Euphoria Season 1 Episode 8 Review: And Salt the Earth Behind You

Euphoria is based on a self-harming teenager named Rue who the central character of the series. Rue is a victim of drug addiction, and she is released out of rehab. Few days after leaving rehab, she meets another character, Jules.

HBO’s new hit show Euphoria’s new Episode starts with Rue’s usual narration.  Now, the audience can relate to each of the stories of the characters. This time it is about Jules’ heart-breaking confession. She lied about someone innocent to save Nate. Is she right by saving Nate? Jules also struggles with an anxiety disorder and OCD, just like Rue. Her parents are uncooperative and put her in a situation to commit suicide.

Right after 9/11, Rue’s has a troubled adolescent. She is diagnosed with several mental disorders and visits a therapist who prescribes her medicines to treat her disorders. The medication impacts her daily lifestyle and gets often gets panic attacks in class.

The previous Episode shows Rue in a depressed state immediately after the party. We also figured out that Nate had blackmailed Jules. Rue believes Jules has fallen in love with Nate. To the outer amazement, Rue visits Fezco, and she requests him to scare Nate with his gun. She draws a connection between the sudden arrest of Tyler and the assault of Maddy. To her dismay, Jules assists Nate in the crime.

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The final episode begins with Rue, who is in the hospital with a kidney infection. In the last Episode, we see how Rue punished herself for the occurrences at the party. Rue is offered Vicodin, but Rue refuses. Rue insists the nurse get a Roxicet for her. Suddenly, the doctor arrives. Soon, Jules visits her in the hospital and reveals her everything about Nate.

 In the next scene, Leslie and Gia attend a meeting where Leslie finds a letter. She describes how beautiful childhood Rue had in the past. She adds how Rue is strong enough to overcome her struggles with addiction.

The series gets incredibly engaging as the plot proceeds with the vivid portrayal of the human characters that make them appear realistic to the audience. Zendays’s dedication and sincerity towards her sophisticated timing of every action sequences amaze the audience. Cassie goes to the clinic with her mother and is asked to wait in the waiting room.

The audience sees Nate at a football game. He was about to win after he loses control of the team. Cal reminds him that he needs to win the game. He gets in a fight Cal, who kicks him to the floor.

Nate meets Maddy after his plight. She shows him photos on her phone and consoles him. But, Nate behaves rudely with Maddy. When Nate goes to the washroom, Maddy finds the DVD that showed Cal with Jules.

The next scene shift to Jules, Kat, Cassie, Lexi, Maddy, and others at the winter formal. Nate is with another girl now. Cassie is no longer with McKay. Kat meets Ethan and explains everything. She apologizes and confesses that she likes him. Both engage in a kiss.

Meanwhile, Rue discovers Jules, who has been texting Anna. They flip off Nate from across the dance floor. Rue threatens him about Fezco. She accuses him of manipulating the Police. Fezco is in dire need of money. He gets involved in a robbery. Unfortunately, he gets caught.  Is it Nate’s plot to take revenge against Fezco? Or is it a mere coincidence that he is caught?  The audience is left to wonder. They beat him with a gun. Eventually, Maddy made Nate dance together and confess to each other that they are not perfect for each other. Thus, their love story meets an end.

Jules and Rue go to LA. They take the train, but suddenly Rue backs out. She feels depressed about her family and everything her family suffered for her.  There is a song where they dance, and the Episode abruptly ends.

Nate is at the dance party with someone now.

The Episode takes a flashback where Maddy meets Nate’s father. He approaches her and tells Maddy to leave his son. So, at the formal party, Maddy goes on telling Nate during a slow dance that he is dominating, psychopathic, and abusive. Nate agrees soberly. Maddy puts the dignity and grace which the character demands. Her graceful ability to confronting the truth in crucial scenes is unbelievable. The views are immensely thrilling because there is a constant battle between the right and wrong.

In another flashback, Nate wins a recent football game for the football team at college. Later that night, his dad indicates that he is clearly not impressed with anything about his son. Nate lacks the traits of a leader.

As the Episode draws towards the end, the audience must appreciate the screenplay and cinematography. The maker’s profound devotion to this series is unbelievable. Hence, the plot of Euphoria proceeds, creating magic onscreen for the viewers. Rue is taught the difference between friendship and rivalry, good and evil and weakness and strength. At one serious point in the series, Rue convinces us that she needs a companion in the outside world to battle with her demons. Only then, the young girl can have a chance to find peace.

Speaking about the Euphoria, this is the kind of movie that talks about injustice, violence, and evil. The series itself is so surreal because it draws upon the Rue’s past to improve the future.  Can she overcome her own demons? Can she fight her own self? This makes the Euphoria an incredible current favorite which also resonances the storylines of so many teenagers. You can quickly get a feeling of awakening or awe triggered Rue’s grace.

So Episode 8 has been as thrilling as ever. So watch the next and final Episode!

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