Briga Heelan: 11 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

Briga Heelan’s ascent to notoriety was the consequence of hard work and stability. She’s never been a child model, she has never been featured in any Nickelodeon or McDonald’s business, but still, she has just risen onto her widespread popularity and recognition due to her previous resilient sense of achievement. Since gaining fame, Heelan has appeared in a pair of films and feels like she’s been playing parts so readily these days. She is notoriously famous for her work on several sitcoms such as Great News, Ground Floor, Cougar Town, Undateable and so on. She has worked on several TV shows that you might have noticed her on a few famous ones such as Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Modern Family. She also earned the lead role for the TV show Great News where she played the role of Katie Wendelson. But how much do you really know about Briga Heelan other than what we just mentioned?

Continue reading our well-crafted article that highlight facts about Briga Heelan in a simple and easy to read list down.

1. Early Life

Briga Heelan was born on April 2nd, 1987, making her 32 years old as of 2019.  Although she looks relatively younger thanks to her well-maintained routine. She was born in a town called Andover, located in Massachusetts, United States.

2. Family

Heelan belongs to a decent and successful family. Her parents are well off themselves. She is the only daughter of Mother, Kimball Heelan who is an actress herself and also a teacher at Lowell Public Schools. Her father Kevin Heelan is a play writer. He is also a faculty member since 1983 at the Phillips Andover Academy. Heelan also has a brother who we go by the name Conor.

3. Education

Briga Heelan did her fair share of study before gaining the career she is living proudly in at present. She went to Walnut Hill School for the Arts further studying at the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music for a year. She then transferred to the University of Southern California. It is important to attend school and learn something insightful from classes to become successful. Only very few lucky ones succeed in life without attending school, and we don’t want you to take that risk. Better to stay on the safe side, right?

4. Musicals as first priority

As evident from her choice of education, it is pretty apparent that Heelan prepared herself for making a living out of a career in musical theatre. She even attended such artistic theatre conventions where she met influential people, one of which was her former co-star Skylar Astin.

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5. Present life

Briga Heelan is reported to be residing at Los Angeles currently. She lives with her husband and only child in their Californian residence. She is often described as Strong, quirky, and independent. Heelan has a very much alive personality due to which you can see how she lives in the moment. Her work onscreen is something of remarkable figure as well.

6. Unusual name

It is no mystery that Briga Heelan is without a doubt a very unique and uncommon name from the entire unique names we hear often. It looks like there is a beautiful back story to the title as claimed by Heelan herself. Her name has an Irish descent. In fact, her last name was O’Heelahan once. She also learned that the name Briga refers back to a pagan origin Celtic goddess and hence, grew a fondness and liking towards the pronunciation of the name. A simple modification of the two names created what we know as Briga Heelan today. Heelan also says that she is named after her grandmother’s then Irish best friend from Dublin.

7. Marriage and parenthood

As known by the public, Heelan’s second relationship with Ground Floor co-star Rene Gube ended up in engagement on October 16th, 2014. The couple then got married on May 8th, 2015. They welcomed their first baby daughter on March 23rd, 2017. She was relatively thrilled to have her first child named her creatively as Bennet Alejandra Gube. She updated her fans about the newborn with snaps that showed the mother-daughter exchanging loving smooches.

8. Quirkiness at Starbucks

A favorite pass time thing to do for Heelan is lavishly visiting a Starbucks and getting her name written on a cup. Now, this is a very regular thing to do for many girls, but she has a humorous reason to do so. She loves her unusual name but more than that she loves seeing the baristas butcher her name every time. She even takes a picture of her cup each time when the baristas completely turn her name into something hilarious. Briga Heelan has quite the humor now, doesn’t she?

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9. Her thoughts on taking Bigger roles

Briga feels challenged when she gets assigned to major roles. As with bigger roles comes bigger responsibility, she avoids taking on such responsibility. She says that complex emotions like that of anger or grief are extremely hard to grasp on to for her. She feels that for now, she is more than content with comedy roles which she feels an inclination towards. By nature, Heelan is a humorous person, and hence it comes on naturally during the usual comedy roles that she plays currently. However, she does plans to take on more serious roles later in life, but for now, she plans to stick to what she has. 

10. Net Worth

It is true that she isn’t as recognized as she should be given her time and involvements with a television network. It has been reported that Briga Heelan has a constant net worth of $1 million, which is lower than what she truly deserves. However, she has been active in Hollywood since 2009, which is only ten years ago, therefore, she earns a pretty decent amount when compared to others in the same field.

11. An all or nothing perspective

Everyone follows a motto when it comes to what they chose to live their life by. Similarly, Briga Heelan has her own perspective and way to do things. She follows an all or nothing agenda. When doing something she either gives it all or gives nothing, there is no in-between. Truly this is one of the sincerest ways of living one’s life.

The above list down features everything we could gather about TV actress Briga Heelan who you might have seen in various TV shows playing the supporting roles. With this article, we only hope to offer our readers something insightful. So let us know if you found something you didn’t know already?

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