17 Best Lilo and Stitch Merchandise to Buy in 2020!

It is no news that when you love something, you grow a fantasy towards it and end up owning things that you can refer back to the movie or series. Such one TV cartoon movie that I and so have you watched growing up is Lilo and Stitch. Following a tale of a young girl named Lilo who is everything Hawaiian. Out of loneliness and desperation, she adopts a pet who is more of a genetic experiment rather than a pet. She names this weird species Stitch. And to our surprise stitch is comparatively adorable and more hospitable than most pets out there.

Escaping from an alien-verse and crash-landing into the earth, Stitch has gone through severe extremities yet keeps himself composed. Stitch’s personality is a result of Lilo’s immense effort to give him a human side of compassion. Keeping fans satisfied with the consecutive amount of Lilo and Stitch’s journey and virtual tale, the producers of this franchise has been ever so smart about it. Viewers of all ages have loved the movie and the sequels and also the series that connect them to the franchise. Maybe you would like to have a look for yourself on what he have gathered here?

List of Lilo and Stitch Merchandise

1. Customizable Charging Cable and USB Charger protectors

The theme of this very charger protector is entirely Lili and Stitch for which it is more of a personalized charger that you will ever own. The cable protector for iPhone charger is coated with a highly durable wired exterior that prevents wear and tear either by rough use or by pets biting into it. The spiral rope can fully cover 3 feet charging cable with ease.

2. Disney Stitch Mug

An officially licensed product that comes with quality glossy finish and durable handle. This cup measures 5 x 4 x 4.5 inches and weighs only 1.2 pounds, which is why it is easy to carry around comfortably.  The picture that you see here does not do any justice to the real product.

3. Disney Stitch Pillow Pal Pet Plush Doll 

Plush dolls are great additions to your personalized space, be it your bedroom, or be it your living space. You can easily get your hands on this Lilo and Stitch Merchandise without visiting all the way to the Disney parks. This plush doll measures 14’’ Height and 20” Width. You can change the structure of this plush doll by unstrapping the self-adhesive plastic strap.

4. Disney Women’s Lilo & Stitch 5 Pack Socks

These socks are an official Disney licensed product that is made up of 98% Polyester and 2% Spandex. The suppliers of these socks have given you a wide range of choices to choose from. These five socks come from 5 different sets of designs that are contrasting in colors. These socks fit most shoe sizes that are around 4 to 10.5 and socks sizes 9-11.

5. Stitch Floral Glitter Double Walled Tritan Water Bottle

Can enjoy about 18 ounces of liquid from this BPA free bottle that has a firm lead with a flip-up spout. Built in with a hoop on the lid that makes traveling around with the bottle easier. However, avoid microwaving this water bottle as it could get destroyed, but it is dishwasher safe when positioned on the top rack.

6. Lilo and Stitch 15th Anniversary Figurine

In this figurine, both Lilo and Stitch are seen in their natural state and habitat. Surfing the waves has never looked so intricately crafted on piece of ceramics. The product mainly feels authentic due to its decent weight, which is about 2.82 pounds. Perfect choice of gift for any Disney fan, especially during Christmas, an exciting addition to figurine collection as well.

7. Disney Lilo and Stitch Hangry T-shirt

This t-shirt fits most sizes and can be worn by both man and woman in their own personalized way. You can be certain about the quality of this t-shirt as it as a product of Disney and is also their official licensed product. A gift with a  perfect message that we all can relate to just like Stitch as the t-shirt reads “hangry” which is hungry and angry at the same time.

8. Disney Stitch Key Ring

Featuring a simple stitch key chain that is made of soft PVC. This key chain has vibrant colors of Stitch in a tiny little key ring that makes it a perfect party gift. Looks great on a backpack as well as along with your keys. Since it is an officially licensed product by Disney the key ring although not so huge, it covers a lot of intricate details on Stitch.

9. Disney Lilo & Stitch Sketch Hawaiian Bag

To keep your bag dustproof and dry, the lining of this bag is made up of nylon entirely. The dimensions of this Lilo and stitch merchandise are 18″ x 6″ x 12″. One of the core features of this bag is that the majority of the pockets are located inside the bag, making stuff accessible easily whilst being hidden.

10. Hand Spinner Toy

Bring back the dead trend of fidget spinner by purchasing this fun, vibrant toy that comes with Stitch’s face on the center of it. Not only is it a toy, but it is an effective stress reliever for those that have anxiety, ADHD, and hard time focusing. So if you know anyone suffering from these, gift them one of these!

11. Disney Stitch Set Soft Plush Mini Bag

Nothing could get more adorable than this merchandised bag here. It only weighs 0.48 ounces, which is why it is easy to carry for kids. This mini bag also comes with a small keychain that pops out its intricate details for a better appeal. Height of each bag is 9 inches, and that includes the head and tails.

12. Limited Disney Lilo and Stitch Allover Pattern Preppy Vintage Style

Vintage styled 16” back pack that represent the film Lilo and Stitch but in style. Stitch is the highlight of this bag which is blue in color, similar to stitch. The floral print blends well with the black high quality straps that run around the bag. There is one main zippered compartment and another small one at front to keep essentials.

13. AKTAP Ohana Bracelet Ohana Forever for Always

Featuring Hawaiian style lilo and stitch merchandise that needs more appreciation. Made out of high polished stainless steel, this bracelet has quality charms attached as well. The bracelet can be size adjusted but initially comes with a perimeter of 66m, while the pink hibiscus charms measure 20x 24mm.

14. Memyme Children Anime Stuffed Animals Plush Dolls Plush Toys

Suitable for child’s playtime this stuffed plush toy features comfortable looking stitch. The plush toy is made up of cotton and soft furry material on the outside for cuddles. Each of these plush dolls stands up to 7.8 inches tall and weight to 3.2 ounces and hence it is easily carried by any young fan.

15. Disney Stitch Plush

This gigantic plush doll featuring stitch is an absolute must own items for an effective cuddle. The stitch on this plush doll is a sleeping one hence lies flat on its stomach. The high quality component are the three dimensional embroidered parts which are made of faux fur. The ears are especially flexile and can be flapped.

16. Jay Franco Disney Lilo & