Erica Cerra: 10 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

The American film and TV network industry has helped several actors from all across the world into building their acting career into something fruitful. Not everyone striving to get into this platform makes it. Only those who work hard for it and also some lucky ones nail their career in Hollywood. One such actor is Erica Cerra, a Canadian actress who has received a larger audience while working for American shows and movies. You might recognize Erica from TV channels featuring shows like Supernatural, The 100, Deadly Class, Battlestar Galactica and so on. She has always cast on a few handful films the latest of which is the 2017’s Power Rangers. But that’s not all to an actor. They have several layers of information to them as well, which makes the basis of this article.

We have listed all the facts we could seek out about beautiful Canadian actress Erica Cerra. Check them out below.

1. Early life

Erica Cerra was born on October 31st, 1979 in the Vancouver City of British Columbia, where she grew up in. As a kid, she was always fascinated with acting and wanted to take part in some herself. At a very young age, she appeared first in KidZone, a Canadian TV show followed by several TV commercials. On the onset of her teenage years, she took a long break from acting. She says it happened so that

2. Italian Descent

Although born in British Columbia, Erica is said to have a little or more of Italian blood in her. Well, this was highly anticipated as over 4% of the Canadians are known to have some Italian ancestry in them.

3. Her husband, Raffaele

Erica Cerra has, without a doubt one of the well organized and wholesome family out there. She has not only a great husband but also adorable kids. In 2010, Erica Cerra met the Italian-born painter Raffaele Fiore, who apparently drew his way into the core of her heart owing gratefully to his Venetian Italian Reflexes. Since Erica has an Italian identity, their marriage was established in the premises of ancient Rome completed at the south of the vast Atlantic. 

4. Children

Erica and Raffaele, both have an Italian descent for which their connection to each other is so strong. The couple was blessed with two daughters as far as Erica’s Instagram reveals. In 2012, Talia Serafina was born, a blessing to the couple. Then again in 2016, the two welcomed home their new family member, a girl whose name and other whereabouts has been kept private by the duo.

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5. Attaining training

When Erica first started out on her acting career, she first practiced under the discipline of Matthew Harrison. Mathew is an actor turned into a trainer from Vancouver. Erica says that he has now more inclined towards teaching and training than acting. But that doesn’t mean she didn’t attend other professionals at the field. Erica was a part of renowned acting master Larry Moss who teaches with enthusiasm about all actors that existed and existed.

6. Tomboy

Erica has admitted to being a tomboy growing up. She chose a male instructor rather than the female is because she wanted to explore all kinds of knowledge out there from genders unlike to hers. Due to this, she slowly gradually became more of a tomboy. But a crucial part of her life today was also nurtured by a female artist named Larry Moss, under whose discipline she received few workshop lessons today. Erica claimed him to be a great teacher for which she went out and ended up buying his book.

7. Supportive parents

 Being born and brought up in Vancouver, throughout her life, Erica never had to face boundaries and restrictions set by parents. Her parents were highly supportive of her acting interests and helped her build her career. She revealed to an interview by Backstage that her father was super supportive of her decisions. He drove her off to every training class, workshops, jobs, and each audition she had scheduled. He wanted her to take school lessons and courses for building her acting career.

8. Anything for the role

In Eureka, one the TV shows that Erica Cerra is cast in featured a two-part musical episode. Now if you know Erica Cerra well, you will also understand that the beauty for sure hasn’t taken part in singing activities in her life. She says she can’t sing as well as the entire cast of Eureka. Although she hasn’t tried singing before and believed at the time that she for one, isn’t particularly a singer, she was still motivated. She took some singing lessons out of nervousness and uncertainties. She admitted to the fact that she felt pressurized at the time but anyhow for her role, she went to the extra length of acquiring a skill she didn’t think she possessed.

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9. Her take on The 100

On an interview, Erica Cerra hesitated to give out any spoilers regarding the show, but when asked what she had to take away from the whole show, Erica had some pretty insightful answers. Her most-liked aspect of the entire The 100 show is the character development. There were lots of key takeaways from it as she the characters of the series had some really interesting backstories. She was immensely intrigued with roles of children carefully placed in awful situations that create a long-lasting impact on not only the viewers but also the cast itself. Further interesting is how these children characters on The 100 further solve their situations and in itself the entire process of assimilation.

10. Advice for novices

Erica Cerra can be trusted to give some reliable information when it comes to beginners who are on their paths towards Hollywood. She says that it is best to be confident, always no matter what but not exactly cocky. Being cocky destroys your image in front of those inspecting you constantly. She also adds that one must be willing to learn from anywhere, be that be not only veterans but also peers. For doing so, you need to be humble. And finally, she advises novices to grow a thick skin as you have to face lots of criticism out there. 

That was our ten facts on Erica Cerra, a famous face on Supernatural and Eureka. Look out for her in the new Power Rangers movie!

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