Kimberley Conrad: 7 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

There was an era of models back in the day when people obsessed over strikingly tall blonde actresses that were an integrated part of Playboy’s best selling magazines. Similarly, Kimberly Conrad herself had faced some huge rise in fame back in the time when she was actively involved with Playboy. Her association with Hugh Hefner has brought a kind of drastic lifestyle change along with huge attention from both media and people. We all see Kimberly Conrad as a woman of lust, but what really goes in her life is a mystery to us. She has to be one of the models out there that have been in the modeling industry the longest. Additionally, with age comes experience. If there is someone who knows the good and the bad that happens down in this very industry, it has to be Kimberley Conrad. She has been through the thick and thin after all of which she is still surviving. Modern-day Conrad looks a little worn out by age, but she is definitely strong at heart still. But to explore the mysteries that make Kimberley Conrad, who she is today is the agenda of our article.

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1. Birthday

Kimberley Conrad was born on 6th August 1962 in the city of Moulton located in Alabama of the United States. She is 57 years old as of 2019 hence the worn out physique recently, but better still she looks healthier than any other 57 years old. Kimberley’s parents together with her migrated to Reno, Nevada while she was four and relocated to British Columbia, Canada for the second time while she was twelve.

2. The rise of her career

Conrad started modeling early at the age of 17: working for John Casablancas Elite as just a teenage girl and then working in the fashion business in Vancouver, Canada. Local Vancouver journalist Ken Honey led Kimberley into modeling for Playboy. On January 1988, Kimberley Conrad was chosen to be Playboy’s Playmate of the month, which was the first step to her fame. She soon received a lot of attention and positive criticism that Playboy chose to make Conrad as Playmate of the year during 1989 just one year after her first involvement with Playboy. She gained huge media attention when it was publicly announced that she was to marry the founder of Playboy, Hugh Hefner.

3. Her marriage to Hugh Hefner

The very year she became the Playmate of the year, Hugh Hefner announced wedding with Kimberly Conrad. The couple had a huge age difference of 36 years. However, they did last more than most relationships. Kimberley and Hefner have two wonderful sons together named Marston Glenn who was born on 1990 and Cooper born on 1991. The Playboy mansion, which was often the famous hub for luxurious parties, was turned into a more family-friendly house by Conrad for her children. Their marriage during July of 1989 was a huge outburst of media attention and led to a subsequent spike in Kimberly’s popularity. The power couple remained married for nine years after which they preferred to be separated but not divorced for the sake of kids. Kimberly Conrad then moved house next to the Playboy mansion where she stayed with her two sons.

4. Divorce and other controversies

After being separated for 11 years, Hefner in September 2009 filed for a divorce with a statement of the reason being irreconcilable differences. It was timed so as that their youngest son Cooper turned a legal age of 18 during the divorce. On March of 2010, the divorce filed by Hefner and signed by Conrad was finally confirmed and accepted by the court. But still, this couple was never in peaceful terms with each other. When their divorce was being processed, Conrad sued Hefner for a sum more than $5 million. She did so because he put the house for sale and asked her to move out. She says that he has committed to things that didn’t follow the prenup agreements that they have made before the wedding. She disclosed to the public that Hefner owes her an agreed amount of money following their separation. On the other hand, Hefner had something to say about this very topic. He spoke out to public saying that he has always kept his obligations true to Conrad and specifically covered her funds whenever needed sometimes in excess. Well, the two has some serious disputes going between them, but at least we are way beyond that now.

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5. Cooper recreated Conrad’s first moments

Cooper, the daughter of Conrad and Hefner, has taken strategic power over the brand that his dad introduced 64 years earlier, bringing nude images home to the magazine as well as lamenting the company’s participation in low-brow licensing and reality TV. On the special occasion of mother’s day, Cooper asked his mom if she would be interested in recreating memories from her first original cover. She later agreed to do it, and right after two weeks, the once small idea became a living reality. In 2017, Conrad recreated her Playmate of the Year cover together with her group involving, Candace Collins, Renee Tenison, Charlotte Kemp, Lisa Matthews, Monique St. Pierre and Cathy St. George after almost three decades.

6. The Playboy Mansion

For decades this Playboy mansion has been the center of discussion and other controversies. But major changes came to how the mansion operated after Kimberley’s marriage to Hefner. Although she made the mansion a little more conservative for her children, people rumored that she put the kibosh on partying. These claims were addressed by Kimberley Conrad to which she added that playmates were always in the mansion. She left the doors open for anyone who wanted to come and hence described the mansion to be a 24-hour membership health club as well as a restaurant.

7. Relationships

Other than her marriage to Hefner, Kimberley Conrad has been involved with some renowned names too while being married to Hefner but separated. On 2005, it was known that Kimberly dated Quincy Jones and also back in 1999 she dated Rod Stewart. On the other hand, Hugh Hefner has a total of 3 wives from which Kimberley was the second.

Those were the seven wholesome facts that we could gather on Kimberley Conrad for you today. Although it is not much, it is something worth knowing about the people behind one of the top-grossing brands that is what we call as Playboy. So which of these did you find intriguing about Kimberly Conrad?

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