20 Best Jurassic Park Merchandise to Buy in 2020!

In the movie, the so called Jurassic Park created by John Hammond experienced an energy catastrophe before the park opened to the public that permitted the dinosaurs to escape from their confines and kill many individuals. The park and the lead characters from the movie were deserted while the rest of the population died.  Due to one the corrupt employee’s endeavor to causing havoc such that he could own the dinosaurs himself, all the dinosaurs escaped and caused chaos.

Guests to the park have to battle for sustainability, and eventually, some individuals end up dying before the survivors in a helicopter can escape from the island. Since the release of the first film, the concept of Jurassic Park has been enthralling viewers and still continues to do so throughout its last five movies. To prepare yourself for the 2021 movie we have compiled this list of Jurassic Park Merchandise for you get your hands on.

List of Jurassic Park Merchandise

1. Ellusionist Jurassic Park Playing Card Deck – Officially Licensed Movie Playing Cards

Ellusionist works closely with Universal Studios to bring the Jurassic Park Merchandise to play card deck-especially intended for card players, magicians as well as card lovers. This officially licensed merchandise is printed on Cartamundi’s famous B9 card stock. The tuck case is additionally textured.

2.  Jurassic World Wall Clock Made from Vintage Vinyl Record

An inventive way of utilizing old used Vinyl records into work of art. These wall clocks are entirely crafted by hand on a 12 inches vinyl record. Fun fact is the clock is made out of real recorder that people used to listen to, and the entire thing is completely eco-friendly, employed with a silent clock mechanism.

3. Premium Quality Movie Jewelry Gifts and Halloween Costume Props

Top quality material which is alloy has been used to craft this jewelry that has a flawless silver finish which looks good in all skin tones. Just like sterling silver, these bracelets remain shiny with regular usage and looks precisely like the same pattern you see on the screen. Perfect for an uni-sex gift.

4. Jurassic Park Mug 25th Anniversary Raptor Egg Molded Ceramic Coffee Cup

To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Jurassic Park Merchandise has expanded its collection by incorporating a raptor egg shaped mug for a sweet morning coffee. It has a capacity of 10 ounces to hold all kinds of beverages. It is advised not to microwave this mug as the color print design will be impacted. 

5. Funko Pop! Movies: Jurassic Park – Velociraptor Collectible Figure

A great addition to your old showcase containing a collection of figurines. These figurines are officially licensed Jurassic Park Merchandise produced by FunkoPop. Without a doubt, these are high-quality PVC figurines that are three ¾ inches tall. Delivered in a window display box, these figurines weigh only 3.04 oz.

6. Jurassic Park Hat Classic Logo Curved Snapback Cap Grey

Made out of 85% Acrylic and 15% wool, and featuring a classic Jurassic Park emblem at the front of the cap, this Jurassic Park Merchandise is officially licensed. The size of these caps is so made that they fit ages 14 and above easily. Great design and perfect quality for gifting, irrelevant of the season.

7. Jurassic Park 3D Velociraptor Claw Pendant

A subtle pendant on a classic old school leather strap necklace. Despite its minimalistic design, this necklace looks aesthetic enough to represent a Jurassic Park appreciator. The pendant is made up of Faux Suede or Zinc Alloy and the whole necklace measures approx. 18 inches in length.

8. Jurassic Park Movie Memorabilia Knitted Scarf

Spice up your outfit with this knitted scarf that is painted yellow dialogue over black wool. These 5ft long 7 oz stylish scarves look good on anyone. The scarf resembles the ending scene banner during the Jurassic World films. On a cold chilly day, this Jurassic Park Merchandise promises to keep you warm.

9. Jurassic Park T-Rex Logo Men’s Adult Lounge Pants

Featuring yet another officially licensed Jurassic Park Merchandise, these lounge pants are embedded with a high-quality print of Jurassic Park logo. The band around the hips is more of an elastic closure. The pants are made out of 60% cotton. Composed of a dual soft fabric blend for offering the highest comforts.

