14 Best Black Panther Merchandise to Buy in 2020!

“In times of crisis, the wise build bridges while the foolish build barriers.” Remember this quote? Yes, we are talking about another superhero movie from Marvel comics titled “Black Panther.”  Black Panther may be the first superhero movie to have ever been nominated for the best picture Oscar, but there have been some near misses. Black Panther did exceptionally well because it covered a larger demographic of cinema viewer than many other movies. Some of the viewing groups are based upon interests while others are based upon race, age, and lifestyle. The first group would be the Marvel COMIC fans; the comic book junkies, cosplay fans and self-described Nerds who will see this movie even if it was about the most minor of the comic character.

The next “group” is the Marvel CINEMATIC UNIVERSE fans; the people who got hooked on the Iron Man movie and loved the continued shared universe that Kevin Feige has created. They may have dabbled in comics, but the movies were what really got them hooked. The next would be the African-American community; having a movie that stars some of the best young black actors and actresses in Hollywood today, wearing beautiful hairstyles and clothing, and showcasing a unique vision of Africa is not something that comes out every day. As it is very much popular among us, we have listed the best Black Panther merchandise for you.

List of Black Panther Merchandise

#1. Marvel Black Panther Wakanda Forever Fleece Blanket

The Black Panther Wakanda Forever lightweight fleece throw blanket is soft to touch-perfect for a cozy night of movie binging! It is made from 100% polyester, our throw is luxurious enough for Wakandan Royalty, measures 45 x 60 inches. It also features King T’Challa and two Dora Milaje Warriors with the words “Wakanda Forever.” It has great size for a child or for an adult to snuggle up with while watching TV on the couch. So, include this Wakanda Warrior in your life! From kids to adult, it is suitable for all ages and goes in the list of Black Panther merchandise.

#2. Bioworld Black Panther Suit up Snapback

Do you love hats? Or do you love the “Black Panther” movie? Or do you love both? All of you will be happy to get this. The Panther on the front is a metal badge. It looks awe-inspiring. The hat is beautifully designed. The detailing is excellent, and you will love the simple design of the emblem. It’s really T’Challa’s amazing suit design in the form of a hat.

#3. Monopoly Game: Black Panther Edition

From the Warrior falls challenge pool, to the Hall of Kings, to the tribal Council room in the golden City, this edition of the Monopoly game features locations and themes inspired by Marvel’s Black Panther. Players can imagine exploring beautiful Wanda with T’Challa and his people as they shift around the board trying to form as many alliances as they can. Build villages and strongholds, and make moves directed by the kimono beads cards and heart-shaped herb cards. The last player with money when all other players have gone bankrupt wins. The Black Panther edition of Monopoly is an awesome set. This is the perfect gift for any Marvel fan, especially Black Panther fans. The game tokens look great and are the coolest part of this set! So, how can we ignore this in the list of Black Panther merchandise? 

#4. Marvel Black Panther Sculpted Ceramic Mug

The Vendor Marvel Black Panther Sculpted Ceramic Mug is custom sculpted and beautifully crafted to make it one of a kind. It highlights a bold and bright character design and is made from high-quality stoneware. This mug is microwave safe, and hand washing is recommended. This mug will be a great gift for any Black Panther fan.

#5. Black Wakanda Bracelets

These elegant, natural, semi-precious charms can be jewelry or meditation and party wearing Bracelet. The best black Bracelet for all Wakanda fans and lovers. Amazing feature and construction. It has an exact design, symbols, and even the design is perfect and screen accurate. Enjoy some simple, affordable luxury for yourself, a spouse, sister, or friend, while knowing a charity benefit from your choice. This silver jewelry is appropriate for most ages! The quietly classy, silver, and richly textured charms will complement any occasion, from yoga class to that special evening. This black silver bracelet can go from bohemian to high style. Stack it with delicate chains or a cuff, go hippie to society lady, the gleaming, silver charms will be your constant companion with a cause. You’ll be creating a legacy not only for yourself or those you give it to. Thus, we include it in the list of Black Panther merchandise.

