Euphoria Season 1 Episode 6 Review: The Next Episode

Euphoria is a totally conventional TV show on HBO which depict the story of a teenage girl named Rue who the central character of the series. Rue is a victim of drug addiction, and she is released out of rehab. Few days after leaving rehab, she meets another character, Jules. Rue has a troubled adolescent. She is diagnosed with several mental disorders and visits a therapist who prescribes her medicines to treat her disorders. The medication impacts her daily lifestyle and gets often gets panic attacks in class.

In Episode 6, the audience gets to discover McKay’s background. Since he was a child, he dreamed of being a great footballer. His dad also encouraged him on his journey, as his dad also believed could be a star footballer someday. However, he felt the pressure rising when he lost matches.

Soon, McKay landed the opportunity to be a crucial part in his collage’s football team. Unfortunately, she soon realized there were other players far better than him. He became devastated. Afterward, he meets Cassie and instantly falls in love with her.

The next scene moves to Rue and Jules going out for Halloween with Jules dressing as an angel. McKay gets displeased with how Cassie is dressed provocatively for the college Halloween party. Again, Cassie wears the same outfit for their school party, where she gets a lot of compliments from Daniel.

Meanwhile, Kat meets an unknown person, Masterade99, who offers her a considerable amount of money for a cam session. Surprisingly, she refuses the offer. On a strange turn of event, the guy buys her the entire Amazon wish list.

Rue is feeling worried about her friendship with Jules at the Halloween party. Nevertheless, she gets startled to see her young sister at the party too. Her sister is with Troy. Rue threatens Troy. On the other hand, Cassie texts McKay, but he claims her to be drunk. Similarly, Ethan chats with Kat, and she attempts to scare him off.

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In the next scene, Rue apologizes to Fezco for the previous incident. McKay attacks by eight demonic guys calling him names while he and Cassie were together. They beat him terribly. McKay shuts himself in the room after they leave. He is actually sexually assaulted, which leaves him traumatized.

Now, while swimming, Jules talks to Rue about Nate. Nate threatened Jukes about spreading her picture and putting her to Jail.

The Episode now shifts the focus to Cassie, who is alone with Daniel. Danila tries to have sex with her, but Cassie refuses. But she agrees to kiss him. Meanwhile, McKay is at the party too. After the sad incident, he is searching for her in the party. Daniel still pressures her. Lexi sees McKay first and tells him that Cassie went home. Lexi, being sympathetic towards him, stops him from finding the truth.

Cassie continues to resist Daniel because she is drunk. Infuriated, Daniel tells her that he has no interest in her.  Now, Jules is drunk too. Dressed as an angel, she walks in the party, and Rue is heartbroken also.

Lexi tried to console the heartbroken Rue. Cassie goes home and sits drinking. McKay goes back with his dad about quitting from the football team.

Nate is at Tyler’s house to have a mature conversation. Tyler is petrified at this moment. He threatens Tyler with two options. He says Tyler has to go to the police and confess of stalking Maddy and then hurting her at the carnival. If he denies, Nate will tell the police that Tyler raped her.

Having no other option, Tyler lies about the crime he did not commit initially. Maddy too tells the police about it. Jules also joins the scene, lying for Nate.

Tyler is sent to Jail. Next, Maddy and arrive together at the Halloween party. Everyone cheers Nate for his victory. This is what made Jules got so upset at the party. Maddy was once involved in a crime she did not commit. As a result, she had to stop performing in pageants. This fantastic show on HBO definitely has brilliant insights into different characters and personalities. Each Episode bears its own rewards for the audience. Euphoria is undoubtedly worth the time and patient. The show has entirely constructed plots along with the spectacular performance of the actors.

In this regard, the plot is fresh and original. Portraying teenage emotion onscreen is a challenging job for the makers. Thanks to the creative team and director for their brilliance. The crucial connections between Nate and Maddy in today’s Episode are more prominent. Both are simply frightened face the truth. How could Nate possibly blame Tyler for his misdeeds? Jules hides her guilty feelings from Rue at the party. They are vulnerable to their uncertain future. Logically, one must confront their fears instead of running away from the truth.

To explain Nate’s intentions, it is primarily important to know who he actually is. Nate possesses as an underrated supervillain of Euphoria, who has done some terrible things in the series. Whatever be it, from this minimal action, we can assume that Jules is guilty of helping Nate in his mission. There awaits the next big catastrophe in the coming episodes of Euphoria.

 This Episode of Euphoria has been emotionally striking for the audience. Like the previous episodes of the season, the cinematography was beautiful. Besides, the accompanying soundtrack was perfect for the mood and theme. Don’t forget to tune into HBO to watch the next few episodes of Euphoria on HBO.

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