6 Best DC Games For Android You Should Play in 2020!

DC Comics universe has been a part of our childhood. With time, you can come across your favorite characters in your Android cell phone. The games are available as apps on google play store. Each Android game the best graphics and gameplay that will leave the fans spellbound. Dc Comic Universe has entertained the fans with Dc Comic magazine, cartoons, movies with their magical creations like Superman, Batman, Wonder woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aqua man. But, in this modern era, the makers have come up with the idea of Android Games for the loyal fans of the D.C. Universe.

It is incredible to see our favorite heroes featuring in a game. Besides, anyone can download the Best Dc Comics Games For Android on their cell phone. For new players, here is a list of the best and latest Dc Comics Games For Android. These games can be easily downloaded and played on any Android Device. So, for all the Dc Comics fans, we have made the task easy for you.

So continue reading to discover the best for you.

1.Injustice: Gods among Us

This game is built on the strength and unity of the heroes as they fight their enemy in the battles against evil. The DC superheroes are fighting with moves, powers, and gear. Thus, the storyline creates a more powerful impact on the minds of D.C. fans. The players need to use the touch screen mechanics of mobile device to participate in 3-on-3 action combat. They can swipe and tap to perform combos and build their team for attacks and moves.

Besides, they can design their move set, enhance their powers, and upgrade your characters for competition. There is an opportunity to play Online Multiplayer Battles. Now you can compete against players worldwide, and participate in tournaments filled with rewards. Plus, there is a feature called Replay where you can replay your previous battles to brush your skills. There are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Green Arrow, Flash, Bane, Green Lantern, Doomsday, and many others to choose from.  These characters you get a new set of powers to fight!

Build with the best graphics for your phone or tablet, and there are animations for every superhero and villain. This game is truly brilliant for any D.C. Comics lover around the world.

 2.D.C. Legends Battle for Injustice

Epic DC heroes like Batman, Superman, The Flash, and Wonder Woman come to join dynamic battles and form alliances to save the world from the sinister clutches of evil. The heroes fight with their powers to protect the world from attacks. You can embark on a breath-taking journey and enjoy something phenomenal as you Play DC Legends Battle For Injustice. You can decide the future the world with your strategy and strength to dominate you’re the enemies. 

You can play Superman, Flash, Batman, Lex Luthor or The Joker and build your team with unusual group members. You can create the best team by gathering heroes like Harley Quinn, Supergirl, and The Flash. You can fight across the galaxy as the characters are equipped with incredible power and dominance.  The can shift between size and strength as the game proceeds. Other amazing features include customizing your favorite heroes to win in the battle against your enemies. This provides you with experience and abilities as you rule your opponents in Gotham City, Metropolis, Themyscira, etc. Also, the players can upgrade their heroes to five them amazing new feature! According to a recent customer review, they claim it to be amazingly satisfying. Filled with charming graphics and cinematography, the video game still delivers the essence of a superhero movie through your cell phone.  The incredible sound effect certainly helps to give the genuine feeling of the legendary D.C. Universe.

3.Lego Batman: Superhero Series

Lego Batman: Superhero series provides the experience and adventure no other android game can.  Equipped with the most potent hardware and specs, the audience can experience the magic of the craftsmanship. The game is effortlessly entertaining for its characters and references. You can combat against other players around the globe to demonstrate your superior power and strategy. There are options for daily and weekly challenges to earn rewards. The points help to make your team larger.

4.Injustice 2

Here, you can build your favorite superheroes and villains. Plus, the brilliant graphics work and the storyline makes it the ultimate choice of players among the world. You can fight against famous villains and prove yourself to be a stronger fighter. With every win, there is a reward for the players that will take them to the next level.

Meanwhile, the gameplay and even the audio is truly amazing. Almost all the famous superheroes from Dc Comics will be available on this game. All you have to do is to select a fighter or group of warriors and battle against evil.

This game shows variation with different Android devices. One drawback is that it requires enormous data for installation. Released in September 2018, this particular android game received praise worldwide. Undoubtedly, the makers tried to bring innovation to the players. The audience regards it as one of the best superhero games ever made it a date.  The game became the fastest-selling games of the year. In recent years, we can see that poker tournaments have been arranged in different countries. If you win the championship, it will surely bring you huge cash. Besides, you can gain immense fame. You may collaborate with an online poker site. They will provide you with a percentage of their profits. If you are fortunate enough, you may get special appearances on television. You may pose with your favorite movie star as well!

It is said that D.C. designs game for smart men. You can train your mind and learn to manage your adrenal rush. Playing helps to enhance your skill. You become sharp enough to detect any tricks by your opponent as you cross different levels. These will help you immensely to entertain you.

Sometimes, while playing with international players, the opponent will try to infuriate you. But you must not lose track. You need to keep your temper n control and act wisely. The most beneficial factor is that you can stay calm almost in every situation to help your team win the levels.

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5.Superheroes Fighting Immortal God Ring Arena Battle

By Far, players claim it to be the best Dc game for Android. There are different varieties of arenas to fight in with varying complexities. Here, they represent all the powerful superheroes and villains. This version of Android game provides superb graphics, gameplay, storyline with your heroes, extreme fighting, etc. The top-notch cinematography takes the players on a magical journey beyond reality with D.C. Universe superheroes, like Batman and many others. The game is based on book adaptations. The villains hatch a plot to seize control of our heroes.

Superheroes Fighting Immortal God Ring Arena Battle primarily focuses on D.C. Superheroes’ combat abilities. Superheroes Fighting Immortal God Ring Arena Battle gives the players the ability to complete side missions, plus they can invent new potential and skills to plan attacks together. Superheroes Fighting Immortal God Ring Arena Battle offers many more cool features that makes it the best D.C. Comics Games for Android.

You are equipped to play with multiple fighters and manage your won group with highly effective superpowers. One major drawback of Superheroes Fighting Immortal God Ring Arena Battle is that the game requires 48KB for installation size.

6.D.C. Legends: Battle for Injustice

DC Legends: Battle for Injustice is a famous game popular worldwide. The concept is pretty much the same as other action games. The rules are quite similar. In recent times, this game has become popular everywhere across the world.

To win, you need the highest value of points. However, the second round determines the winner. Therefore, the second round plays a very significant role in D.C. Legends: Battle for Injustice. You should always look for winning the second round with your team. Try to pair members to obtain a high total. Getting a high score increases your chance to win. Start with small strategies and planning. Keep an eye what your opponent is doing and then make your move accordingly. Try to play in small groups. Stay focused throughout the game. The player in large groups not sensible, because each of the players uses different strategies.

Try to observe the movement of your opponent, and guess their move. This is a tough task for an amateur, but with time, you will learn every trick gradually.

Many versions of D.C. Legends: Battle for Injustice can be played online across the globe. But you need to be alert while you enjoy this fantastic game. You must be aware of bluffing. If you do not, you will lose a natural match.

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