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10 Best Comedy Short films to Watch in 2019!

There is no designated specific time for watching films of the comedy genre. Comedies go hand in hand for all moods either you are feeling wretched and gloomy wanting to curl up into a ball, or you are feeling radiant and ecstatic. Comedy is nevertheless an all time thing. It is not necessary that films that claim to be comedic must make you laugh; however, you can make out a comedic film and its comedic elements when you watch one,  regardless of the fact that you laughed or not.

Making it more convenient for you; as it is safe to assume that all of us are quite busy and the time for leisure is quite minimal, we chose to focus on short films to make most of the littlest time we manage at the end of the day for entertainment.

Shedding light into the popularization of Short films, we have listed down the Best Comedy short films ever made since the beginning of short films till the present day.

1. The Gunfighter

Directed by Eric Kissack, The Gunfighter is a 2014 Short film that portrayed a group of people who were spending a jolly time in a saloon midst of which a gunfighter enters.  Following that the narrator begins narrating the Gunfighter’s actions as well as thoughts of the other people that are in the saloon, most of which are personal and embarrassing for the people. Running for only 9 minutes. The Gunfighter will give you a humorous experience of the power of words to ruthlessly attack people.

The voice of a very crucial part of the story, the unseen voice is Nick Offerman. The film was shot over the course of the weekend with a budget of only $25000. The Gunfighter has mostly received a positive response and has further won the Audience Award for Best Short Film at the 2014 LA Film Festival. In a nutshell, The Gunfighter is an untypical short film, the result of which is the amusement among its viewers all for which this film is one of the best comedy short films ever made.

2. The Red Balloon

A 35 minute long, 1956 French fantasy-comedy-drama short film that is written, produced and directed by Albert Lamorisse. The Red Balloon, as the name suggests, is about a boy who encounters a red balloon with a story of its own. The Balloon seems to have a life of its own and controls where it wants to be. An interesting act about this short film is that, not only did Lamorisse create it all by himself; the cast of the film consists of his two children that portray the girl and the boy that can be seen in the film.

Since it’s release, the film has received lots of favorable reviews. This short film has got humorous drama representing the authenticity of a child, the hopefulness and optimism of a balloon, all of which restores the kid in its audience. The Red Balloon can be symbolically a film representing the mood of France after Hitler’s reign of cruelty on the French people, and their progress to moving on to happier optimistic enjoyable days of freedom. All together this short film is a must watch for everyone reading this.

3. The Music Box

Winning the first academy award for best live action short film in 1932, The Music Box was selected for preservation in the National Film Registry deeming it as “‘culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.” Dating back to 1932, Produced by Laurel and Hardy, this short film focuses on the comedic satire of a couple attempting to move up a piano all the way up through a large fleet of stairs. The revolutionary steps that were featured in The Music Box still exist in the Silver Lake district located in LA. The response that this movie has received was mostly positive from the critics. This short film is a true standard of Laurel and Hardy films and has the capability to score well in the film industry.

The style of this short is very much similar to Charlie Chaplin, just to give you an idea in case you don’t know what to expect from a 1932 film. Although 30 minutes is a long running time for a short, the extra length is so much worth watching this film. At the time this short film managed to create beef between the reviewer of Variety, NY and the movie itself for which The reviewer namely Alfred Greason didn’t participate in promoting the film in their channel at all so much that not once have they taken the film’s name in their channel for 7 months since the release. But then again, it all goes down to personal preferences.

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4. Alternative Math

A short film created by David Maddox and Malcolm Morrison that got its initial release on 2017, follows the humorous story of elementary school mathematics teacher who tells a student that 2+2=4 and as a consequence of that gets challenged by the parents, principal and even the mayor. It is simply a hilarious satire of our current attitudes towards science and the immense pressure that we put on the teachers unnecessarily. When it comes down to education, Alternative Math delivers a message how parents have the power to bully teachers out of a job, even when the teachers have committed no crime and are clearly doing what they are ought to.

