Euphoria Season 1 Episode 2 Review: “‘Stuntin’ Like My Daddy”

The previous episode, Episode 1, begins with a teenage girl named Rue who the central character of the series. Rue is a victim of drug addiction, and she is released out of Rehab. Few days after leaving Rehab, she meets another character, Jules, at a party.

Right after 9/11, Rue’s has a troubled adolescent. She is diagnosed with several mental disorders and visits a therapist who prescribes her medicines to treat her disorders. The medication influences her daily lifestyle and gets often gets panic attacks in class.

Like the previous episode, this episode begins with Rue telling another story. However, this time, this tale belongs to Nate.

The audience gets to explore Nate’s childhood as the episode proceeds. Nate had a very unusual up bring. Unlike any other average child, she had a different childhood. While kids of his age view their father as their ultimate superhero, Nate visualized him as a sexual predator.  His dad had sex tape collections, which he would record after having rough and wild sex with numerous people. This had quite a terrible impact on his mental state, so he does not want a boy as a parent. Despite that, he shares a good relationship with his dad. However, his relationship with the rest of his family members is weak. He has a special feeling for Maddie. Nate is very protective and caring of her.

The next scene shifts to Rue and Jules’s friendship. They have become good friends after the incident at Mckay’s party. During their drama class at school, Rue gets a flashback of her last summer when she was in the hospital after a drug overdose. Unable to speak, she leaves the class. The discrete storyline of Euphoria follows the principals of current crimes and occurrences.  The nerve-racking fate of present generation is genuinely heart-breaking. The authenticity of the original storyline is felt here, as the monstrous memories start haunting Rue. Will she be able to forget her days at the Rehab? In the wake of memories, she pauses for some time to gather courage before proceeding with the struggles.  There she meets Lexi.

While returning home, Rue stops at Fezco’s place for more drugs. The suppliers are on their way, and he warns her against them. Ultimately, she meets the suppliers who offer her a new drug. Baffled by the unexpected outcome of the situation, he offers them money and asks them to leave. The situation becomes very dramatic; bit Jules comes to the rescue.

We discover that Jules is texting with “Shy Guy,” whom she met at a dating app.

Next day, at the school, there is a new buzz as someone releases an obscene video of Kat. However, she manages to tell the whole school that the entire video is a lie. The footage gets on the Internet, but she is excited about it reading the comments on her video.

Nate is mad at Tyler for having sex with Madie at McKay’s party. Maddie says the matter was an accident. However, Nate blames Tyler for raping his girlfriend. He beats him horribly and blackmails him saying he raped a minor. Then he takes a shower while Tyler is there.

The plot takes a twist as the audience finds that ‘ShyGuy’ is actually Nate. He tells Jules his name is Tyler.

Euphoria Episode 2 explores complicated situations in the lives of each of the characters. The audience gets sympathetic towards Nate, as we see the unhealthy environment she grew up.  This is excruciatingly disturbing to see their father involved in sexual relationships with several women. The teenagers in this plot suffer the same anxieties and depressions. There is no hero. There is no villain. But, will the characters survive till the end? Can they be their own superhero? Will they save themselves?

Rue’s memory takes her to the Rehab center, where she finds herself in the hospital bed. We get to see her mother and sister, petrified and stressed. She fails to recollect any happy memory. With confusion rising, she suddenly meets Lexi.

Euphoria episode 2 is aesthetically beautiful for the audience, although there is tension building in the scenes. We get to see both the vulnerable and the self-destructive side of Rue’s story. At times, she is innocent, almost like a child. Can she fight her inner demons? Will she survive? The question remains. 

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There is another unpleasant scene in Euphoria Episode 2 where Nate breaks into the apartment of Tyler. Nate is deeply infuriated by the matter and goes on to blackmail him. Why did he behaving crazy?

McKay meets Cassie’s mother. He plans to hang out with Cassie after collage. McKay complains to Cassie about college’s football team. Soon she hands him the nudes she took for him.

Euphoria remains a deeply provocative show for the audience. However, the show is well crafted and well-executed by the characters. The show has become an epic icon in a world run by classical stereotypes.  Euphoria is an absolutely remarkable TV series, and Zendaya’s fantastic performance makes it a show worth remembering. Undoubtedly, the Euphoria has won praise and appreciation from fans and movie critics alike for bringing such a sensitive topic onscreen.  The scenes are agonizing for the stubborn Rue that makes a significant impact on her emotion. Unlike many other current popular TV series, the Euphoria gives massive emphasis on the perpetual human suffering, especially teenagers. Undeniably, the series let the audience remember Zendaya with her impeccable acting.  This breath-taking acting has broken many classical stereotypes.

At present, Euphoria is indeed the flawlessly composed TV series on Netflix. The awkward scenes and the authenticity of the show make the Euphoria the best series to date. Don’t miss out Euphoria on HBO if you are bored with other TV shows. Euphoria is definitely worth your time and patience.

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