10 Best Cleopatra Costumes to Buy Online in 2020!

Cleopatra is one of history’s best-known women, famous for her supposed beauty and intelligence, and with Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, her love affairs. Upon her father’s death, Ptolemy XII, in 51 B.C., she became the Queen of Egypt and is often depicted by Hollywood as a beautiful female Fatale.Mary Hamer argues that most of what we think we know about Cleopatra is merely the echo of Roman propaganda.Cleopatra VII ruled for nearly three decades as a co-regent of ancient Egypt (first with her two younger brothers and then with her son). She was the last in a line of Macedonian rulers established by Ptolemy, who served as general during his conquest of Egypt in 332 B.C. under Alexander the Great. Well-educated and clever, in all three of her co-regencies, Cleopatra could speak different languages and serve as the dominant ruler. Her romantic liaisons and military alliances with Roman leaders Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, along with her supposed exotic beauty and seductive abilities, gained her a permanent place in history and common legend. By seeing the popularity of Cleopatra, we picked some of the best Cleopatra Costumes for the Cleopatra fans.

List of Best Cleopatra Costume

#1. Amscan Children’s Cleopatra Costume

This is a cute costume. For a costume, this one is very well made. You will be impressed with the quality of this costume. It is a great costume that will get lots of use even after Halloween. With any luck, it will hold up beyond a single Halloween. Your little one will walk like an Egyptian with our Shimmer Cleopatra costume featuring a silky ivory dress. It includes gold and turquoise belt, metallic gold and turquoise collar, royal headdress, and sheer turquoise cape with gold arm and wristbands. This Shimmer Cleopatra costume is a size large (12-14 dress size) and delivers a comfortable and regal look. It will transform your little one into a Shimmer Cleopatra not just for Halloween but for school plays and themed birthday parties. You have to care for this elegant costume by spot cleaning only. Overall, it is a very nice costume.

#2. Women’s Blue Cleopatra Costume Ancient Egypt Egyptian Princess Dress for Women – Medium

This Outfit Includes Jewel-Belted Dress, Jeweled Collar, Cape, Beaded Headpiece & Two Jeweled Wrist Cuffs. It is available in size Medium 6 – 8. This fantastic Egyptian Queen of the Nile costume is exclusive and manufactured only for Morph so that we can guarantee its quality. The costume is well enough made to use on multiple occasions and still keep it in a drawer for many years for future use. It is beautiful and lightweight. It has decent quality as well.

#3. Leg Avenue Women’s Queen Cleopatra Costume

The way the costume sits on your body is like it is made for you, and you will love it. You will feel super confident and sexy, and that’s all you can ask for with a Halloween costume. The bodysuit underneath is perfect for smoothing out the look. It comes with the headpiece, which is beautifully crafted. Worth every penny.

#4. Dream girl Women’s Exquisite Cleopatra Costume

This is a very nice costume. It is made well, no fraying anywhere, nothing coming unsawed nothing un-raveling, all the seams are well sewn together. The neckpiece and the belt both fasten with Velcro, and it is sewn on to the pieces very well. You’re going to love the fabric it’s made of, and it’s a black stretchy velvet style but not so stretchy it’s going to shrink somewhere. The front is a small cut, but when you turn back, the gold strips that decorate the front help prevent it from gaping open. The back is your typical tank-top back, in that, you don’t have to wear, say a crisscross bra or strapless underneath, a regular strap placement bra worked fine for you. However, the only thing that will make you like it better is if it came with the armbands that have the scarf/cape attached to them, you would like that aspect of some of the costumes. The dress makes a great base to add your accessories. Overall, you will be delighted with your decision to purchase this costume.

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#5. California Costumes Women’s Cleopatra Costume

This costume is well made with stretch material. The cape Velcro’s to the shoulders and has elastic loops for the wrists. It’s very comfortable. The overall effect was stunning.

#6. Forplay Pharaoh to You Sexy Cleopatra Costume

This costume has everything inside the package. The set includes Bra, Skirt with Panty, Collar, and Gauntlets. It is made of 90% Polyester 10% Spandex. It is excellent in quality. The skirt portion is great. 

#7. Cleopatra Costume, Blue, Medium

It is a real head-turner! The neckpiece and headpiece are the perfect touches to make this Cleopatra stand out from the rest. there’s a tie in the back, which is great and makes the fit adjustable, so it fits perfect. The length is perfect. It comes with the cape, belt, neckpiece, headpiece, which nice.

#8. Dream girl Women’s Cleopatra

This costume is stunning. It comes with great design, as well. Anyone will love this costume. It is made of 100% polyester. This costume is very comfortable to wear. Overall, it is a very nice buy. 

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#9. flat white Egyptian Cleopatra Women’s Costume (S, M, L)

This costume includes Headpiece, Collar, Dress, Belt, sleeves. It is made of 100% polyester. The design is beautiful. You can easily rock a Halloween party with this costume. However, you can only wash it by hand.

#10. California Costumes Women’s Queen of Egypt Adult Woman Costume, Cream/Blue

It is made of 100% polyester. This costume comes with white color. The costume reflects the beauty of Cleopatra, as well. You can choose it for the upcoming Halloween events. 

It will be great to choose different Cleopatra costumes by reading just one list. This time the Cleopatra fans are lucky to have a list where the best Cleopatra costumes are included.

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