Elise Laurenne:6 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

Cosplays take an immense amount of effort yet only a few handsome rejoices the person behind the Cosplay. Such one cosplayer who has only received fame among the online community is Elise Laurenne. Elise is a beautiful toned young woman who has been out there making a decent off her passion of dressing up since a while. However, in reality, the general public is unaware of her existence while she has a decent presence among her followers. Elise has cosplayed some of the hardest and intricate characters to exist in comics. She has been only able to do so with her exemplary talents and skill on craftsmanship. If you are a regular on her Elise’s social media accounts, then you would know that she is a nice person who is considerate of her fans and followers. She might even be a fun person to befriend and have occasional dress-up sessions together. But all that depends on how gravely the model would prefer to accept friends from social media into her real life. Above all, Elise Laurenne is our person of interest which is why we shall be looking more into her today, including some of her takes on a few characters.

Sit back and read on to find out what we have compiled to honor the young model and cosplayer, commonly known as Elise Laurenne in the online community.

1.  Birthday

Elise Laurenne probably remembers and notes down several character’s birthdays, and hence it’s only a small duty of ours to at least mention hers once so that her fans and followers can remember one birthday. A birthday that relates back to Elise Laurenne. She was born on 2nd April 1996 which makes her 23 as of 2019. She was born in Canada and was also raised there. But however, for career and other purposes, she travels to other prosperous places.

2. Personal Life

Elise Laurenne grew up in Canada is commonly known for her association with the Suicide Girls. She is the only daughter of her parents whose identity hasn’t been revealed to the internet. She has often associated with Lora Lee, another model for suicide girls. Her star sign is known to be Aries, and she is confident as to such. And for those folks wondering if she is single, sadly we have to break it out to you that Elise is, in fact, seeing someone since a while now. She often visits comic con with boyfriend, so maybe you can look out for him next time.

3. Hobbies

One can’t deny the fact that Elise Laurenne is a smart young lady who knows what she is up to. Owing to her smartness, Elise has carefully connected her career to her hobbies such that it doesn’t only aid her career but also keep her interested in her work all the time. She claims that she loves Sewing, no wonder how she comes up with her banger cosplay each time in several comic cons. She sews professionally, and hence, it reflects from her craftsmanship. All those appealing costumes she comes up with are obviously an incarnation of hard work and endurance. No tailor can customize and craft an outfit that resembles an animated character seamlessly unless under proper guidance. She knows how to produce such seamless outcomes which is why she is smart enough to train herself on sewing by making it a hobby.

4. Her favorite comic character

Well, this one fact is the one everyone is curious about. People around the world often cosplay their favorite character, but what about Elise Laurenne. She cosplays not only several characters but also makes sure she does it flawlessly. So which one among all the characters that she has cosplayed is her favorite? Well, this is hard to guess because one would always do justice to their favorite character cosplay, but Elise slyly makes justice a given when it comes to each and every Cosplay she has exhibited. But out of all that Elise loves Anti-Gwenom from spider man the most. And if you play close attention to her take on Anti-Gwenom, you will notice that she has done an excellent job. Perhaps, she has made this character come to life like nobody ever can. This Cosplay extends too far in a distinct manner, where she’s been so provocative in a dress that appears legitimate enough to become a real vigilante costume.

5. Her best Cosplay ever

Elise Laurenne has showcased several of her Cosplay based on characters from comic books, TV series, Movies and Video games. Although she receives both positive and negative comments on her various looks, one of them was highly praised. Elsie’s warm up on World of Warcraft cosplay has definitely spiked her fame and with it the followers. She gave an entirely different edge to the classic elf character from World of Warcraft. World of Warcraft isn’t what most individuals would associate to full-on attractiveness, yet Elise Laurenne brought this outfit to another stage of gorgeousness and turned it on its head to give her self-name hotness. In addition, she did a great job with just the outfit and paid far-deserved attention to detail in order to capture the appeal of all the in-game items. Some might believe that this image could be taken too far with the prominent exposure of the waist as well as the busty chest, but she took the correct pose and struck a chord in just the vein of this year’s game.

6. Controversies she has to face

A frequent complaint of cosplay critics is that Elise Laurenne takes a more provocative approach for her cosplays. Well, it is no news that most of Elise’s Cosplay features an added exposure of her waistline and cleavage which often isn’t a feature on the real characters themselves. However, her provocative images are often loved and cherished by her followers. Although she doesn’t really post nudity or such, she is a constant victim to community standards rules and other reports that lead to her posts getting taken down. We all know that the reports aren’t really made my real people as most of the platforms like Instagram, and others don’t respond to such report. However, it’s the machine learning tools inbuilt in these platforms that recognize her cosplay images to disregard community guidelines, but in fact, they do follow all standards and still end up taken down. Well, high time the internet gets their business right.

That was our take on seven facts about Elise Laurenne that no one told you about. Hope more of us learn about her talents and takes a keen interest in her work as it is another level of interesting for those who are into comics and video games.

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