Best Gifts for Thor fans

7 Best Gifts for Thor Fans in 2020 (Make them Feel the Power of Thunder)

Also known as Thor Odinson, son of Odin, is a compelling character played by Chris Hemsworth in the Marvel cinematic universe which we all are pretty familiar with. Thor is known as the “god of thunder” given by his great strengths. One of Thor’s personal identity is his Hammer known as Mjolnir, which a fictional, mythical weapon that aids Thor to wield lightning like no other superhero. Marvel’s Thor Ragnarok has been titled one of the best Marvel movies. Thor has also appeared in several Marvel movies including films like Avengers and its sequels. The Thor Fan-base is pretty huge owing to extra charming Chris Hemsworth who truly bring out the essence of this superhero convincing you that no one else could have portrayed the god of thunder better than Chris himself.

Anyway now, if you are looking for gifts for one of the fans from his vast cosmic Fan base then you are in the right place as we list down the best gifts for Thor fans below:

#1. LEGO Marvel superheroes Building kit

Perfect for ages 8-14, this kit comes with 5 infinity war figurines to help you recreate thrilling scenes from the movie.  Someone who loves Thor is sure into the universe and setting that Thor belongs to. This sanctum is insanely detailed compared to every Lego sets made previously. It is also easy to transport so kids can take it from one place to others easily. Lego sets aren’t made from one country itself, different parts are imported from different manufacturing countries so you can be positive that your product is of genuine quality!

#2. Marvel Thor Mjolnir Ceramic Sculpted Mug

a 20-ounce Mug made from high-quality material. It is bold, bright, and the details are perfectly produced on the mug. The volume of liquid that can be stored in the mug is also satisfactory. It is quite a tall mug of unique design that fans of all ages will love this mug to showcase their obsession and love towards Thor. This item is a mandatory member of one of the best gifts for Thor fans.

It’s the most relevant gift for any Thor fan undoubtedly.

#3. Marvel Encyclopedia

Created for Any Marvel fan, This Hardcover encyclopedia includes A-Z of Marvel universe and its character. The loads of information that is included in this book can keep the reader occupied for weeks. Each page is precisely designed to be read by fans of all ages, and none of it is made to look like rocket science. The color and the quality of this book is 100% worth what you are paying for, so we had to include this in best gifts for Thor fans.

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#4. Thor Hammer Axe Key chain

A great souvenir for every Thor fan is this Hammer Key Chain that is quite smooth, durable and almost like a mini version of the original Hammer. What’s more attractive about this pendant key chain is that it works great as a calming device on people with ADD or ADHD. It helps improve your focus with smooth spins, making it one of the best gifts for Thor fans.

#5. Handcrafted Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir Pendant Necklace

Made entirely of brass giving nice weight to it hence contributing it to an authentic factor including the leather strap that comes with. An Extremely durable necklace that will last you a lifetime. A very intriguing feature of this necklace is the pendant which has rough details to it and not the most finest Mjolnir pendant every produced all of which this pendant feels more real and genuine producing a vibe of originality. Can be worn every day or as a part of a costume. Suitable for all genders and ages. You can tell that this pendant has been hand forged simply by the texture and rough details that are visible to the eye, Something of a strong tribute to Thor. Truly one of the best gifts for Thor fans.

#6. Marvel Avengers Blue Circle Microfiber Curtain Panel

A high quality and easy setup panel of curtains that are suitable for the younger Thor fans. These curtains are long-lasting and durable exactly what you need for kids bedroom. These curtains will make any room in your house pop, they are perfect for playtime as well as naptime. Allows the minimal amount of light into the room for a perfect ambiance. Pro tip:  complete the look with marvel fitted bed sheets and other accessories available to represent a true Thor fan’s bedroom.  You get what is shown in the picture.  The material doesn’t fade out or become wrinkled after a wash all for which this is a great gift for any kid that wants customized room décor.

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#7. Thor Vinyl Clock

How many times do we check the clock in a day? Plenty of times right, now if we are to look at something that is pleasant to the eyes a couple of times a day it would only lighten up our moods through a hectic day, I believe that would be one of the best gifts to give to someone that is dear to you. This clock is perfect for a Thor fan that wants a minimalistic item relating to Thor in their bedroom, living room, or study room. This clock is entirely handmade with vinyl records.  A gift suitable for all age groups and most importantly, a gift that is catchy to the eye.

All the above-listed items are suitable for kids and are hazard free and child-friendly. Any Thor fan is bound to love these gifts as they represent Thor in every way. These gifts are handpicked best gifts for Thor Fans, With that being said, Happy gifting!

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