Euphoria Season 1 Episode 7 Review: The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed

Euphoria is based on a self-harming teenager named Rue who the central character of the series. Rue is a victim of drug addiction, and she is released out of rehab. Few days after leaving rehab, she meets another character, Jules.

Right after 9/11, Rue’s has a troubled adolescent. She is diagnosed with several mental disorders and visits a therapist who prescribes her medicines to treat her disorders. The medication impacts her daily lifestyle and gets often gets panic attacks in class.

Episode 7 begins with Rue in a depressed state immediately after the party. We also figured out that Nate had blackmailed Jules. Rue believes Jules has fallen in love with Nate. To the outer amazement, Rue visits Fezco, and she requests him to scare Nate with his gun. Eventually, Fezco, being sympathetic towards Rue, threatens Nate to stop creating trouble or he would kill him. However, at the end of the Episode, Fezco and Ashtray get into trouble as the cops chase them for keeping drugs. It turns out that Nate has informed the police about drugs. Jules is finally ready to connect with Rue. Nate is slowly turning in to the villain of the series.

Rue isolates herself and watches Love Island. Rue and her mother engage in an emotional conversation. She suggests her daughter take the help of medicines.

Next, Episode 7 takes us to discover Cassie’s background.  Cassie had a troubled childhood as her parents had an unhappy marriage altogether. Soon her father met a terrible accident when he was drunk. As we can see, the victim of the crash is Cassie’s dad, Gus. The audience learns the complicated history that has led to Gus’ absence. Suze, Lexi’s mom, claims that her husband abused alcohol. Suze says her husband was never capable of being a father, but the reality is, she cheated. He survived the accident, but he became addicted to the fentanyl that was prescribed to him as his medication. After his hospitalization, he fell for drug addiction.

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 Afterward, her father became an addict. Everyone lost contact with him.

Again, this episode brings us to Cassie at present. She is equally guilty and confused about the mishap with Daniel. Her friends advise her to hide the matter to McKay. Then Cassie tells Lexi that she is pregnant.  Cassie is pregnant with McKay’s baby. There is a possibility of an abortion, but both of them promise to be a good parent.

Also, at the Halloween party, Kat has sex with Daniel.

In the upcoming scenes, Maddy and Kat have a horrible fight that leads make Kat leave the place immediately. At home, she records a video for her unknown client.

This is the reason behind Cassie’s troubled relationships with men. But McKay never actually loved Cassie enough to know about her history.

Episode 7 captures the true nature of Cassie. She has been suffering silently from a horrible family tragedy and a series of boyfriends. All Cassie wants to be is free. She demands love which she never received. Although McKay is her boyfriend, McKay never really loved her. Soon after her pregnancy, she still dreams of raising a baby with the guy she loves. Cassie’s mom actually comforts her daughter. Cassie is never used to such kindness after she reveals she needs love and support.

Her mother immediately realizes about her daughter’s pregnancy.  She takes Cassie to the women’s clinic for an abortion. You can find love, warmth, and mocking reality in the Episode, unlike the rest episodes of Euphoria. The teenagers in the Euphoria balance their individual lives and troubles. Individuals like Nate, Kat, and Rue often forget love is the answer to every question. Our superiority lies in our ability to love our lives.  In this Episode, Suzi shows the strength of a good mother as she consoles her daughter in her hardship. The story connects to the audience with its sheer relevance in real life.

At the very beginning of Euphoria Episode 7, Rue has a flashback of her childhood psychologist. Rue is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. The series demonstrates a prominent theme in today’s society where both the teenagers and the adults can enjoy drugs, violence, sex, and massive destruction. What makes the series stand out in today’s world is the perfect theme of the series. The episode takes a turn as Kat has a session with her most frightening client. He hides his side of the cam. But Kate gets uncomfortable and scared and shuts the laptop.

Rue explains her theory about the disturbing occurrences to Lexi. She draws a connection between the sudden arrest of Tyler and the assault of Maddy. To her dismay, Jules assists Nate in the crime. Nate has he nudes, so he cleverly uses them to blackmail Jules. It is totally bizarre how Nate blackmails Jules, yet she is in love with him. Tyler agrees to Nate to escape the charges of rape.

Which is the best Episode of Euphoria to date? Definitely episode 6. This particular Episode has broken the record of the stereotype culture. The series turned out a massive hit.  Euphoria received mostly positive reviews and appreciation from the audience and critics alike. The series collected $182.7 million reviews and views in its first weekend and has grossed over $2.2 billion worldwide.

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