10.  The Ultimate Prehistoric Taco Stand for Jurassic Taco Tuesdays and Dinosaur Parties 

Holding a taco can be painful, so instead use a personalized taco holder to do the work instead. The holder portrays the dinosaurs you see in the movie and are tiny and adorable themselves. The plastic used is 100% food safe and is known as ABS plastic. A great addition to taco parties for kids or adults.

11. 4SGM Disney 34899 Lunch Bag, Jurassic Park Rectangle, Multicolor

Carrying your lunch boxes in style can be a little attention-seeking if not pretty badass. The high quality lunch bag is entirely officially licensed and made out of rigid materials to withstand wear and tear. The lunch bad has dimensions of 5 x 5 x 5 inches and containing an interior nylon lining to prevent leakage.

12. Universal Studios Logo Jurassic Park Lightweight Fleece Blanket Standard

How cool and gorgeous is this fleece blanket that runs with soft material? The blanket is made up of 100% polyester microfleece that feels like felt in real life. The sublimated print of the Jurassic Park official logo is engraved on the top. This officially licensed Jurassic Park Merchandise measures 36 x 58 inches.

13. Universal Studios Exclusive Jurassic Park 25th Anniversary Metal Keychain

Another gorgeous creation of the 25th anniversary merchandise released by Jurassic Park. The pendent on the key chain portrays the Jurassic Park logo seamlessly. It is made entirely out of metal more specifically, zinc alloy keyring. Perfect as a gift since you can feel the authenticity when felt by hands.

14. Universal Jurassic Park Crew socks

Made out of 98% polyester and 2% spandex, these official licensed Jurassic Park Merchandise fits all shoe sizes between 6.5 to 12. The logo of Jurassic Park is brilliantly printed over the soft socks that don’t feel artificial. They are made from quality material that withstands fade out from machine wash. 

15. VRSE Jurassic World Virtual Reality Set

Experience elements of Jurassic Park right at home. The fun part starts when you are able to enjoy the 360° scenes right from the movie. This set comes with a peripheral attachment, VR headset, and IR controller. The application required for this can be downloaded both on iOS and Android to play.

16. Welcome to the Park — Jurassic Park — Pillow Case

These go hand in hand with a themed bedroom. The featured pillow case is made out of 100% soft polyester with high quality as promised by every officially licensed product. Each pillowcase measures 21″ x 30″ and has highly vibrant print on one side and the unprinted side is plain white with unique flaws.

17. LEGO 75932 Jurassic World Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase

Lego sets are fun and decorative for all, especially when they are themed to fit our favorite movies. This Lego set involves four action mini figures and features a control room with the lab. These rooms are well equipped with small details for fine quality. It measures over 8cm high, 29cm wide and 21cm deep.

18. Jurassic World Chomp’n Roar Mask Velociraptor “blue.”

If it’s time for Halloween, the trick or treats season, then make sure to trick someone with this surreal dinosaur mask. The mask features factual information such as skin texture and color, teeth, and shifting ears. The costumes play sound by default when the jaws are opened such that they produce an impact.

19. Jurassic World Ballpoint Click Projector Pen Bundle

Comes along with a licensed GWW licensed bookmark separately. The flow of this ink is absolutely smooth, for which you only feel like writing. The fun part is the projector that upon clicking sheds down a T-rex projection. When not in use this black 1.0mm pen doesn’t get marks or scratched by other means.

20. Hot Wheels Jurassic World Mosasaurus Vehicle

This fun hot wheels toy feature a characteristic dinosaur turned into a vehicle. These 1:64 scale vehicle is specially made to design characters from top rated movies into fun alternatives. The Mosasaurus dinosaur has been transformed into perfect blue hot wheels vehicle.

With that, we have listed our top rated and best Jurassic Park Merchandise that can be found on the internet such that they can be easily and readily availed by you. Each of these products is officially licensed Merchandises, which is why you know for a fact that quality and durability are an absolute guarantee on these. That’s all we had for this article, which of the above are you most interested in buying next?

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