Giorgia Whigham: 8 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

Giorgia Whigham is an American actress who impressed the audience with her exceptionally challenging role as Kat in the Netflix series 13 Reasons Why. She was also a crucial part of the famous series which bought her worldwide recognition.

1.Early Life

Born on August 18, 1997 in New York City, USA, she is now 22 years old. Her family moved to San Fernando Valley long time ago. She is the daughter of Shea Whigham and Stine Whigham. She is an American citizenship, but her ethnicity is Caucasian.  Her father is also an actor. He played Elias Thompson in the HBO drama Boardwalk Empire. He is also known for his supporting roles in Kong: Skull Island. ‘Kong: Skull Island’ is just a grand remake of the legendary King Kong by the MonsterVerse Films. With the current trend of superheroes movies, Kong: Skull Island takes the audience to the central destination of the MonsterVerse. Kong: Skull Island takes the viewer to an entire cinematic universe of mythical and mighty monsters. This can provide tantalizing evidence about the rules and mysteries of the world.

Besides, his other works include True Detective’ and ‘Death Note.’ Giorgia Whigham has a younger brother.


The young Giorgia Whigham was a talented student of Carter High School of Arts and Los Angeles Valley College. For her immense passion for arts and theatre, she joined California State University, Northridge.

3.Professional Life and Career

She stepped in the acting world with Pinky in 2016. She was also seen in various TV shows, such as Shameless, Son of Zorn, Scream, 13 Reasons Why, and The Orville.

Later, she was featured in the film Saving Zoë in 2017. Her films include ‘Sierra Burges Is a Loser’ in 2018,The Buried Girl, and Son of Zorn, The Legend of Master Legend’ in 2017, Dirty John’ in 2018, etc.

The extraordinary thing about Giorgia Whigham is herself. Most notably, 13 reasons why is an excellent film with a compelling script or fantastic dialogues for the audience of every age group. It won audiences who made it the biggest success story around the globe with its excellent visual effects. Thanks to the contributing role of Giorgia Whigham. It is guaranteed that the compelling storyline this famous Netflix series is something you have never seen before. It can beat any hit series. Her sheer integrity and acting skills in the series is unbelievable. Her greatest ability is to control and connect to the audience. His skills make it more exciting and entertaining to watch. In 2019, Whigham started playing Amy Bendix in the series ‘The Punisher’. Amy Bendix is unique, deviating, and equally breath-taking for the audience. As it is based on the Marvel Comic Character, this is tremendously thrilling for anyone exciting thing to encounter the battles and suspense. Besides, the scenes will haunt your nightmares. Throughout the series, the excellent acting skills of Whigham is a visual treat for anyone. The audience can catch glimpses of the glorious world of Marvel.

The storyline revolves around the story of Frank Castle. The series amazingly reveals the perpetual fights between good and evil. Each scene is worth admiring for different for many reasons, and each incident offers its magic to the audience, taking the Marvel legacy forward. The puzzle comes together to portray the same concept at the end, that the truth always wins.

The central character employs unusual methods to battle crime. She also acted in another film The Buried Girl’ and ‘Saving Zoe’. Soon she would be seen portraying the character of Beth, a Goth girl and a local tattoo artist.

You will never be bored with any of the popular movies of her. Her recent work, Sierra Burgess is a Loser, offers spectacular plot presents.  The film is a big surprises for the audience across the globe. The plot, cast, as well as the script is phenomenal and substantial; the acting makes the movie thrilling and lively, yet sophisticated for anyone.

Doctor Strange is a unique film where the hero goes on fighting the threats against the world. Doctor Strange has the visual aesthetic typical for any Marvel movie. The changing colors and spinning create a spellbound cinematic experience. Throughout the film Doctor Strange, each of the sequences was well planned and smartly framed. Thanks to the creative board and the director for such phenomenon on screen!

Her another movie, Scream, is quite exceptional in the way you can find glimpses of the terrible fate of a Goth girl. The authenticity of the story is the point where it portrays the sheer mystery that awaits the audience. Packed with the perfect balance of suspense and thrill, Whigham shows her magic.

4.Love life

As far news suggests, she is not involved with anyone. She believes to keep her social and love life private. There is no news of any scandal or controversy till date.

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5.Net Worth, Income, Salary

She has a net worth of around $5 million.

6.Rumours and Controversy

This actress has been found to be involved in any kind of scandals till date, unlike many others here. Thus, she maintained a strict celebrity status in her career.

7.Social Media Life

Giorgia Whigham is quite active in social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Although, her Facebook has a small number of followers, you can find her fans everywhere across the world.

Giorgia Whigham’s personality aims to bring the entire artistic community
together to embrace new challenges for the welfare of film community. She works tremendously hard to bring excellence to the audience. Her contribution to films is impeccably. She aims to nature young talents to promote them onscreen.


She has received many honours and awards, has a number of press articles that list her as one of the strong women.

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