Black Panther Post-credits Scene Explained (All You Need to Know)

The Black Panther is another magnificent creation of Marvel Studio. Taking the Marvel legacy forward, The Black Panther also leaves a subtle hint about the forthcoming film, Avengers: Infinity War. Therefore, the post-credit scenes are of tremendous importance, since they leave the audience to hold onto something till their next creation hits the theatre.

Black Panther is another masterpiece from Marvel Studios. Packed with precise humor, appropriate action, and history from the past, the Black Panther holds the theme together for the audience. But it strains against that template. Throughout the movie, director Ryan Coogler brings the concept together, as the audience can feel the agony, pain, anger, and ideology of each character with ease.

The movie Black Panther delivers a real sense of atmosphere and place. With Coogler’s impeccable skill, you will feel as if you are one of the inhabitants of Oakland. With a new Marvel movie, the viewers can feel the thrill and suspense. The Black Panther is no exception. With every passing scene, you will surely be compelled to question the laws of the universe. The Black Panther, the latest Marvel addition shows remarkable craftsmanship of plot and cinematography. The story starts in the fictional nation of Wakanda. The land is technologically advanced than any other place in the whole universe.

The protagonist, King T’Challa, engages in deadly combat to protect his nation again the sinister clutches of the evil. With any high power comes great responsibility, the Black Panther is in constant pursuit of peace and hope for his nation.

Chadwick Boseman plays the central character of the film. But he is accompanied by versatile actors, like Lupita Nyong’o, who plays the role of Nakia. Similarly, Danai Gurira amazes us with the part of Okoye, the fierce leader of Wakanda’s royal guard. Letitia Wright, as Shuri, acts impressive too.

Bucky fought with Captain America in the epic battle of World War II. After the terrific battle, he was thought to be dead. Surprisingly, he had been kidnapped by the notorious organization known of HYDRA. Bucky was severely brainwashed, which turns him immortal. Bucky goes on to become an assassin later known as the Winter Soldier. In 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Bucky faces Captain America and successfully escapes HYDRA. Then, he was falsely accused of a terrorist attack which killed T’Chaka, the father of T’Challa. However, he was still under brainwashing. Fortunately, T’Challa planned to cure him.

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Many of you might discover, the Black Panther’s post-credits scene portrays T’Challa telling the United Nations about one great revelation regarding Wakanda to the world. At the first credits scene, the film shows T’Challa at the United Nations as he announces Wakanda is ready to become the next world leader. Wakanda is going to be a crucial part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which sets up many storylines, crossovers, influences, and more.

In the previous scenes, it is seen that T’Challa, Okoye, and Nakia are visiting the United Nations for a big conference. There, T’Challa reveals that he wants to let the whole world know about Wakanda’s immense technological advancements. He wants Wakanda to be a significant part of today’s world. He is set on a mission to change everyone’s perception of Wakanda. Many believed Wakanda to be an impoverished nation, whereas Wakanda is equipped with the best weaponry, technology, and science. Later, the world experiences the power of Wakanda against the mighty Thanos as he decides to set the whole world into unrest.

Soon Shuri wakes up Bucky Barnes and tells him about Wakanda. Then the camera quickly to T’Challa’s sister Shuri, who is standing outside by a lake. Some kids are seen running out of the house to greet Shuri. Afterward, Bucky Barnes, the Winter Soldier, introduces himself. She gradually informs him about their country, Wakanda.

Also, it is portrayed that Captain America, Falcon, and Black Widow are hiding from the US government and the UN. So, Wakanda is their stable hiding place on Earth. The following scenes show Bucky trying to recover in a hut. There is a meaningful conversation going on where he tells Shuri that his triggers have been eradicated. Sadly, the arm is still missing.

The following scenes portray how Wakanda becomes the nest world leader. The post-credits scene in Black Panther tells the audience that Bucky Barnes goes back to normal. The ending leaves a subtle hint about Captain America: Civil War.

