10 Exclusive Gifts for Melissa McCarthy Fans in 2020!

Melissa McCarthy is an acclaimed American actress who became a household name in the hugely successful sitcom ‘ Mike and Molly ‘ as one of the titular characters. A comedian and fashion designer, McCarthy shot to fame after her performance in ‘ Bridesmaids, ‘ a romantic comedy that won her Academy Award and BAFTA nominations. In the 1990s, McCarthy cut her teeth in Hollywood when she started to appear in a slew of famous television sitcoms in recurring roles. One of her most remarkable roles in the TV series ‘ Gilmore Girls.’ Subsequently, after attempting minor roles in movies, McCarthy graduated in movies like’ Nines,’ co-starring Ryan Reynolds, to notable characters. Known for the energy and zest she exudes in her on-screen roles, McCarthy continued to play a sequence of critically acclaimed roles in movies like ‘ Identity Thief ‘ and ‘ Tammy. ‘ She was immortalized with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and was listed as one of the highest-paid actors in American film by Forbes. While she has reaped laurels by the dozens for her acting prowess, McCarthy is also a fashion designer with a line of her own. So, we list down the best gifts for Melissa McCarthy fans.

List of Exclusive Gifts for Melissa McCarthy Fans

#1. The Boss

Melissa McCarthy never really disappoints, and during this film, I laughed a lot. When it involved kids, some scene was a little bit big, but it wasn’t to the point that it was vulgar. The scene of battling against the little brownie soldiers was funny. Melissa might be severe, and she might be funny. Her personality developed, realizing that life was more than cash. The cash took the place of how she was always brought back to the orphanage when families were trying to embrace her. As her mentor, Kathy Bates performs, teaching her to be ruthless and make cash. Kirsten Bell is her assistant who made millions when she was a millionaire! Then she ends up in prison, and the personality of Melissa moves in with Kirsten once she gets out. It is a storyline older than the times but never gets old when it ends well. So, we include this movie in the list of gifts for Melissa McCarthy fans.

#2. Spy

This film sends up so many things that it’s hard to know where to start. Firstly, it most obviously sends up Jude Law’s ‘James Bond’ tux-in-a-casino type character. Next, it satirizes Jason Statham’s tough guy secret agent routine and finally the ludicrously contrived twists of good fortune with which she is blessed utterly sends up the idea of Melissa McCarthy’s dream of transforming her desk job into a field job. That said, Melissa McCarthy does go into the field where her startling good fortune enables her to successfully take out north of 50 tough guy baddies while saving Jude Law and Jason Statham’s lives. There is much more, but I don’t want to spoil it for you. I found the relentlessly returning fat joke about Melissa McCarthy a tad tedious after I’d heard it for the tenth time, and the language seemed excessively and unnecessarily blue – there were many more F-bombs than laughs in this movie. Overall, though, it is a fun film. But as far as espionage movies go, I probably preferred the recent ‘Kingsman.’ That said, however, this has some lovely comic performances in it. If you’re a Melissa McCarthy fan, you’ll love ‘Spy.’ We cannot ignore this movie in the list of gifts for Melissa McCarthy fans.

#3. The Happy time Murders

Full disclosure, Melissa McCarthy is a hit and miss with me, mostly hits. Couple her with a bunch of very sassy Muppets with foul mouths and this is a good score. This is a world where humans and puppets share the world and the puppets and not exactly treated very well. Here we have a murderer stalking a bunch of puppets. Melissa and her ex-partner, who happens to be a puppet, have to solve it. It is a great cast, and some good laughs make this one to recommend.

#4. The Boss “B” 27×40 Original D/S Movie Poster Melissa McCarthy

This poster comes with the size of 27×40 inches (approximate dimensions). Also, this poster is double-sided with a reverse image on the back. It is great in quality. Overall, this would be a nice gift for any Melissa McCarthy fan.

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#5. Ghostbusters 2016 Movie Poster Limited Print Photo Melissa McCarthy Kristen Wiig Size 8×10 #3

This poster is printed on High-Quality Glossy Photo Paper. There are several sizes available. It is shipped in protective sleeve and tube. So, you are going to get your product safely for sure. That is why we think this is a perfect gift for the Melissa McCarthy fans.

#6. #Melissa – 11oz Hashtag Ceramic Colored Handle and Inside Coffee Mug Cup, Black

This 11 oz coffee mug features durable building, a clean, sophisticated appearance, bright, vibrant coloring, and ideal printing. Premium ceramic used in the production method provides a pleasant sturdy feel to this mug. The handle for hands of all sizes is smooth and perfectly sized. This is a wonderful chance to make a present for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Birthdays, Wedding Gifts, or any gift-giving vacation. It’s even good for bands, corporate events, bachelor or bachelor events, parties, etc. This mug is secure for the dishwasher and secure for the microwave. That means you don’t need to add to your sink’s already enormous stack of dishes. You can drink without a care and then drop it into the dishwasher.

#7. Seven7 Melissa McCarthy Women’s Plus Size 3/4 Sleeve V-Neck Empire Waist top

This is a very well-designed clothing. It is a kind of cloth which are used by Melissa McCarthy. It is machine washable. A perfect gift for anyone who loves Melissa McCarthy. 

#8. Melissa McCarthy Mini Cutout

If you want to dress like Melissa McCarthy, then you will find this item helpful. This is a cutout of a dress. Melissa McCarthy wore a similar dress at an occasion. This item is made from original photos by top photo agencies and adapted by our in-house designers. You won’t find our cutouts anywhere else! So, order this to surprise the female Melissa McCarthy fans. This is a must item of the list of best gifts for Melissa McCarthy fans. 

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#9. Melissa McCarthy Celebrity Mask

We cannot ensure that you will be made famous by wearing a Melissa McCarthy mask, but we can be sure that you will attract enormous attention. The masks are printed using nothing but the best materials and printing methods. That is why they look so real. So, if you know a Melissa McCarthy fan who wants to look like her, this mask can be a perfect gift for her. 

#10. Seven7 Melissa McCarthy Women’s Plus Size Wrap Dress

This dress is made of 100% polyester. It has tie closure. The design of the dress is great. Because of its quality, it is durable as well. Any Melisa McCarthy fan would love to wear this dress. 

We listed down different kinds of gifts for Melissa McCarthy fans, which will make a Melissa McCarthy fan happy. So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab your favorite one.

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