9 Best DC Games You Should Play in 2020!

DC comic books have always been an integral part of our childhood. In recent times, our favorite superheroes from the D.C. universe have rocked the silver screen with their actions and suspense. With numerous blockbuster hit movies, the D.C. Cinematic Universe has become a successful franchise. It has created genuine impeccable superheroes who have made their mark in the hearts of the fans worldwide. Undoubtedly, superhero movies is an entertainment powerhouse for us, producing some of the most excellent films ever made in the history of Hollywood.

Batman, Spider-man and the rest of the characters from the D.C. gang have had their share of the spotlight. This time, you can experience seeing them fighting the evil in video games. So get your consoles ready!

List of best DC games

1.Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis

Dc comics fans already know the tale of Aquaman declaring war against Orm, the villain of Aquaman series. With an army of sharks, whales, and fish, the hero tries to block his enemy’s action. The evil and the good engage in deadly combat.

Developed by Lucky Chicken Studios and published by T.D.K., Aquaman: Battle for Atlantis is a console video game. Based on the D.C. character Aquaman, this is for Xbox and Nintendo GameCube systems.

Released on July 23, 2003, this video game is directed with the intense fight sequences to make it more believable to the players. The sheer action sequences and authenticity at specific points may keep the players startled. Indeed, Aquaman: The fans well-received battle of Atlantic, but it was equally criticized based on its features.  The game begins with texts telling the backstory of Atlantis. The players have one motive: save Atlantis from the clutches of evil. As the game proceeds, it will leave you biting your nails in tension! The makers have done an incredible job of impressing everyone with the animation and plot. The rest of the characters their respective roles incredibly well in the game. The most remarkable part of the video games that is the opening action scenes are genuinely breath-taking and realistic.

2.League Heroes United

Released on October 23, 2006, this video game deals with emotional strength and unity of the heroes. Taking the enigmatic legacy forward, this is satisfying to see the superheroes fighting to save their precious Gotham City. Thus, the storyline creates a more powerful impact on the minds of D.C. fans. The graphics put particular emphasis on this famous D.C. series, a significant part of the D.C. Cinematic Universe.

The creative team has designed the levels and themes with great care and attention. The characters cross each other’s path despite their different timelines and complicated interrelationships. During the primary level, Superman and Batman are seen to investigate a mishap at S.T.A.R. Labs while Gotham City is under attack robots. In the next level, the Martian and Flash save Themyscira, Wonder Woman’s home, where the notorious sorceress Circe attacks the guards. Also, the Martian Manhunter helps Superman on Mars to fight the white Martians and Flash talks with the Dark Knight.  There are some floods across the Pacific, and Flash goes to help. The plot gets more intriguing as the complexity rises, but each of the characters displays their parts brilliantly.

D.C. Studios claim that this video game has a worldwide success collecting over $2.7 billion across the globe.

3.Batman: Arkham Origins

Released in 2013, this action-adventure video game developed by W.B. Games Montréal. The central character, Batman, continue to save Gotham City from the sinister plans of the villain, Black Mask. The villain is soon joined by the Joker and Anarky who set chaos. Published by Warner Bros, the storyline focuses on life in Gotham City. The storyline is based on Batman’s constant combat and abilities, sheer skills, and gadgets to investigate the scene and identify the culprit.

The critics praised performance, and the customers claim it to be amazingly satisfying. Filled with charming graphics and tantalizing cinematography, the video game still delivers the essence of a superhero movie. The incredible sound effect certainly helps to give the genuine charisma of an original Batman series. Here, Batman is on a mission. The audience few hints throughout the movie, like pieces of the puzzle.

4.The Rise and Death of Superman

 Video games act as a source of recreation and entertainment for the popular audience. This is an interactive entertainment for Microsoft Windows and the PlayStation 3, Wii U and Xbox 360 video game consoles. Based on the D.C. Comics superhero Superman, the old London with damaged buildings look freshly designed. The scenes are agonizing for the audience that makes a significant impact on the game. Unlike many other popular video games, the Death and Rise of Superman give massive emphasis on Superman’s fantastic ability to fight the evil.  His perpetual suffering that is smartly demonstrated on a screen so that the players can get the actual essence. The Doomsday cause the death of our Superman. Undeniably, the excellent graphics work has an impeccable effect, giving a whole new dimension and perspective. According to many critics, this particular Superman series is smart and satisfying in the way classic video games should be. The fantastic visual effects give the Superman, the dignity and grace which the character demands. The sound effects and texts are both unbelievable. The action scenes are immensely thrilling because the views reflect the constant battle between the good and the bad. When played with multiple consoles, the players can feel the tension and suspense rising. This makes the Rise and Death of Superman, one of the most awaited Dc movies of all times.