According to the comics, White Wolf, or the Hunter, was saved, and soon develops affection for Wakanda. So before T’Challa was born, the greedy Hunter was under the sole impression that he might get to be the ultimate Kling someday. But as soon as T’Challa is born, the thought is destroyed as T’Challa is the only biological heir. As a result, he grows bitter jealousy towards T’Challa.

However, T’Chaka appoints Hunter as the head of Wakanda’s secret police. But when T’Challa becomes the King, he abolishes the Hatut Zeraze. Afterward, Hunter works as a mercenary.

Then the second scene reasonably straightforward for the audience. It shows that Captain America brings his friend Bucky to Wakanda. Bucky goes to cryogenic sleep so that he could have all vestiges of Hydra’s brainwashing removed. There the audience can find Bucky standing near a pristine lake with T’Challa’s sister, Shuri. Bucky stands with a bunch of kids, indicating he has been cured. There Shuri heals Bucky.

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Here, Bucky is regarded as the “White Wolf.” According to the comic, a white man named Hunter miraculously survived a plane crash near Wakanda. Sadly, his parents died in the accident. Then he was adopted by the then-king, T’Challa’s father, T’Chaka. The story goes like, the child was raised as T’Challa’s brother, but later he went on to become the White Wolf. The White Wolf is the name for the leader of the secret security force, the Hatut Zeraze. The White Wolf served Wakanda as an antagonistic relationship with T’Challa.

Now, Marvel might have other twists for Bucky. What is Bucky is the actual White Wolf? The film begins as T’Challa prepares to take the throne of the King of Wakanda. Soon he is faced with the challenge of securing Wakanda’s future and secrecy. He faces Killmonger. Played by Jordan, Killmonger is the villain the movie needs. Will the King save the nation? This potentially dangerous enemy holds anger and dark mystery against the King. With the unexpected turn of events, the Black Panther provides visual joy to the loyal viewers of Marvel. The crazy action sequences plus the special effects, the audience is sure to have a nerve-racking experience.

Wakanda and its leaders have isolated themselves from the world over the years. But in reality, they possess immense power, but they are afraid of responsibility. As a result, they have hidden their talents and abilities from the world for so long. But, as the movie proceeds, the fate of the universe comes to a supernatural showdown, the authority to protect the universe begins to Wakanda. They are on the verge of becoming the only protector of the world. The Black Panther is a fantastic creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe which ends with two credits scenes is a surprise.

Now, Marvel might have other twists for Bucky. What is Bucky is the actual White Wolf? Anything is possible. But if Bucky is to take on White Wolf’s exact role? This might turn out to be a sheer surprise as the White Wolf has an antagonistic relationship with T’Challa. As previously mentioned, he is incredibly jealous of him for being the rightful heir. Is there any sequel coming soon? Is Bucky going to turn evil and fight against T’Challa? Another theory suggests, there will be no rivalry between Bucky and T’Challa. Both Bucky and White Wolf were saved by Wakandans and will return the benefit by fighting for them. There is so much to wonder for the Marvel fans!

Director Ryan Coogler claimed the Black Panther as one of Marvel’s best spellbound solo films. Of course, Black Panther is an epic thriller. The audience can surely feel the conflicts and tensions in each scene as the ideas come naturally. The actors speak on behalf of the writers. But it is entirely reasonable to say that the Black Panther is the most political movie by Marvel Studios. With the entire black cast, the film breaks any stereotype. With its aesthetic visuals, the burning ambition and the actual depth of imagination, the movie is fit to challenge any traditional super hits.

The movie captures the crucial qualities of the plot as the actors demonstrate the concept through their seamless acting skills. Directed and co-written by the veteran director Ryan Coogler, the film is exceptionally engaging and stunning.

Indeed, the Black Panther is a revolutionary piece of art to the world of cinema. The audience of any category can enjoy a blockbuster movie like this.

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