#6. Marvel Black Panther Tribal Pattern Lanyard with Charm and ID Holder

This Lanyard features an awesome Black Panther mask and tribal design allover pattern. It has the fresh design, quick release plastic clip at the top of neck and classic prong click closure at bottom, with a metal lobster clasp closure to hold ID badge securely in place. It also includes a collectible sticker. If you are a Black Panther fan and you will love this Lanyard. It is very, much durable. Any regular ID card user will love to have it.

#7. Vandor Marvel Black Panther Stainless Steel Vacuum Tumbler

This vacuum tumbler keeps hot beverages hot for 4+ hours, keeps cold beverages cold for 40 hours. Its BPA-free Eastman Tritan lid slides securely closed to reduce spills. It can be used with a straw as well. It has a double-walled design which prevents condensation. It is the perfect gift for any Marvel Black Panther fan.

#8. Marvel Comics Black Panther Cereal Plastic Bowl

A perfect addition to mealtime, snack time, or anytime. It is highly recommended for children ages 3 or three plus.  this round melamine bowl is durable and break-resistant, and kids love the large and easily visible character image. This bowl is great. The size is perfect, the image will show zero signs of wear with frequent use and going through the dishwasher.

#9. Marvel Comics Black Panther Unique 3D Character Sculpted Ceramic Coffee Mug

This coffee mug has an 11 oz. capacity, measuring 4.25 inches tall and 5.83 by 3.07 inches wide. Recommended for ages 13 and up. The sculpted mug likeness is hand-painted and fabricated of ceramic, so it strongholds heat well to keep drinks warm. Hand washing is recommended to preserve the finish. The Marvel Comics Black Panther character is sculpted in 360 degrees, so this 3D mug is fun from any angle. With iconic character design, this Marvel Black Panther tea mug is the perfect birthday or holiday present for any fan. The Marvel mug is also a premium collectible and keepsake with an enduring design that will desire to anyone, whether they use it every day or put it on a shelf to admire.

#10. Black Panther Limited Poster Artwork

You will absolutely love this poster! It has just the right size. Each artwork comes with a full 1-year warranty & 60-day no-fuss money back guarantee. If you want to decorate your interior, this poster will be great to create a super environment.

#11. Officially Licensed Marvel, Black Panther Bracelet

It is made of high-quality stainless steel charms with brilliant and original artwork display and durable cord material. A great addition to your comic book superhero official merchandise and fashion apparel collection. A perfect gift idea, souvenir items or party favors to loyal fans for any occasion.

#12. Marvel Black Panther Black Panther Slash Claw

With its claws sharp and its eyes set on his mark, Black Panther is ready to pounce! Kids can assume slashing into action like the warrior hero, Black Panther, with this movie-inspired Black Panther Slash Claw featuring retractable claws that drive in and expand out depending on movement. You can press these claws into a hard surface to retract, or strike hand forward to extend. It is a great accessory toy for any Black Panther fan!

#13. Black Panther Men’s Shadow Slim Fit T-Shirt Red

It is a very nice red color, the graphics are really nice, and it is soft. You can wash it several times, and the color will not fade. That is the best thing about this T-shirt. So if you are looking for something not so expensive, but want to make your friend smile, this t-shirt can do tour work.

#14. Marvel Legends Series Black Panther Electronic Helmet

Want to gear up like the warrior king Black Panther with this 1:1 full-scale premium role-play electronic helmet? The helmet is just to solve your problems. It is adjustable to fit most heads, this helmet features movie-inspired design with flip-up eye lenses and intricate detailing. Includes movie-inspired light effects. This is a very nice piece. It is actually comfortable to wear. The pads inside are fragile, but it doesn’t diminish the comfort level. The quality is top notch, and you will like that the eye visor opens up so you can wear it at night while taking the kids out trick or treating. It also eliminates one of my biggest complaints with all of the helmets out there, which is eyepiece fogging. The helmet also has a rubber nose and eyepiece inside the helmet that helps with comfort.

By choosing these products, we tried to cover different aspects of a Black Panther fan. All these products have great quality and designed to make the Black Panther fans smile. We hope this list will help you to choose your desired one.

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