5.Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe

Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe involves Mortal Kombat and the D.C. Comics superheroes. Developed and published by Midway Games, the game is the eighth installment of Mortal Kombat series. Released on November 16, 2008, this series contains popular characters from both franchises. Written by comic writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray, the game shows

Raiden and Superman repel invasions from both their worlds.  There is an invasion by villains from both of the world. As a result, both the worlds come together to combat the villains.

Both Raiden and Superman are simultaneously in their separate universes. This causes the merging of the Mortal Kombat and D.C. villains, Shao Kahn and Darkseid, resulting in the creation of Dark Kahn.

Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe is available for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 platforms. The Mortal Kombat title developed solely for seventh generation video game consoles. Most reviewers agreed that Mortal Kombat vs. D.C. Universe was entertaining and thrilling for them. However, the lack of unlockable features as opposed to past installments of Mortal Kombat.

Infinite Crisis is a 2015 multiplayer online video game based on the fictional universe of D.C. Comics. Developed by Turbine, Infinite Crisis features two squads of D.C. heroes and villains as they competed in combats across multiple battlefields. The changing catastrophic events the players on a magical journey beyond reality. Revealing the universe’s deepest secrets, the game has adventures to offer to the loyal audience of D.C. universe.

The video game is unique and equally breath-taking for the audience. Indeed, this is tremendously thrilling for anyone exciting thing to encounter the Champions. The players control their Champions. Besides, the action scenes on the streets are extremely deviating. Throughout the video, the excellent graphics work and visual effects are treated for anyone. In the end, the audience can catch glimpses of the glorious world of the D.C. universe.

6.Batman: Vengeance

Batman: Vengeance is another video game released in 2011. Based on the epic stories of Batman, this superhero video game is the sixth generation of console games. Batman: Vengeance is the creation of Ubi Soft together with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and D.C. Comics.

Based on The New Batman Adventures series, the storyline revolves around Batman investigating the mysterious case of the Joker. Soon, he encounters the notorious conspiracy of other villains, Mr. Freeze, and Poison Ivy. Together, they have a plan to destroy Gotham City.

Speaking of the graphics work, one must appreciate his effort and creativity of the makers of this particular video game. Indeed, Batman: Vengeance is a gift for the players who are bored with traditional superhero video games. With two new villains, along with the Joker, the game takes new twists that are beyond anticipation. Indeed, the players can enjoy the mystery and concept ahead of time. The new dimensions displayed is beyond the specks of reality.

7.Lego Batman: The Videogame

This is another action-adventure themed video game developed by Traveller’s Tales. Published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment in 2008, this video game is designed for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable, Nintendo D.S., OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Wii video gaming platforms.

Based on Batman, this is the first Lego-themed video game. Everything, including the environments, objects, and creatures made out of Lego. The latest version of the game was released on April 2009 by Feral Interactive. This video game has many pleasures to be found by all. The incredible theme adds gravity to the plot. The graphics work is relatively exciting and visually appealing to the audience. The cinematography and visual effects have wondrous effects. The players need to accumulate enormous energy by defeating evil at different stages. You will never be bored with this game because the dramatic storyline presents the biggest surprises. Indeed, this is phenomenal and substantial.

8.D.C. Universe Online

DC universe online takes you in the world of D.C. Superheroes. It brings the true essence online for the loyal fans of D.C. Universe. The game will surely change your mind. This online game is an excellent choice for players in terms of both gameplay and storyline.

The best part is, the players can create their character with desirable features at the start and join the Justice League. The players can fight evil with the best iconic heroes and tackle missions. The game is based on the story which adapts several popular comic storylines of D.C. Universe. The audience will be amazed by new content and tasks to tackle. The game is absolutely free online.

Besides, DC Universe Online deals with the emotional breakdown on the part of the heroes. This is definitely heart-breaking, as well as satisfying to help them combat the villains. Thus, the storyline creates a more powerful impact on the minds of D.C. fans. D.C. Universe Online puts extra emphasis on the series. The game indulges the audience into the series’ deepest secrets in a seamless way.

The DC Universe has become a successful franchise over the years. It has created genuine impeccable characters who have made their mark in the hearts of the fans worldwide. Undoubtedly, the D.C. Universe is an entertainment powerhouse for us. Many regard their movies as the most excellent film ever made in the history of Hollywood. Putting the characters in the form of Video games is truly exciting.

9.Teen Titans

In 2006, Teen Titans Hit the market to help the audience to fight enemies and face super villains like Slade and the Master of Games. In this journey, Robin joins the team, so the games get thrilling and exciting. Teen Titans offers a game mode known as Master of Games. Therefore, the players can select from 31 different unlockable characters to engage in a battle against their persistent enemy. Thanks to the makers for bringing such an incredible theme onscreen. This paved their way to success as Teen Titans were one of the smashing hits of the year 2016 for Dc Universe.

With more movies to come, D.C.’s creative team designed the plot and themes with great care and attention. The characters cross each other’s path despite their different timelines and complicated interrelationships.  We have compiled the best games to help you choose. Thanks for your time and patience!

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