18 Best Black Butler Merchandise to Buy in 2020!

Solving crimes and seeking revenge has never been more relaxed and obsessing as it is in the Japanese animation series Black Butler. A dark fantasy and thrilling anime that has stolen the hearts of many anime fans around the globe. The series follows the story of a thirteen-year-old Japanese boy called Ciel Phantomhive, who is an excellent detective in the world of injustice. Then enters another dynamic anime character that is a true nemesis to Ciel, called Sebastian. What’s fascinating about Sebastian is he isn’t truly a butler, but only it’s his disguise to cover his demon self.

These beautifully crafted characters keep this anime captivating and indulging throughout its all three seasons. Black Butler has further received more audience and attention after its live-action adaptation that genuinely captured the entire anime series seamlessly. During all the milestones, Black Butler has crossed; it has been only gaining more and more fans from different regions. Listed below is a list down of top-tier Black Butler Merchandise that is best for its quality and appeal.

List of Black Butler Merchandise

1. Black Butler Eye Patch 

This Black Butler Merchandise is made of soft and smooth flannelette fabric that provides you a luxurious feeling just like the anime itself. Each mask is 20x10cm in its measurements and comes with an elastic band. This elastic band ensures comfort and perfect fitting for all sizes; therefore, it fits most people.

2. Great Wall Scroll

The colors of this printed wall scroll are of such high quality and vibrancy naturally that you don’t need to clean it up regularly. This Black Butler Merchandise, without a doubt, is a must-buy for any fan of the anime. The 33 x 0.1 x 44 inches measuring wall scroll makes it a perfect gift for anyone who loves Black Butler, an ideal gift for yourself as well.

3. Black Butler Mug Merchandise 

This Black Butler Merchandise has a capacity to carry a whole 11 ounces of any drink. You can enjoy all sorts of beverages from tea, coffee, juice, or even soup in this mug. The mug is assured to be dishwasher safe and microwave safe, which means the design will last ages no matter how frequent you use it. A high glossy mug that any fan would love!

4. Black Butler Printed Hoodie

Made out of 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester, this black butler merchandise is bound to be comfortable. It is manufactured and supplied by Brand88 that offers you 11 different types of color and fonts to choose from. You can also choose your suitable size as they provide many options for size as well. It is ideal for machine wash, guaranteed no fade out of color or quality.

5. Poster Hanging Paintings

The poster is technically a coated paper which is print on high-quality paper to serve quality. The possibilities are endless when you think about using this poster a décor as it measures 42x 30cm. The manufacturer HomMall ensures quality posters that do not fade away quickly or even change color. Works best as a gift for all kinds of Black Butler fan.

6. Black Butler Action Figure Collectible

These PVC collectibles are the most adorable thing you can get out of Black Butler. Featuring some high-quality figurines that represent three of the most loved characters from Black Butler, this Black butler Merchandise is a must-buy for every fan. Each figurine stands at 10cm tall and is detailed minimally while having an uncanny similarity towards the original characters.

7. Great Eastern Entertainment Wall Scroll

Additionally, it’s been fully licensed by the creators itself so you can be assured of quality. The wall scroll comes easily with rods and other necessities to hand it up properly. It features Ciel and Sebastian, a duo that sets many fans into a screaming fit.  The black butler wall scroll measures 33 x 0.1 x 44 inches and is entirely made up of fabric that makes it a elite souvenir to gift out.

8. Ladies Printed T-Shirt

Made out of cotton 100% and hence available in over 10 colors and font customizations to choose from, you are sure to get your ideal one. These t-shirts are safe to machine wash and does not easily fade out or shrink upon multiple washes. They come in many different sizes as well so you can surely get your pick!

9. Sebastian Cosplay Costume Outfit 

This outfit mimics the entire Sebastian uniform seamlessly. It fits right at the spots, and each detail has been carefully incorporated into it. The intricate details on this uniform explain its authenticity and your success with the cosplay. Furthermore, the suppliers provide you to custom sizes so that you can find your ideal costume. Get your next costume for cosplaying Sebastian flawlessly!

10. Canvas Painting Pictures Wall Art Painting 5 Pieces 

Decorate the most visited room in the house, your living space with Black Butler Merchandise. This 5 piece wall canvas has to be arranged sequentially to get the entire picture. All the framing is included in the product where each canvas is of different sizes. A fun gift to your black butler fans and also to your house.

11. Black Butler Plush Doll 

When search demonic anime characters get turned into irresistibly cute plushies, how can you not purchase it? This one is a unique one that features Ciel in a chibi form. It’s a perfect plush doll for bedroom or living space that needs a little bit of uplifting. Each of the plushies stands at 30cm tall; hence you know where to go for a cuddle.

12. Kuroshitsuji Black Butler OFFICIAL Sebastian PREMIUM Tumbler Travel Cup

Travel with a statement of obsessing over Black Butler with this high quality tumbler. This tumbler carries around 18 ounces of liquid and comes packed with a lid and a straw. Featuring few different holographic designs to choose from this travelling cup is a total eye can for every fan. Plus it’s BPA free.

13. Black Butler Playing Cards

Officially licensed set of playing cards that is suitable for your dorms or any setting with friends involved. This quality set of cards show cast different characters from the anime itself that would definitely by intriguing for any black butler fan. The dimensions of the package that will be delivered are 1 x 4 x 5 inches.

14. Sebastian & Ciel Poses Grays/white Seatbelt Belt

Now you are able to customize your jeans with black and butler merchandise. Get rid of boring old belts and replace them with these high quality printed belts that fit perfectly around your waist. It looks even better in real than the picture and is totally irresistible once you wear it due to its high quality material.

15. Cosplay Black Butler Ciel Sebastian Ring Necklace Earring Studs Set by HiRudolph

Not every day jewelry that you see at generic stores. This jewelry set represents highly of what Ciel and Sebastian wear during the whole anime. These set of 9 pendants are made from premium alloy hence they provide an authentic feel to it. The rings measures from 1.8-2cm in diameter. Perfect as a gift for every fan.

16. Black Butler – Ties Coffee Mug

This gothic looking mug represents the dark fantasies from black butler so well that every fan needs to have this mug. This mug is a high quality black butler merchandise that has flawless quality graphics printed it. It is a ceramics mug so you can be certain that the colors won’t fade with microwave use or in dishwasher.

17. Black Butler: Ciel & Sebastian Heart Sticker

A patch of sticker that is so simple but can be used to decorate your laptop, notebook or car windows. This sticker is an officially licensed product from a trusted seller. The dimensions of this sticker is 2x 1 x 3 inches.

18. Moon pendent Sebastian Black Butler necklace Gift

Surely you have seen this surreal necklace from Black Butler. It is handmade with intricate details crafted on to it which is why it looks authentic to the anime. This high quality merchandise is made from glass, art print and silver tinted chains. The chain measures 18 inches whereas the pendent 1.5 inches.

That’s the end of our best black butler merchandise list down. We believe that since each of these products has been carefully handpicked by us to cater to your tastes, you won’t find a lacking in any of these. All of them are great licensed products that indeed add an anime essence to your lifestyle. We hope you are satisfied with our product suggestions, enough to engage with it. With that said which of these are new additions to your next virtual shopping cart?

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