8 Best Flapper Costumes to Buy Online in 2020!

In the 1920s, Flappers were a generation of young Western women wearing skirts, bobbing their hair, listening to jazz, and flaunting their disdain for what was then considered acceptable behavior. Wearing unnecessary makeup, drinking, smoking cigarettes, driving cars, unintentionally exploiting women, and otherwise flouting social and sexual norms, flappers were seen as brash. Flappers were symbols of the Roaring Twenties, the economic, political turmoil and increased transatlantic cultural exchange that followed the end of the First World War, as well as the export to Europe of American jazz music. As the flapper costume is very much popular among us, we have listed the best flapper costume for you.

List of Best Flapper Costume

#1. L’VOW Women’ Sexy Open Back Skirt Gatsby Cocktail Party Fringed Flapper Costume Dress

It is a pretty Fringed dress for Gatsby themed wedding or party, prom, inspired by the glamour of the 1920s Great Gatsby era with long fringe design. The long fringe swings beautifully during walking or dancing; good to wear on any occasion like party, engagement, the 1920s themed party, wedding, dancing, social event, birthday and prom party. It is a Great gift for Lover, Wife, Girlfriend, even yourself. This costume is made with Rayon, Spandex fabric. It is very soft and comfortable to wear. Both front and back are covered with tassels, swing when you are dancing.

#2. BABEYOND 1920s Flapper Accessories Gatsby Costume Accessories Set 20s Flapper Headband Pearl Necklace Gloves Cigarette Holder

Each flapper set includes Headband 1pc, Necklace 1pc, Gloves 1 pair, Earrings 1 pair, Plastic Cigarette Holder 1pc. Headband Flapper: comes with a rope or elastic band. Size of the necklace: 55.’ Length of gloves: 20.47′.’ Adjustable plastic holder: 6.69, “10.63, “13.78.”All things are the free size that suits many adults. It’s a fantastic retro style straight off the Gatsby runway of the 1920s! A collection of most popular vintage items for a great flapper girl look. Go back with the fabulous flapper costume to the roaring 20s! For prom, flapper dress, roaring 20s party, the Great Gatsby theme party, art deco party, and all other occasions of vintage style, it’s a collection of great matches. The necklace is thick and very durable, not a cheap beads plastic string. The headpiece is stunning and very well made. However, the cigarette holder is Metal, and it feels heavier. the headband is one that requires you to tie is so no matter how your hair is, and it will work. The gloves are awesome and do truly come to the elbow. The peacock feathers were significant in this headband for a great price– and beautifully packaged, ready to wear. It’s a must-buy! 

#3. 1920s Great Gatsby Accessories Set for Women, Costume Flapper Headpiece Headband

The gloves fit perfectly, the faux pearls feel real because they’re cold to the touch and are heavy plus they even knotted in between the pearls in case the string should break (that’s something you see with a real string of pearls!), the earrings dangle nicely, the headband fits just fine and they cigarette holder actually works if you had a cigarette. For the price, you can’t beat it!

#4. Forum Novelties Roaring 20’s Flapper Dress and Headband Costume

This would be an acceptable dress to wear out to any masquerade, or 1920s themed event or as a Halloween costume. The headband and feather are great accents. Recommend this dress, and it’s comfortable and well made. The Roaring 20’s Collection includes costume jewelry, costume weapons, headbands, and complete costumes designed to transform you into a classic gangster or flapper. The overall costume quality is what you would get for the price.

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#5. BABEYOND Women’s Flapper Dresses 1920s V Neck Beaded Fringed Great Gatsby Dress

It is a great dress. Beading is great, and it looked expensive. However, the accessories like a headband, bracelet, etc. on the model are not included. But you can find these flapper accessories from the BABEYOND storefront. It is made of Polyester, Beaded & Sequins. Flapper dress long, flapper dresses with sleeves or without and flapper dress plus size are all available in our store. It is a Dress for Cocktail, Prom, evening, event, Christmas, dance and for 1920s party, great Gatsby party, art deco party, and flapper party. It can also be used as a Latin dress, tango dress, rhythm dress, and rumba dress.

#6. Smiffys Women’s 1920’s Black Flapper Costume

This is a heavy well made the dress. It comes with gloves and feather headband, which is nice. The straps could be adjusted if you are a seamstress. The dress fit perfectly, and the fringe had a cute shimmy to it. And the accessories were adorable! It is charming for a costume party, probably not a ball. But honestly, it’s unlikely anyone will know the difference.

#7. BABEYOND 1920s Art Deco Fringed Sequin Dress 20s Flapper Gatsby Costume Dress

This dress is made of high-quality polyester fabric and embellished beads. It has a V Neck and partial backless design. It is fully lined with sequins and beads, charming and stunning. The standard knee-long length with layers of hanging fringe stands like a waterfall, walks like the wind. You will have multi-color choices like Beige, Black, Black Gold, Red-Black, and Red Gold, just in order to meet your match needs. It’s heavy with gorgeous beadwork. The zipper is of excellent quality. The dress moves well, and the fringe hits mid-calf at the longest point-this may pose a challenge in the ladies’ room-plan ahead. As with any beaded dress, use caution when sitting (don’t scoot!) and avoid brushing against rough surfaces. It is Affordable and perfect for our speakeasy fundraiser.

#8. Women’s Vintage 1920s Fringed Gatsby Sequin Beaded Tassels Hem Flapper Dress

It is a great Dress for Cocktail, Prom, evening, event, Christmas, dance and for 1920s party, great Gatsby party, art deco party, and flapper party. It Can also be used as a Latin dress, tango dress, rhythm dress, and rumba dress.

By choosing these costumes, we tried to cover different aspects of flapper costume consumers. All these costumes have high quality and designed to make the consumers smile. We hope this list will help you to choose your desired one.

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