Jovan Adepo: 11 Unknown Facts You Should Know!

Since you are already here by your own accord then maybe you don’t know much about the English born American Jovan Adepo. Fear not as we have gathered some exceptional facts about Jovan that might take you by surprise. Before that, let me introduce a few things to develop on our agenda here. We all engage with movies and TV shows quite regularly, and yet we don’t know enough about the person we watch all day except his/her onscreen name and personality. Quite the irony if you think about it. If I told you that most actors you view every day didn’t know that they were into acting, would you believe me? I doubt but suffice to say most actors are who they are today as a result of the path towards self-discovery. We could use this little fact as a life lesson, no harm. And that’s where articles like this one come in, born to enlighten and shed light on small intricate and undiscovered parts of these actors lives.

With that being said, let’s get on with the article, listing down everything we know about Jovan Adepo below. Probably something for you to pick up as you read on?

1. Early Life

First things first, his origins and everything else that followed. Born in Upper Heyford located in the Provinces of Oxford-shire, Jovan Adepo was born on September in the year 1988. His parents are quite diversified given by their descent. Jovan’s Father is African-American from the city of Tennessee, and his mother is of Nigerian descent although from London originally. He was raised in Maryland where during his school life he participated actively in plays, including plays in church. He further went on to pursue his degree at Bowie State University, where he graduated in Bachelor of Arts in Political science and Philosophy.

2. Moving Out

After his Graduation, he further pursued the career of a writer. He moved out to Los Angeles sometime around 2011 in hopes of landing his writing career. Further, to sustain his living, he decided to take on acting classes to hone his acting abilities so that he could finally book a commercial. While working for his part-time acting, he realized that he is growing an active interest in it. Then he worked solely on landing his career as an actor. Although he had to teach himself fundamentals to acting, he has earned the position he deserves. To attain the position he is today he worked under the instructions of several famous stars in Hollywood, Who he still considers as his mentors and is still appreciating their contributions to his stardom.

3. Lucky Encounter with Viola Davis’s Sister

Way before his career got a breakthrough; a lucky incident might have been the reason that changed his fate in the Hollywood industry. On finding out that Oscar-winning Viola Davis’s sister is a part of Adepo’s family through the church, they had a little conversation in Maryland, and she further introduced Jovan to Viola as a former family friend. Viola went on to instruct him about things to learn and plays to watch. Following that incident, his skills improved immensely, and then his career blossomed.  He says that ever since then Viola has been his mentor and a person of a strong presence in his life.

4. Recognition in the Film Industry

Due to his growing career, credits of which goes to his efforts and time put on sharpening his skills, Jovan Adepo has been widespread acknowledgment compared to the past. He has been awarded for his breakthrough majorly. Jovan received nominations under the category “Outstanding Breakthrough Performance” and in “Outstanding Supporting Actor” in the Black Reel Awards. He has been getting widespread recognition recently from the TV show “The Leftovers” in which he has been executing a flawless performance.  He plays the Character of Michael Murphy in the American mystery drama show, a vibrant supporting character indeed. 

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5. Jovan’s Love life

As Jovan Adepo’s career is still underway to becoming a bigger one, he is yet to be hoarded by paparazzi in public places. Since Jovan has been out of most paparazzi focus not much is known about him. Neither does he fancy disclosing about his private life to other the world. We all know a wonderful guy like he has a lady in life, but we just don’t know who any soon. Kudos to him on keeping his relationship affair deficient key when we are in the world where most big actors are seen to flaunt their love publicly.

6. Net worth

Even though his career is still a few steps behind reaching its peak point, there are still some rough details about Adepo’s earnings. Statistically, he received breakthrough in his movie “The leftovers” sometime during 2015, starring as Michael Murphy.  Since his contributions to TV shows and movies he has been making a decent cut the end of the year, though less than most actors but reasonable for his rank. It is estimated that Adepo earns an average of $55000 per annum.

7. Victimized by racism

After the trailer for “Overload” goes out, Adepo received several backlashes owing to that fact that the casting for this hyped film spoiled several people’s peace. A group of “Overload” fans, mostly fan-boys sent harsh and rude messages for Jovan. One of the messages was revealed to the public eye by Jovan. Fan-Made remarks that went something like “’know, if you did your research, you’d know African-American and Caucasian soldiers weren’t allowed to fight alongside each other.” The main cause of their rage was due to Adepos’s involvement, a dark skin man featured on white regimen according to them; this seems like a wrong thing to do only because of his color. This was tame enough to drain Jovan Adepo. The pressure he went through during this period has successfully disturbed his well-crafted momentum in his acting career.

8. Workout regime

Growing up, Jovan Adepo during his school life has been an active participant in sports like football and is thoroughly familiar with training exercises. He wakes an hour before his call time and works out training specific muscles. However, he only works out for half an hour every morning but makes it worth his time. He trains himself, and if he needs advice, he asks it from his peers. Most of the time if he needs to pinpoint and work out on a specific area or muscle, he sorts it out with trainers help and a few lessons. He is also reported to ask for advice from personalities like Michael Kelly and John Krasinski as they have peculiar unique and effective workout regime themselves. Adepo prefers going into the set prepared after a refreshing workout to get his blood pumping.

9. Before shoot prep

Grooming is crucial for any and every man in the world. Jovan Adepo admits to being handy with his grooming. Before going in for a shoot, he starts his prep right from his home. He thinks of it as a way to really connect to his character. Something like how his character would naturally groom hair and beardto be the way it appears onscreen. When in the set he doesn’t have much glam-up to do at the trailer. He also says that he has been fascinated with oils ever since he has discovered it and is really into incorporating them into his daily routine. Currently, he uses argon or morocco oil for his head and face too. He uses castor oil for beard and digging into a lot Shea butter moisturizing products day by day. After receiving a gift bag featuring a handful of Kiehl’s products he has been buying more of those because he really liked some of it.

10. A big no to Afternoon Carbs

During the set it could get boring, and the next thing you end up doing is feasting on the snacks available in the foods area. He is on strict proteins and vegetable diet although he doesn’t like being ona heavily enforced diet, he opens his heart to all the kinds of carbs in the world before afternoon.  And when the clocks hit past 12pm and its afternoon he prohibits himself from going anywhere near carbs. He does so as he is a perfectionist. Jovan’s job requires his body to be the main aspect and tool and if that’s the case, then he would do anything to maintain it. Different roles ask for a different figure and he does exactly what needs to be done to prepare for it and achieve it.

11. Likes his own bubble

When on set Jovan is always surrounded by people constantly. What’s worse is even when you are in trailer people come searching for you, sometimes for absurd reasons. For times like these, he got tips from Elizabeth Olsen who is a pro at finding holes where you can be by yourself in a set. When he is by himself, he does things that entertain him like listening to music. He doesn’t have any favorite genre but generally tried indulging in every kind including rock music, hip-hop and further, he added classical music to the list. When at home he likes to play on his PlayStation. Like every one of us, he loves video games too.

That’s all we had about Jovan Adepo, an actor in the verge of his breakout to the world. While being rather hardworking and spontaneous, he needs to be more regular on social media for all his new fans that need closure. What do you think? Hope you gathered things you didn’t know about Jovan Adepo from this article today.

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