibility that Garrett looked up to Kyle owing to whom she has strived hard to become successful.

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9. Relationships

Beau Garrett is 37 years old as of the end of 2019. As her age suggests, she did have sufficient time to experiment with relationships. As of what is known to the public, Garrett first dated Kyle Howard. He was an actor at the time but not a hot shot in the industry. After that she began dating Chris Pine who is six years younger to Garrett. The reason behind their breakup isn’t disclosed to the public; however, we suspect the age gap of least relevance. According to media reports, Garrett’s last relationship was with a director and actor named, Chris Payne Gilbert. They didn’t last long, either. At present, Beau Garrett doesn’t seem to be much concerned about relationships as her primary focus is building a career and a name for herself.

10. Net worth

Her acting career isn’t her main source of income, which we all can guess owing to her minor roles. However, Beau Garrett earns a handsome amount, more than most minor role-playing actors in Hollywood. Majority of her income is from the modeling career from reputed brands that she works with. Her net worth is reported to be an estimate of $11 million. It is no news that her modeling career has added big bucks to her accounts.

The above article lists most necessary things one must know about Beau Garrett. To conclude, we only hope you found something insightful here.

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