Best Chinese TV series

5 Best Chinese TV series of 2020 that you should be watching right now

The world of TV series doesn’t only revolve around American and English series anymore. The competition has gone to the global level where countries are far far away from failing us. Even China is all into it and has been keeping their TV drama game up to the mark, booming nevertheless. We have all encountered crazy fan-girls stanning their OTPs from c-dramas and must I add, and they aren’t crazy for no reason. It’s because China produces content of great quality that leaves all its audiences obsessed and hungry for more!

To get you into the same black hole of addiction from where there is no escape (just kidding), We list the best Chinese TV series that are ranked by people to be deserving of more attention.

Here goes the list of best Chinese TV series of this Year:

#1. A love so beautiful

Is a Chinese web series that’s even available on Netflix for your convenience! Aired in 2017, A love so beautiful is based on a novel called “To our pure little beauty.” This series follows the story of two characteristics of classmates. They are both neighbors. He is a quiet, smart also the good looking popular guy and she is extroverted and the kind that doesn’t indulge in academics much. Kind of cliché? Don’t try to deny or underestimate the power of Chinese story makers just yet. Watch, and then we will talk, alright?

Fun fact-its not only female audience that’s obsessing over this series you will even find the male population very into this series. This c-drama has the friendship, the bonding, everything that really makes you nostalgic and deeply connects to your heart, even better than most k-dramas, probably why it is worth giving a shot tonight!

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#2. My sunshine

This drama falls under melodrama and romance genre.

Is a 2015 C-drama based on novel known as “Silent separation.”

A lovely story of strangers turned lovers to strangers again might be exactly what you need to fill the drama void in your life. Series like this one can make you cry; it simply has the capability to do so effortlessly. A very heart touching story with flawless onscreen chemistry between the couple is probably the main reason why this is undoubtedly one of the best Chinese TV series one would have watched in this decade.

One word for this series: sweet!

#3. Story of Yanxi Palace

C-drama is famous for its best epic history-based drama, and this one is no exception. Screenplay developed into a novel, Story of Yanxi Palace has been streamed over 15 billion times during its premiere. Fun fact- This series is named as the world’s most googled TV series in 2018!

Follows the story of Wei Ying Luo who crosses boundaries and goes over the limit to investigate the mystery and truth behind her sister’s death. The episodes are all well synced as the lead character, and her storyline is perfectly written, making her seem truly dauntless at her role, everything follows swiftly. She faces all her obstacles with a strong mind and in her own unique way. What’s not to like about this show? Absolutely nothing as everything is spot-on and visually stunning. In comparison to other historical c-dramas, this one is invincible; therefore, I honor this show with the best Chinese TV series title.

#4. Love me if you dare

Praised for its unique storyline and character development throughout the series, Love me if you dare is a crime/suspense/romance Chinese TV series. All great genres combined in perfect harmony played out in this series. You would agree if you have watched it but If not please get going already.

This series is a modern-day criminal series where Simon (a criminal psychologist) and his assistant Jenny, together with solving violent and thought to provoke crimes. If you are the one looking for thriller crime and a little bit of romance, this one is the best pick for you, and I promise it will not disappoint at all. Strange enough the romance in this series beats most American shows of the kind. It could get a little dark, but everything is well executed in this series that I rank it as one of the best Chinese TV series ever made.

#5. Love O2O

Everything revolves around technology these days. If you are one of the techy gamers, then you can relate to this series the most on the list. Love o2o follows the story of a couple that fell in love from online gaming and faces several bumps in their journey of life together. Do Keep in mind it’s all fictional so highly unlikely you will find the same luck as them but then again, who am I to predict? You might make it, ya know? 😉

I must warn you this series is as romantic as it gets by that I mean its VERY ROMANTIC.  You either obsess over this series or nothing.

It is one of the very cliché series but you can’t resist it cause sometimes the ordinary mainstream things feels good to devour in once a while.  

That’s my take on Best Chinese TV series, it covers almost all genres and caters to all age groups. Now a few things before you begin searching all over google for these listed series. Most of them are uploaded on Viki; it’s a handy dandy app for k-drama, c-drama, and so on. Some series might require some work to be done to be found but nothing major alright. About the audio, now I prefer subtitles over dubbed version be it Mandarin or Korean, and I suggest you must too at least once give it a try as it’s a completely different experience as their culture seems to be more expressive through words. A huge deal of emotion can be felt by their spoken language when compared to normal spoken English. It’s just a personal preference but who knows maybe you will enjoy it better hence, I advise. Now, ENJOY!

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