Euphoria Season1 Episode 3 Review: “Made You Look”

The first episode begins with a teenage girl named Rue who the central character of the series. She is a terrible victim of drug addiction, which made her stay at Rehab. However, she is released out of Rehab. Few days after leaving Rehab, she meets another character, Jules, at a party. Jules is another victim of drug addiction. Soon, both become friends, and their stories intersect.

Right after 9/11, Rue’s has a troubled adolescent since her birth. She is diagnosed with several mental disorders. Often, she visits a therapist who prescribes her medicines to treat her disorders. Unfortunately, she fails to fight her diseases.  The medication affects her daily lifestyle and gets often gets panic attacks in class.

Episode 2 depicts Nate’s childhood as the episode proceeds. Nate had a very unusual up bring. Unlike any other average child, she had a different childhood.

Euphoria Season1 Episode 3 starts again with Rue’s narration. However, this time, the story revolves around the story of Nate. By now, the audience knows that Jules is a transgender person while Fezco and Ashtray run their drug empire through Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the biggest surprise is yet to come, as Rue’s feelings for Jules are getting more prominent. However, Jules starts growing fascination for someone she met through a dating app.

It appears Euphoria Episode 3 sticks to Kat’s story which is evidently the major central character. Kat’s style brings a complicated social issue. Kat has always been a fat kid who is struggling with her weight. In a family vacation, she drank about 70 virgin piña coladas in a week. The body reflects her insecurity, so she feels the void with unrealistic expectations for romance.  All she wants is someone to accept her for who she is. But she has been quite unfortunate on her quest to find true love.

The narrator talks about her first love, her wild obsession for virgin piña coladas, the insults, first heartbreak, and wild fantasy for fictional romance. This leads to open an account on Tumblr and becoming a smut-writer.

The episode proceeds with Kat posting a video of herself online. Now she has an overly enthusiastic follower. Both of them meet, and her follower gets mesmerized by her beauty. Is their meeting coincidence, or is it preplanned? Is her follower hiding something?

Kat, who comes into the limelight in the third episode, has a strangely similar story and is a reflection of Rue’s misery. The sheer similarity is striking to the audience. Rue, who is confused and imperfect, leads a very messy life. Are the majority of teenagers like this? Are Kat and Rue far ahead of their time?

The plot is a marvelous creation from the talented makers who portray an alarming issue of the current generation. They display the magic impeccably on screen. It feels like the correct entertainment for the audience if you want to taste something intriguing. Clearly, the Euphoria does not follow the old pattern of tradition sitcoms. Undoubtedly, one can regard this series as the most unpredictable and rewarding television series ever. Evidently, the show conveys ab important message to the audience through its characters: one must not underestimate the actual value of mental health and wellbeing.

In the next few scenes, the audience gets the essence of McKay and Cassie’s, as well as Maddy and Nate’s relationship. Later, the episode shifts its attention to Rue. She gets indecisive about her habits. At times, she wants to change for the better. Nevertheless, will the change come?  At times, she is her usual self. Although she has always been supportive of her friend, she starts getting highly insecure when Jules expresses her feeling for Shyguy118. But, who is this why guy? Rue is still bothering with the emergence of this new character. At one point in the episode, Jules asks Rue to help her take some nudes for the unknown person. Quickly, Rue discovers Jules’ father’s pill bottles. Will this incident affect their friendship?

Here, we meet another character, Ali. Ali compels her to think deeply about the harsh consequences of drug addictions.

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Ali leaves her to think on an impassioned speech once he learns her sister is the one that saved her life. It is harsh, but it shows that drugs not only ruin the person taking them, but it also destroys the ones around them. Yet, this wake-up call does not hit Rue hard until the near end of the episode.

Furthermore, in this episode, Jules reveals her idea about meeting Rue about her plans to meet Shyguy118 by a deserted lake. To her dismay, Jules stays adamant to her decision. The situation takes a strange turn as Rue ends up in tears. She fears to lose her closest friend to someone else. This is indeed a very emotional scene. The fight ends with a kiss.

Infuriated, she visits Fezco’s house. To her sheer disappointment, he does not let her in this time. This scene shows the humanizing side of Fezco. He is guilty as a drug dealer, yet he wants to save Rue.

In conclusion, episode three was light-hearted and humorous. Yes, you could easily give this episode the full ratings. Indeed, Euphoria is smartly crafted to convey a flawlessly composed thrill and suspense seamlessly. Euphoria is the perfect example of what goes in our lives beyond our mundane imagination. The cinematography, together with the brilliance of the actors on the screen, will offer an unusual experience for the audience of HBO.

This extraordinary episode of Euphoria does complete justice to the theme of the series and makes you fall in love with the show. The show offers a thrilling race against time and space. Answers get more and more complex as the story proceeds towards the end. 

If you are free on Sunday, what about watching Euphoria with your family? It this genuinely worth your time.

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