It indirectly hints it audience how the education system in most schools is more interested in tranquilizing enraged parents than it is in making sure that students are actually learning something from the classes that they pay for. The casting for Alternative Math is one of the reasons why this short film is one of the best comedy short films according to us. The teacher is played by Allyn Carell, and I must say she has done a pretty good job putting an Oscar-worthy performance as a teacher out there for us to watch and appreciate. The cinematography is absolutely beautiful as well all the reasons why this Short film was featured in several film festivals. Final thought-It’s a comedic satire worth watching.

5. At Your Convenience

An American partially animated comedy short film that begins with the story of two best friends that own and operate their convenience store together in an animated surreal cartoon world. Directed by Raymond Lai and produced by USC, At your convenience was released in 2012 as a 22-minute long short film following the friendship through the gang and crack all enacted in a surreal animation that was done by Christian De Castro.

It is one of a kind as not many short films are made in this style of cinematography incorporated with cartoon. At your convenience seems to be a modern-day comedy that opposes stereotypes at the same time mocks it slyly.

A fun fact about this film is that the director Lai made this short film as an MFA thesis project at USC  and chose to focus on his short film as and with a pilot television approach. At your convenience is a short film that a young person would enjoy a late night to lighten up his/her mood. Now if you are a fan of south park or clerks this film is undoubtedly the perfect best comedy short film made for you. Without spoiling it further, you may go on to watch this film right away!

6. Made Public

Directed by Foster Wilson, Made Public is a live action short film released in 2019. It is a short film that directly criticizes the present generation’s constant desperation to attain approval and a sense of acceptance from the internet. In the short film, Dave is not completely sure if he wants to go through his wedding and asks of external input on the matter from the social media, which will decide the fate of his wedding. Wilson does his best to make the movie entertaining and funny by mocking our newly found desire for approval and loss of privacy on social media.

What makes Made public worth watching is its sharp screenplay and performance as well as the crisp cinematography that keeps its audience at an edge. Wilson says his inspiration for the film came from Facebook back in 2004 especially from the new feature called “relationship status”  ever since which technology has evolved impacting lives to the point that most of our lives are not documented over the internet and is stored in some millions of data. Finally, Made Public is a short film that could not be left out from this list mainly because of the moral it conveys throughout the film.     

7. Six Shooter

Written and directed by Martin McDonagh, Six Shooter is a 2004 short comedy film that follows the story of Donnelly who recently finds out that his wife has passed away, from a fellow doctor at the hospital. He doesn’t investigate deep into the until on the way back he found out that four other people had lost someone especial to them that same night. With a couple of bold lines and solid performance this short film is one of the best short films to be ever made and it truly lives up to its hype.

8. Speed Dating

A 7 minute short comedy film released in the year 2007, directed by Isaac Feder and written by Brian Beery, Speed dating is a short film about a man who in his desperate attempts to get over his ex-girlfriend gets into speed dating as a last resort. Unfortunately he discovers that the women that engage with him are weird and worse compared to his ex. With luck in his favor something of a miracle dawn over him when he finds a beautiful woman.

9. Time Travel Lover

A 2014 American short film directed by Bo Mirhosseni and written by Elisha Yarfe, This short film revolves around a couple that has been dating since two weeks and finally gets a private moment together when the future self of the guy interrupts their moment. The guy from the future has travelled back in time to expose what lies ahead of the relationship in the future. A really good short film made with perfect pace of time and character performance.

10. Last Call Lenny

Directed by Julien Lasseur and Written by Brian Groh Last Call Lenny starring Brian Groh and Thomas Silcott, Last Call Lenny is a 2016 humorous short film that tells the story of Lenny Upton who prepares for his clients with a death wish, a personalized dying experience. This short is cleverly done dark comedy that evaluates a value of life.

To conclude, listed above are our take on the best comedy short films that have been created since the discovery of short films. All of these short films are available on the internet, all you need to do is enter its name and click a link, and there you will have it right in front of you, that’s how easily available short films are. Grab your favorite popcorn and get on to watching these few short films that I assure you will lighten up your mood immensely- precisely a quick fix to a bad day!                                                                            

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