Euphoria Season1 Episode 4 Review: “Shook Ones Pt. II”

Euphoria is a popular TV series on HBO that reveals the dark tale of teenage life. Indeed, the series is controversial; In Episode 1 begins with a teenage girl named Rue who the central character of the series. Rue is a victim of drug addiction, and she is released out of Rehab. Few days after leaving Rehab, she meets another character, Jules, at a party.

Right after 9/11, Rue’s has a troubled adolescent. She is diagnosed with several mental disorders and visits a therapist who prescribes her medicines to treat her disorders. The medication impacts her daily lifestyle and gets often gets panic attacks in class.

HBO’s new hit show Euphoria’s new Episode starts with Rue’s usual narration. This time it is about Jules’ heartbreaking backstory. Jukes struggles with an anxiety disorder and OCD. Her parents are uncooperative and put her in a situation to commit suicide.

Anyways, both Rue and Jules get over their awkward kiss. However, Rue’s sister, Jia, receives missing in the carnival, so both separate to find her.

Meanwhile, Nate once again becomes a psychopath as he tries to choke Maddy. He is still infuriated at Maddy about the party’s incident.

Jules eventually discovers that the ShyGuy118 is actually Nate. Jules meets him in a scary encounter at the riverside. Well, Nate does not harm Jules anyway but blackmails her. All he is doing this to protect his dad.

On the other hand, Kat and Ethan spend quality time together. Suddenly, Kat goes out to get ice cream for them and sees him talking to an unknown girl.

Meanwhile, McKay and Nate get into a nasty fight, as McKay humiliates Cassie in front of Nate.

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But most of the scenes in this particular Episode explores the friendship between Jules and Rue. The chemistry between Zendaya and Hunter Schafer the power to make the series intense. There are moments of horror, and thrill Jules goes to confront Nate’s dad. She wants to prove that he is the Dominant Daddy she had sex with.

The series has proven to be a surprise blockbuster hit. The characters, especially Zendaya, has been at the center of appreciation and attractions by the audience. It is undeniable that this series has become the most successful one in the league due to the genuine artisanship with the realistic plot. This is indeed fascinating that Euphoria feels very timely because we can now find countless teenagers struggling with drugs and sex. There is an exchange of energy and charisma between Rue and Jules draws the interest of the audience in each Episode. Meanwhile, Nate does a fantastic job of surprising the audience with his villain nature.

The script hints modern terror. The terror leaves a bright punch on the script, so it is evidently popular among the current generation. It focuses on the characters and struggles in their teenage years. Besides, the camera work is incredible. His camerawork is indeed gratuitous and dazzling to keep the audience stuck on the screen. The dialogues and special effects are first-rate, and the makers maintain a solid tone throughout the movie.

 Finally, Rue finds her sister doing weed. Immediately, Rue is filled with guilt and eventually decides to go home. Then she is an unexpected kiss between them. Rue visits the carnival with Gia and Lexi. Jules sees Rue, and they meet each other. Rue leaves Gia with her friends.  However, Leslie reminds Rue to be back with Gia by 10. Unfortunately, Rue does not know where Gia is. Soon, she finds Gia smoking weed with Troy and Roy. Gia refuses to leave, but she remembers her sister’s overdose. The sisters leave for home.

Besides, Maddy comes at the carnival in a provocative outfit that bothers Nate. Nate warns her to change the outfit. At Cal’s chili booth, Nate interrogates McKay if Cassie was his girlfriend. He gets into an argument with McKay. Nate threatens Maddy and beats her leaving marks. Nate has been set up as the villain but shows his more vulnerable side at the end. Setting him as the villain, the directors have given him a greater sense of scale and purpose in Euphoria. It can be hoped that it will feel thrilling to see Nate getting emotional at the end.

The Episode itself features a unique plot progression, with both Kat’s turmoil and Rue’s drug overdose. The makers of Euphoria display the most unique and stylish camera work at the carnival. From the brilliant camera shots to the exquisite framing, every scene of Euphoria’s Episode is a real visual treat to the audience.

There are glimpses of characters seamlessly shifting with the camera. It has a unique storyline, and at times it does fall into the usual angst clichés usual from this genre. The aesthetic treat elevates this Episode into one of the best this season One of Euphoria. For the screenplay and the visual effects, the color detailing is excellent. The plot is very well executed, like the rest of the episodes. However, the creativity and dedication on the part of the cast and crew are noticeable. According to the previous installments, the audience can notice that the bond between Jules and Rue, as well as Nate and Maddy. The theories are confusing. Why is Rue so protective about Jules? Is Rue in love with Jules? What is Nate’s next plot?

The teenagers have isolated themselves from the world over the years. Nevertheless, in reality, they possess responsibility. As a result, they have hidden their emotions, vulnerability, and abilities from the world for so long. However, as the plot proceeds, the fates will take a strange turn. They are on the verge of becoming the only protector of their individual lives. Do not forget to tune into HBO to watch the Episodes of Euphoria on Sunday evenings!

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