17 Best Beauty and the Beast Merchandise to Buy in 2020!

World’s favorite classic Disney fairytale with an excellent ambiance of robust musicals that touches your soul, regardless of the cliché. The Beast, who for some weird reason appears attractive and charming to many of the young fans of this fairytale movie, is, however, a result of a curse. The Enchantress spells a curse on the handsome young prince that not only turns into beastly form but also absolutely discards all his assets that include his palace and his servants that historically turned into furniture. Then comes in beautiful princess Belle, who is kept prisoner by the Beast.

He eventually falls in love with her, after and before which series of events take place that make this fairytale one of the revolutionary ones. This fairy tale has been transformed from a children’s storybook to a cartoon film to a live action film only because of its successes. The fan base for this Disney fairytale is ever so unpredictable that there are fans of all age’s groups, which even include some senior citizens. Considering yourself as a fan of honor read on the following list down.

List of Beauty and the Beast Merchandise

1. Belle Beauty and the Beast Morning Coffee Mug

Enjoy your morning cup of coffee or any drink that goes well along with this Belle mug. A perfect gift for any fan of Disney’s famous princess Belle. This mug holds whooping 16 ounces of fluid, which is a lot for its size and design. An easy to handle mug that is made up of durable ceramics, and is also the one that you get to buy originally from the Disney Parks.

2. His or Hers Matching Set

This Beauty and the beast merchandise is made for the couples out there that together with love and preach this Disney Fairytale. Made up of stainless steel, this pair of bracelets is bound to last long. What’s best about them is that they are guaranteed allergy free and features smooth laser cutting so you are not left to face rough, sharp edges.

3. Silk Rose and LED Light with Fallen Petals in Glass Dome

The rose in the glass jar has a symbolic reference to the fairytale to when the Enchantress offers it to the Beast. A LED light incorporated glass dome that stands 16cm tall is a classic decorative piece for any setting.           This beauty and the beast merchandise come distorted so you will have to go through the trouble of setting the whole thing up.

4. Music Box Gift

Small portable and an adorable music box that works best as a gift for all occasions irrespective of age. The dimensions of this music box are 7.1×6.7×4 cm, and it comes in a wide variety of colors for you to choose from. This Music box doesn’t require additional batteries or energy input; you can play your music anywhere you go. The music plays for 1-2minutes once you turn the screw under the box.

5. Beauty and the Beast Rose Insulated Tumbler

Tumbler is designed and made in America and comes with a lifetime guarantee. However the Tumbler is not suitable for carbonated or hot drinks, so be cautious with what you are pouring in it. Passed microwave and dishwasher tests, the dimensions of this Beauty and beast merchandise are 3.5 x 3.5 x 6.5 inches with a holding capacity of 7.2 ounces.

6. Belle’s Wedding Dreams

An official licensed Disney Beauty and the Beast Merchandise crafted by hands and painted with elegant ivory and 24 karat gold, all of which is done exclusively by hands. The Height of this figurine is 7″ and extends to 6″ width. An excellent showcase for your shelf, this figurine weighs 36.8 ounces

7. Disney Collectible Glass Set

This glass set is also another official Disney licensed product. It is not microwaving safe and is more suitable for cold or lukewarm beverages. A beautiful and seamless gift for any Disney fan either to use every day or to just exhibit it as a decorative item.

8. Beauty and the Beast Belle Themed Coaster Set

Many a time adding little details to a dining table enhance its Beauty immensely. This is why it is wise to incorporate coasters on your table for an etiquette touch to your dining experience. These beauty and the beast themed coasters are stylish and are heavy duty due to its ceramic structure. This set involves 4 easy clean coasters that measure 4″ x 4″ each.

9. Rose Choker Necklace

Yet another officially licensed beauty and the best product that ensures authentic quality and durability. The necklace is an exact copy of the choker that you see in the live-action movie. The straps of the collar are 12″ long, and the stainless steel extender is 3″ long. The black straps feature a red rose pendant that hangs from the middle. A seamless gift for a female friend who fantasizes about this fairy tale, gift now!

10. Disney Parks Beauty and the Beast Chip Ceramic Mug

Remember when Beast’s servants were turned into furniture and household equipment such as a mug? Get your incarnation of human into a mug by getting your hands on this Ceramic Mug that is crafted carefully with raised details on the exterior design. Not safe for use in a dishwasher or microwave. This mug has a capacity of 11oz with dimensions 4 x 4 x 5 inches.

11. Beauty and the Beast Enchanted Rose Quote Bracelet Cuff

Quality and durability assured by Disney, this Beauty, and the Beast Merchandise is an officially licensed product of Disney. The cuff of the bracelet is made with black colored faux leather strap 8 1/2″ long whereas the stainless steel indented with rhinestones along its boundary. A distinct and memorable line from the book is engraved on the golden plate.

12. Belle Cameo Pendant Gold Necklace

This Beauty and the beast merchandise features a stunning oval shaped jewelry piece with a gold and teal tone. The pendant shows a subtle back profile of Princess Belle. This piece comes with a 34-inch gold chain necklace along with a 2″ extender. Any Disney fan will rejoice a perfect gift for any auspicious occasion, like this necklace. Get yours now before stock runs out.

13. Loungefly x Beauty and the Beast Belle Embossed Charm Wallet

A very fancy clutch that is a features Belle’s profile engraved on to the smooth satin pink leather. At the centre there is a jar of rose that symbolizes as a Beauty and the Beast Merchandise. The purse is made up of premium Saffiano faux Leather and has a measurement of 8″ in width and 4″ inches in height. A golden chain sits seamlessly around the wallet.

14. Good Smile Beauty and the Beast Belle Nendoroid

What could be cuter than these tiny adorable figurine of Bella in her natural form? Painted with excellent attention to detail this nendoroid sized figurine features Bella in a ball room scene. The tea pots, Mrs. Potts and Chip, the magic mirror and enchanted rose are also a part of this Beauty and the Beast Merchandise.

15. Loungefly X Disney Belle Roses Mini Backpack

This floral bag almost looks aesthetic while Bella easily camouflages with the flower design. Made out of faux leather this bag measures 10.5 inches tall, 9 inches wide and 6 inches deep. Subtle designs include features like Belle, Lumière, Chip and Mrs Potts in a floral and very detailed flower pattern on black leather.

16. Disney Beauty and the Beast Live Action Movie Prop Replica Hand Mirror

Measuring about 9 ¼” of mirror, this beauty and the beast merchandise is a limited edition item from the movie. Featuring a classy mirror that has a symbolic representation of the mirror from the movie itself in which beast had a reflection. This enchanted mirror replica weighs 13.8 ounces of authenticity.

17. Disney Beauty & the Beast Live Action Enchanted Tea Set Playset

These mini kitchen ware from the live action movie go well in the show case as mini souvenirs. Perfect for enacting scenes from the movie, Mrs. Potts is designed to blink her eyes when the tea is being poured. This set includes a total of 6 items, which is 2 teacups with saucer, a teapot, sugar pot and spoons.

Let’s turn the story into queen and the king, just by wear these cool king and queen hoodies that are specially designed for couples.

There are lots and lots of such beauty and the beast merchandise out there on the internet but it is not always true and authentic to the movie. What we have listed here are handpicked best of the best items that are 100% genuine and licensed. When you see each of it you will grasp what we are talking about right away. We assure you quality and authenticity when it comes to merchandise that we list in our articles, so that being said, which of these Beauty and the Beast Merchandise are you purchasing next?

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