Captain Marvel Post Credit Scene Explained (All You Need to Know)

Captain Marvel is the newest 2019 addition of Marvel films in which Carol Denver has her genome genetically modified to become what we have as Captain Marvel. Carol is an extraterrestrial character from the Kree tribes of blue colored creatures, and she also has uncanny memories from past in the US navy. She finds herself fighting in an intergalactic war which takes place between her tribe and the other tribe called Skrulls. She discovers a familiar face of Nick fury, on whose assistance she recovers elements of her past that roots to US navy. All during which she harnesses her gifted superpowers and employs it professionally to end the war between her tribe and evil Skrulls. Her abilities typically involve superpower, flight, absorption, and use of energy, and the capacity to shoot electricity from her hands. However, as easy and straightforward the plot of this movie is, the captain marvel post credit scene is not only unnerving, but it also makes no sense at all.  

We all were already pretty anticipated for the fourth Avengers movie and by now can confidently presume that Captain Marvel has a crucial part in the Avengers 4 as well. The fourth installment of avengers marks the last film of the marvel cinematic universe. Captain Marvel is a new addition to the team of our favorite superheroes in avengers. But the captain marvel post credit scene makes no sense in terms of the Avengers’ movie. Why does Marvel fill us with cliffhangers that we are too dumb for? This is precisely why we are here to make sense of what seems nonsense to you. As we already know that Marvel is way above and beyond the methodology of employing end credits scene to fuel spark for upcoming movies, further end credit scenes now act as a sort of relegate to the actual film without which the movie just doesn’t seem complete. 

In short, captain Marvel post credit scene displays Carol Denver in her most valid heroic elements, while arriving on earth. She is seen to be answering nick fury’s pager on her due arrival. After which she casually meets up with avengers formerly first time in person. This could simple handedly mean only one thing to regular viewers. Captain Marvel will be featured in the next and the last avenger movie as Carol Denver. But is that really it? What about the part where Captain Marvel features on avenger’s endgame are also the part where she is rescuing iron man and nebula from space? Like, what are we missing out on here as these two storylines seem completely unrealistic or from unrelated dimensions? To fill in this gap of oblivion, we will further look in-depth to both the Captain Marvel Post Credit scene and to endgame storyline.

The first Captain Marvel Post credit scene is our main focus for now. It introduces captain marvel in search of nick fury. We know nick fury has been with the Avengers fighting against Thanos. After Thanos’s revolutionary snap nick fury has no sign of life neither does his pager which still has Captain Marvel’s symbol on the screen. Then Rhodey enters the scene and informs them that a signal is no longer sent by the pager. We see Bruce Banner, who lastly claims crapped out whatever message is sent. Cap tells them to reboot and re-send the signal. Black widow suspects someone, not Nick fury at the end of the pager as it still plugged in. At this instance, lands in front of the black widow is very rookie, Captain Marvel, a new addition to the team. She asks, “Where is Fury?” after a beat, the scene finishes. 

After careful thoughts, it is well wise to conclude that Captain Marvel was in fact on the other end of the pager at the end of the infinity war team of avengers predicted. Out of very few survivors Carol was one of them to survive Thanos’s powerful and robust snap that wiped out a vast population of humanity. Indeed the new marvel avengers recruit is of great potential and dignity to be alive and among the Marvel’s most exquisite.  If you remember, Carol provides Fury an upgraded version of his pager in one of the last Captain Marvel scenes, telling him to use it if he ever requires her to return. That is precisely the same pager that ended up on carols hand. So, in short, yes, this very Captain Marvel post credit scene connects Captain Marvel with avenger’s endgame. This is the little snippet of the endgame movie of which you will see more in the fourth and final installment of the Avengers.

Since the first Captain Marvel Post Credit Scene was sort of an introductory scene to the next big Marvel movie, they did release a second one. The second one is anyway adorable and more like a mini snipped from the film itself. To begin the scene starts off with narrow front shots from the 1995 Nick Fury office. On the front, the name plate merely tells “N. Fury.” His cabinet looks to be totally vacant. The camera progressively zooms in, and the cat Goose joins the picture. The cat Goose is found to have been a Flerken in the film. It’s an alien species that sounds like a cat yet can devour stuff with enormous tentacles that exhilaratingly comes out of its throat. During the movie, Goose coats the Tesseract to maintain it back from the Star Force, the Seal team six belonging to Kree tribe of which Carol is a member of as seen at the beginning of the movie. 

To conclude this article solely based on Captain Marvel Post Credit Scene, which suffice to say is an excellent movie if not revolutionary. Although the reign of Avengers will always be remembered, we all hope Captain Marvel has more installments to come. After all, we loved the two post credits scenes the first Captain Marvel movie has offered us. So how intriguing did this Post credit scene get for you to indulge and crave for more Marvel films?

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