Charlene Tilton: 5 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

Charlene Tilton has become a global celebrity performing “Lucy Ewing” on Dallas. However, she didn’t always have it simple after she quit the series in 1990. Why Charlene chose to do what after ending her acting career was all up to her. But we do know a thing or two about the actress. Being out in the show business way before most famous celebrities of the late century, Tilton has gathered an exhilarating amount of experience from her career. She has been a part of 100 films and television shows from a very long time ago. If you are an avid watcher of vintage television and movies, then you must have noticed at least once the flawless and joyous character roles played by Charlene Tilton back in the day. Some of the notable films that one can spot Tilton include, Superhero Movie, Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, The Silence of the Hams, Totally Blonde, Vengeance: A Love Story, Law at Randado and so on. On the other hand, one might also spot Charlene Tilton from Television appearances in shows like Dallas, The Love Boat, Murder, She Wrote, Favorite Deadly Sins, Knots Landing, Saturday Night Live and so on. But as to what actually goes in the life of Tilton is yet unknown.

We compiled our list of facts on the prominent former actress, Charlene Tilton, take a read of things you might not know.

1. Early Life

Charlene L Tilton or Charlene Tilton was born on 1st December 1958 in the San Diego city of California in the United States. She has done her education until high school from Hollywood High School, which is a four-year public secondary school located in Los Angeles. She was born into a household with no father just her mother, Katherine Thacker who took care of her for the longest. Her mother also worked as a secretary. She was brought up unaware of her dad and had few economic funds to her on her mother’s disposal.

2. Marriage and lovelife

Like most actors, Charlene Tilton tried her luck with love twice both of which led to marriage and then unfortunate incidents. On 1982, Charlene married love interest Johnny Lee, who was a country singer. The same year she got her very first daughter, Cherish Lee. But the marriage with Lee didn’t last very long. After facing some rough waters with her married life, the couple broke off wedding during 1984, just after two years. She was associated with Domenick Allen on 1985 the same year the couple got married, and then after hitting a significant setback, the duo separated on 1992. On 2001, Tilton was seen with the cinematographer Cheddy Hart. This relationship was Tilton’s best and joyous one as she was seen enjoying boating with Hart. Tilton and Hart didn’t tie the knot or anything, but they lived happily in Oxnard, California. Unfortunately, in December 2009, Hart faced an unexpected death due to heart failure at the age of 54. Thus, the end of another romantic phase for Charlene Tilton. This unfortunate luck with dating for Tilton might be the only reason she chose to be single.

3. Advocating for Autism

While focusing on her career and family, Charlene Tilton has also taken active participation in social service. She is claimed to be a sincere and strong advocate for all things autism in the media. She is at present the ambassador for an organization named Actors for Autism which hosts acting workshops for adults and children diagnosed with autism. She has approached the Actor for Autism in 2010 and has expressed sincere desires to volunteer and ever since then has been affiliated with them.

4. Meeting Larry Hagman

While she was in high school, when her mom was emotionally sick and raised with out a dad, the young, unidentified actress encountered Larry Hagman, whom she considered a surrogate father. After which, a few years later, when she was 17, she auditioned as well as won the role of Hagman’s bewildered niece, Lucy Ewing, on Dallas. They had a notable on – and off-screen chemistry for the first eight episodes of the series, and they also performed together, off-camera. When she quit the series, her agreement had ended at the beginning of the eighth season, and Hagman was quite disappointed to let her go. She spoke of Hagman that in 1988, “He called me and said,’ You’re definitely a nice actress— we never noticed that.’ That the same year, she returned to the show and remained on for two more episodes, until her exit in 1990, before the final of the tournament. After Dallas, Tilton stayed on excellent terms with Hagman, caring for her TV uncle’s poor health when in the year of 1995, Hagman required a liver transplant, was diagnosed of liver cancer and had recovered.

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5. Charlene Tilton on Larry Hagman’s death

When Hagman collapsed on 23rd November 2012, owing to problems of myelodysplastic syndrome, she was ravaged and visited a funeral. Upon his suicide, Tilton made a declaration: “At the age of seventeen, my existence took a spin that one could only think of. I was placed as Lucy Ewing in the famous Dallas series. Dallas was so much more than a TV occurrence to me. It was my family. I brought up with a mentally ill single mother who raised me and had no father figure in my lives. I resided on my own in a 15-year-old apartment. I memories the day I encountered the power of water that Larry Hagman was like yesterday. My Uncle Larry became the father figure that I had so much need of and wished for. He instructed me how to be a specialist, to practice tough, but to have fun too. And how to honor the chances that I was happy to have been offered. He was meticulous because I was so youthful, but he also anticipated the finest of me on the Dallas line. He was one of the best actors ever known in the world. He’s always going to be my Uncle Larry to me. I am so unfortunate, but I cherish the life of thoughts I have with him”.

That was all we gathered on Charlene Tilton on her becoming as successful as she is today. We hope you found what you were looking for.

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