Katharine Isabelle: 10 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

Katharine Isabelle is a Canadian actress famous for her roles in several horror films. She has been an active career in the film industry since 1989 at just the age of 8. The list of TV shows she has partaken in is absolutely huge. While starring in over 45 TV shows, she has been a cast of more than 30 films. With so much experience, one would expect Katharine Isabelle to be wildly famous. But is that truly the case for Isabelle? It is no mystery that she has undeservingly small popularity less than what we normally expect an actor to have with a hearty amount of onscreen appearances. To support the actress on gaining further closure with her fans, we compile this article based on Katharine Isabelle. You might not be aware of the fact that you have seen her on several platforms. A few movies she has starred in would include Falling Angel, Another Cinderella Story, American Mary, The Girl in the Photographs, and so on.

Take a read to find out things you didn’t exactly know about Katharine Isabelle from out below list down.

1. Early Life

Katharine Isabelle has an official name which goes as Katharine Isobel Murray. She was born on 2nd November 1981 in the city of Vancouver located in British Columbia, Canada. She is the only daughter to parents Graeme Murray and Gail Johnson Murray.

2. Successful Parents

She was born to parents who are pretty successful themselves. Her father, Graeme Murray, is a production designer who has won not one but two Emmy Awards for his contribution to X files. Her mother, Gail Johnson Murray, is also a part of the film industry as a writer and a producer. It could be highly possible that owing to her already famous parents; she has had a luckier head start on her chosen path of career. With links, she could easily make her way into the world of acting to receive enough exposure. Her talents were then brought out to the world when she appeared on MacGyver.

3. Career

Katharine Isabelle kick-started her career at the age of eight with the role of Katie Murray on MacGyver. Initially, she only got small roles but several small roles which ultimately lead her to receive bigger roles. She has worked with her family members who include her father and her half brother Joshua Murray. She attained the majority of her fame from the movie Ginger Snaps. Her participation in Insomnia earned her a huge deal of fame and popularity owing to the movie’s success. She has active participation in over a hundred roles on TV shows and films. 

4. Awards

Since her initial spike in popularity, Isabelle has received several award nominations out of which she won the majority. In the past, she has been nominated by Gemini Awards, Leo Awards, Canadian Filmmakers’ Festival, Screamfest Horror Film Festival and more. Out of a total of 13 award nominations, she won 9 of the awards. From winning the nominations for Best Supporting Actress in 2008, she has come a long way now by bagging Best actress award on Austin Fantastic Fest in the year 2012.

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5. The irony of the Scream Queen title

Although Katharine Isabelle has become widely known for her participation in gory horror films providing thrilling screams for the audience, she has admitted to feeling uneasy at the sight of real human or animal blood. Despite her aversion to the blood she has done wonderful job onscreen acting all-natural around gory settings. This is truly what actors are. They veil their true selves onscreen and take on the role of their character 100%, which is why they are the chosen ones.

6. Her thoughts on various movie genres

Katharine Isabelle says she is more of a psychological-thriller person, but still she keeps going back to horror films with exciting characters and incredible scripts. She adds that horror films are the most entertaining to film with all the blood and bludgeoning. She assures us that Horror films are way fun to shoot when compared to other romantic or comedy ones. Isabelle thinks enacting comedy is tough. The camera might not pick up the performance well, or one could go over the top overacting, both of which threads on a thin line. Finally, she admits to loving dark comedy, which suits her personality the best. Shooting dark comedies enable Isabelle to be her funny self without being covered with blood.

7. She is a chicken when it comes to watching horror

Katharine Isabelle might be a scream queen when it comes to acting and shooting flawless roles in several horror films but is it the same case when watching such movies. She has shamelessly admitted to being a chicken when it comes to watching horror films, some of which even includes her own enacted films. She says that she is a fan of her movies, but it’s just that her heart rate goes immensely high while watching thrillers and horror. She even gets anxiety attacks for which she tends to stay away from watching horror films. However, at the same time, Isabelle has the ability to perform frightening roles to scare her viewers while being a chicken herself. Now that is some ability.

8. Fears

Isabelle revealed in an interview that her biggest fears firstly center around spiders and second, drowning in water more specifically cold water. She doesn’t fancy being left out in the middle of a wide ocean all by herself. Well isn’t she like most of us now?

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9. Go to Blood flavor

While shooting in gory settings its obvious one has to interact with blood; in fact, lots of blood, enough for some to even go into your mouth. For this unfortunate inevitable event, actors get to choose the flavor of the artificial blood that goes into your mouth. Katherine Isabelle often picks the mint flavor as it helps to mask all other ingredient’s flavors such as that of tomato and raw eggs.

10. Hesitant to nudity

Katherine Isabelle personally feels that she hasn’t come across many roles that she thought nudity to be essential for. However, for roles that she felt nudity was essential, she didn’t put up an argument or so to shoot it. Although when she did feel nudity is unnecessary, she had to decline or argue to make her thoughts count politely. Her perspective and willingness to partake in salacious scenes are entirely dependent on the reason and relevance of it to the films. However once in blue moon she does agree to partake some of which you can see on American Mary.

With that being said, we conclude our article featuring intriguing facts about the Canadian actress, Katharine Isabelle.

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