10 Best Cold War Movies to Watch in 2020!

Did you know that Russia happened to be the number one enemy of Hollywood right after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War? In any case, this has not prevented Western movie producers from utilizing each generalization out there when depicting Russia in huge blockbusters. Sounds like an advantage for the Hollywood producers and that led to the production of several best Cold War movies!

Many of us here are clutched to the series named “The Americans.” This series leaves us pondering, “What’s genuine? And so forth,” Even Rhys’ character ends up loving the way of life in the U.S. That too excessively much for his better half’s taste. The entire series focuses around two Russian residents living in the U.S. as a married couple, depicted by Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys. They’ve been set in rural Washington D.C. to gather data on the U.S. government’s developments and get it back to the Soviet Union during the 1980s Cold War. The two aren’t hitched as we see. However, they make an effort to look like a married couple- man and wife. To make all the efforts look more realistic, they even have children. Indeed, they are their children. But is the concept of having a nuclear family enough to show that they are a family and will they be able to cover up what they are doing beneath?

If you are already a fan of “The Americans” and wishing to see more of this Cold War thingy, here are 10 best Cold War movies hitting a portion of same topics from the series:

List of Best Cold War Movies

#1. The Bedford Incident

Sidney Poitier stars as a writer in the 1965 film “The Bedford Incident.” He joins the team of an American submarine, the USS Bedford. It should be a regular watch until the destroyer ship recognizes a Soviet vessel. Commander Eric Findlander (Richard Widmark) has no plans of giving the Russians a chance to escape. Sadly not even someone on board. The story takes a turn here and focuses on the Cold War. This movie should be in your list of best Cold War movies.

#2. Spy Game

Robert Redford depicts a spy while very nearly resigning in 2001’s “Spy Game.” As his retirement was near, he hosts a retirement party but later postpones it since his protégé (Brad Pitt) has been caught by the enemy. You will get other recognizable faces like Stephen Dillane and Marianne Jean-Baptiste in this movie. Brad Pitt takes much of the spotlight. Are you ready to mark it down as your best Cold War movie?

#3. The Spy Who Came in From the Cold

Richard Burton stars as British specialist Alec Leamas in the 1965 film “The Spy Who Came in From the Cold.” This film is an adaptation of John le Carré’s novel. Similar to the previous movie mentioned, Leamas is approaching the end of his career as a secret agent, yet he has one final mission to finish before that occurs. You might hear le Carré’s name tossed around a ton nowadays, with the TV adjustment of le Carré’s “The Night Manager” making a beeline for AMC. This is also one which is sought out as one of the best Cold War movies.

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#4. Dr. Strangelove

Stanley Kubrick’s 1964 movie- “Dr. Strangelove” is a British parody of the Cold War, featuring Peter Sellers, George C. Scott and Sterling Hayden. A power-hungry American General (Hayden) chooses to assault Russia. What is more exciting, you know? The Soviet Union is prepared to fight back with a Doomsday machine. Can you not tell already that this is one of the best Cold War movies? Actors take on various jobs in the film, including Captain Mandrake of the U.K. Regal Airforce, U.S. President Merken Muffley and the President’s right-hand, Dr. Strangelove. Scott depicts General Buck Turgidson, who is attempting to advise the President on the most proficient method to push ahead.

#5. The Manchurian Candidate

“The Manchurian Candidate” is an adaptation of Richard Condon’s 1959 novel of the same name and Denzel Washington stars in the film released in 2004. Washington assumes the job of an American war vet. He starts to have questions about what happened when he and his unit were held hostage during the Gulf War. The original film was first premiered in 1962 and ever since has made to the list of one of the best Cold War movies.

#6. Bridge of Spies

Now, this is something related to the Oscar Award of 2016! Mark Rylance won a 2016 Oscar for ‘Best Actor in a Supporting Role’ for on his presentation in “Bridge of Spies.” He depicts a blamed Soviet Spy who is on trial in the U.S. Tom Hanks has the job of a legal insurance advisor doled out to his case. This is also an adaptation of the 2010 book “Bridge of Spies: A True Story of the Cold War,” which reported the trading of detainees between the U.S. and Soviet Union.

#7. The Lives of Others

Again an Oscar-winning best Cold War movie! The 2007 Oscar-winning film for ‘Best Foreign Film’ spins around a German agent (Ulrich Mühe) working for the secret police. Set in East Berlin in 1984, he offers his mastery to keep an eye on well-known author Georg Dreyman (Sebastian Koch). It turns out the higher-ups are utilizing his abilities for ulterior thought processes. “The Lives of Others” is a film made in the German language with English subtitles.

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#8. Farewell

Farewell is a 2009 French film which also made to the list of best Cold War movies. It is a fact-based movie specifying the activities of KGB official Vladimir Vetrov during the 1980s. The story pursues a KGB operator (Emir Kusturica) who has turned out to be baffled with the Soviet government. He works with a youthful French engineer (Guillaume Canet) from Moscow to pass essential and sensitive data to the French government, which advances toward the U.S. The film is in French with English subtitles provided.

#9. Breach

Ryan Phillippe assumes the job of FBI agent Eric O’Neill in the 2007 film named “Breach.” His immediate predominant (Chris Cooper) is associated with chipping away at the sake of the Soviet Union. In light of certain occasions, O’Neill attempts to bring his supervisor down from whatever he was doing.

#10. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

The film opens with the British intelligence suspecting that there is a mole inside the organization in the 2011 film adaptation of John le Carré’s novel “Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.” Peter Guillam (Benedict Cumberbatch) is enlisted to head the chase and sniff out the mole. Cumberbatch is a piece of a top pick outfit including Gary Oldman, Colin Firth, Mark Strong, Toby Jones, and Ciarán Hinds. In 1979 the BBC delivered a miniseries adjustment, featuring Sir Alec Guinness as George Smiley. Guinness repeated his job as Smiley, who was called out of retirement in the 1982 miniseries “Smiley’s People.”

The names mentioned above are some of the best Cold War movies of all times, and you will like it even if you are not a fan of war movies.

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