18 Best Invader Zim Merchandise to Buy in 2020!

Zim is just another extraterrestrial creature that has been sent on a mission to planet earth. He further goes on with a disguise on earth to infiltrate the planet and somehow cause the downfall of this very earth. The cartoon covered Zim’s journey towards his evil success. Invader Zim was most of our thrill back when we were growing up. It was featured as an animated cartoon series on Nickelodeon and ran during the years 2001 – 2006. This span of 6 years as of now might feel to you a few couple months that passed by in a blink of an eye. During this time, a total of 27 episodes were released which received a high appraisal from the audiences and the public.

However, Invader Zim got into some rough waters at the time, which led to the cancellation of the cartoon series. Since the years 2001 – 2006 were predominantly fragile with technology, and only modern animations were just developing, the costs for this show went extremely high due to which it was discontinued. Although it received bad ratings, Invader Zim developed a cult and fan base mainly encircling teenagers that still linger on to it today. These fans just like you are in search of bringing back old memories via Invader Zim Merchandise, probably something that we listed here.

List of Invader Zim Merchandise

1. Nickelodeon Invader Zim You’re Doomed 16 oz. Heat Changing Mug

One of the coolest mugs out there, this mug is an officially licensed Invader Zim Merchandise by Nickelodeon. This 16 ounces Ceramic mug has built heat reactive properties that change the black background to several texts upon pouring warm beverages. Not suitable for Microwave Oven.

2. Licensed Invader Zim – I Love Tacos Collectable Pin

Yet another officially licensed Invader Zim Merchandise that can be stuck on to backpacks, clothing or just anywhere imaginable. The pins measure 1.75” and come with a secure push back pin instead of safety pin hence more convenient. The pins are well crafted with sufficient details to get stoked about it.

3. Funko Pop! Rides #41 Invader Zim: Zim and Gir on the Pig

Three out of ten significant Invader Zim character are featured on this figurine caught in a fun scene of their true forms. Frenemies Zim and Gir are seen to have some quarreling whilst riding on Gir’s pig. It has a great authentic feel to it mostly because of its 15.8 ounces weight and the vibrant material used on it.

4. IDW Games Invader Zim Doomsday Dice

An Invader Zim themed dice game that comes packed with playing cards, two dice and cardboard punch out tokens. Groups of 4 can easily play this game. And not to forget the artwork that is on each of the playing cards are just terrific. A lot of references from the TV show are put into this dice game.

5.  Hibuyer Men’s Inspired Zip up Hoodie Sweatshirt Casual Adult Zipper Jacket Green

A hoodie flawlessly representing Invader Zim and his evil outlook of Doom from the cartoon series. This high-quality hoodie is made from Polyester, which is durable on machine wash and tumble dry. The black and green color on the hoodie appears very vibrant even on the kangaroo style pockets at the front.

6. Nickelodeon Alien Invader Zim – Plush Doll

You can now carry around Gir from Invader Zim wherever you want to as a signature favorite character of yours. This Gir Plush doll is 8″ tall and looks exactly like a real life Gir, no less. The quality of Gir Plush Doll is apparent compared to its price adding to the fact that it is cuddly too.

7. Invader Zim Original Minis Bobble Head Blind Bag Figures – Pack of 3

Great Invader Zim Merchandise that you will absolutely love. These blind covered collectibles feature four different forms of Gir, Zim, Dib, and Gaz. Each of the figurines come in bobble head form, therefore, looks great as a showcase. They are simply flawless and look aesthetic, where each set comes with 3 figurines.

8. COSMOVIE Men’s Invader Zim Gir Doom Hoodies Adult Casual Hooded Zip up Sweatshirt

Made out of Polyester, these Invader Zim themed hoodies feature a bold green color to punch up your outfit. The print of this hoodie looks as if though the zip is surreally huge with other minimalistic details. You are promised a quality material product with this hoodie which doesn’t fade with machine wash.

9. Xeni 12” Invader Zim Gir Plush Backpack 

Manufactured by Xeni, this Invader Zim backpack is made up of premium quality materials that feel soft to touch. Both cotton rope and wool are incorporated into it. This portable Gir plush doll which double up as mini backpack measures 12” x 10” x 8” in size. It is wiser to hand wash this plush backpack.

10. Gaz Playing Video Games – Licensed Invader Zim Collectible Pin

If you can relate to Gaz more than the usual Zim fans, then this pin will do you justice. Made out of soft enamel that is bound to last, this Invader Zim collectible pin goes well with backpacks or jackets.  It simply pops out in your everyday outfit while standing at 1.5 inches tall, which is a fair deal.

11. Invader Zim metal charm keychain

Each charm on this keychain measures 2.6 cm and is made of hard enamel on stainless steel. This keychain features five different structures that you can relate to from Invader Zim. Having this hang on your backpack or with your keys will remind you good old memories from the cartoon series.

12. Set of 8 Invader Zim 1″ pins/buttons/badges

These vibrant and unique badges feature 8 different scenes and snippets from the Invader Zim cartoon series itself. The badges are made super sturdy and durable with high quality parts such that they last long on you. These come with child safe pins via which you can stick them up to almost everything.

13. Jmgbsd Women Invader Zim Gir Hoodie Cute Black

A badass cropped hoodie made for the lady Invader Zim fans out there. This Invader Zim Merchandise is made up of 70% Polyester and 30% cotton, feels soft and comfortable to the body. There is a good balance of cute and bold owing to cat ears on hood and cropped design of the hoodie.

14. Invader Zim Super Absorbent Carpet Mat Interior and Exterior Decorative Bathroom Doormat

A high quality print doormat that reveal a funny scene from Invader Zim. This doormat is made up of memory foam and coral fleece. It has inbuilt anti-slip property due to its slip resistant bottom pads and doesn’t fade away easily. The doormats measure 23.6inches X 15.7inches X 0.4inches in its entirety.

15. Gir’s Doom Lunch Bag Invader Zim

Depicting an adorable site of Gir in his frightened state, this customized lunch bag is made entirely out of Polyester. It also comes with rigid adjustable straps to control the length to your liking. The bag measures 29 cm X 29 cm X 16 cm, enough to hold your everyday lunch and carry it around easily.

16. Invader Zim GIR the Malfunctioning Robot Servant Iron Sew On Patch

Show off your personal sense of style by incorporating Invader Zim Merchandise into your clothing. This readymade patch on can be easily sewed or ironed on to any material of clothe to look cool and funky. The real sew on patch looks exactly like the Zim featured on the picture and measure 3″ x 4″ in size.

17. Invader Zim Men’s Crew Socks – Loot Crate

One of the features of the Loot crate boxes, these Invader Zim themed crew socks can be bought separately from the box. It features nice vibrant colors that dominate the cartoon series. They are officially licensed Invader Zim Merchandise made of 97% polyester and 3% spandex for comfort.

18. Invader Zim metal charm 5 pcs Set

A true Invader Zim fan fantasizes about merchandises like this one. A 5 piece set featuring several prominent characters from Invader Zim all detailed intricately into high quality charms. Each charm measures 2.6cm. This set of souvenirs goes well with phones and as charm for your bags and so on.

Choosing the top quality products out there on the internet, we have finally come to the conclusion of yet another top Merchandise article for you to purchase. We predominantly feature officially licensed merchandise so that you only have to pay for quality at its price. These products last long and are sturdy no matter how frequent you use them. With that being said, before Invader Zim gets released on Netflix soon, which of these robust Invader Zim Merchandise are you up for a purchase?

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