Cara Theobold

Cara Theobold: 6 Unknown Facts You Should Know!

There is very little that the English Actress Cara Theobold has shared about herself with the world but worry not as we have got you covered! Did you too recently fall for this pretty little face from Downton Abbey as we did? And obviously curious you want to know more about this person but unfortunately, maybe, haven’t found anything informative enough for satisfying that curiosity inside you right now.

Keeping that in mind, we list some things related to the Ivy Stuart of Downton Abbey AKA Cara Theobold in our article today.

1. Early life

Her actual name is Cara Louise Theobold. She was born 8th January 1990 in Harrogate, England the same place she grew up in. She attended Guildhall School of Music and Drama and before which she studied at Outwood Grange Academy.

2. Favorite series

On Twitter, Cara Theobold complained about how she has to wait a week for the next episode of Fleabag, a British comedy-drama series that engages you with the life of a young woman who goes through several struggles. It is no wonder that Cara is a fan of this series, her personality really goes well with this series flawlessly.

3.Starting out

 Cara auditioned for the role of Ivy Stuart in a famous British historical Period drama, during her final year at college and got the part. Ivy is an ambitious dreamer who works as a maid, and Cara has done her absolute best in portraying this character beautifully. To begin acting for the series, Downton Abbey on Easter, Cara Theobold was given the permission to complete her final year in the drama school that she was enrolled in at the time earlier than her peers.  She also made her TV debut by starring in a few TV commercials whilst her ongoing studies in drama school.

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4. Open book the whole inverse

Cara Theobold has not disclosed any information about her love life or previous relationships at all to the media. She is cautious enough not to be spotted in any situation that could implode controversies across the globe. It’s safe to say, Miss. Theobold is too focused on developing her career at the moment that she doesn’t want irrelevant aspects of her life in the limelight. Whatever it is Kudos to her for making us immensely curious about what’s really going on with Miss. Theobold’s personal life.

5.Voice over

Cara has so far voiced two top-rated Video games and still continues to do so. Her peculiar can be heard in Overwatch as well as Heroes of the Storm. So if you thought she sounded familiar, now you know why.

6. Her Belief in Longevity

Cara says that she would become bored if she were to play one character on a genre for an extended period of time that is why she has taken up different roles to experience lives different from one other and to her own one as well. She takes thrill in fighting no matter how bizarre the weapons can get, it feels different each time with a different character, and that is why she could not possibly limit herself to any one specific style.

To conclude this article, we would only wish one thing from Cara Theobold, just to open up a little bit more so that we could get some teeny bit insight into this blooming actress’s life.

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