Euphoria Season 1 Episode 5 Review:”’03 Bonnie and Clyde”

Maddy has once involved a scandal she did not commit. As a result, she had to stop performing in pageants. However, after all her sufferings, Maddy believed that Nate loved her, and she loved him too.

After the incident at the carnival, Maddy went to school in a turtleneck shirt, feeling completely disoriented. She was inattentive in her class; the teacher calls the paramedics. They found the bruising on her neck caused by Nate. Both Maddy’s and Nate’s parents are invited to the school. Maddy’s mother insisted on pressing charges against Nate despite her protests. As a result, Nate was suspended until the matter is resolved. Eventually, he has to leave the football team.

Nate begins to ignore Maddy. She fights with her mom. Finally, they meet and resolve the matter.

Cal gets worried when he finds out they are called at school because of Nate. He asks Nate if he hurt Maddy, and he admits it.

Jules and Rue get in a severe conversation about relationship. Rue asks

Jules about how many men she has dated and her sexual history.

Kat reveals to Ethan that she is upset with him. However, she gets Johnny_Unite_USA to buy the things she wants. At the shopping mall, Kal encounters an unknown guy who offers to buy her expensive gifts. The screenplay of the series is truly unforgettable for the audience. Packed with bitter truth and rising suspense, the Euphoria offers the audience good performances by the star cast. The direction finally makes the characters feel real. The series demonstrates overwhelming details about every scene making is worthy of our time.

Maddy’s parents did not allow her to participate in any competition as a child after a man molested her. TSoon she realized she didn’t like doing anything. To escape the harsh reality, she starts searching inspiration in the women who went to salons and didn’t have to do anything either.

  Maddy embarks on a crazy endless journey to find the peace in her heart. The exciting adventures of Maddy are spiced up with Nate’s presence. He reflects the intensity of her love. Other characters play their parts impeccably to support the theory of the Euphoria. Each of the characters is stuck in a loop where the situation is turning precarious.

Here in this episode, Rue Narrates why Nate loves Maddy. He appreciates the fact that Maddy is a virgin. Nate pampers Maddy by buying her expensive gifts. At times, Nate reveals his wild side by choking her at the carnival. This leaves bruises on Maddy’s body. Nevertheless, Maddy loves Nate dearly, so she is afraid to leave him.

The next moment, Rue compares Fentanyl to Jules. Now there is suspense rising

as why would she do this? Is she in live with Jules? Or it is just her fascination?  Some people are theorizing that Rue really love Jules, but Jules is a drug replacement for Rue.

Barbara tells the principal that Maddy is upset because Nate is gay. At the school,  when someone questions  Nate about attacking Jules, he denies.

The next scene moves to Cassie and Daniel. Cassie refuses Daniel because she has a boyfriend

. Daniel is determined to be with her. Meanwhile, Kat realizes guys are not an essential factor in life as she previously thought. She

has sex with a guy afterward. Kat finally understands her worth. Being fat is not a crime.

Cal interrogates Nate if he is involved in the crime. Having no other option, Nate denies. Again Nate lies and says no to his father. To Cal’s relieve, he promises his son

to become his companion in any trouble. 

This particular episode takes a flashback to Nate’s past. Being a man, he had suppressed his agony deep in his heart.  At one time, he acts the hero of the series, and we feel sorry for him.  But, sometimes, he is the villain. The scene opens at this point which is very crucial for the storyline. It clearly indicates Nate’s parents led a carefree life just like adult Nate.  The discrete storyline of Euphoria follows the current trends in society.  The nerve-racking essence of the original plot is felt here, as the monstrous memories start haunting Nate. In the wake of his past memories, he pauses for some time to gather the courage to face his dad. Nate holds anger and mystery against Maddy. With the unexpected turn of events, the villain provides visual joy to the loyal viewers of HBO. Indeed, the audience is sure to have a nerve-racking experience

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In the next scene, the police forcibly investigate Maddy’s assault. They collect the evidence. They examine her bruising and take DNA samples to gather evidence. The scene reveals how terribly Nate hurt her.

strains against that template. Throughout the movie, the director brings the concept together. Honestly, the audience can feel the agony, pain, anger, and ideology of each character with ease.

Next, Nate tells the lawyer that Maddy was drugs that particular night. It indicates he has something terrible in his mind. What will be his next move? The audience can only speculate.

The Euphoria is another masterpiece from HBO. Packed with thrill, appropriate magic, the Euphoria holds the theme together for the audience. But it

Euphoria is an epic thriller. The audience can surely feel the conflicts and tensions in each scene

 as the ideas come naturally. But it is entirely reasonable to say that the critically acclaimed series currently. With the talented star cast, the series breaks any stereotype. With its aesthetic visuals, the burning ambition and the

 actual depth of imagination, the series is fit to challenge any super hits.

You can enjoy Euphoria on HBO. So what are your plans for Sunday evening? Surely, Euphoria is the series you are looking for if you want to discover something different.

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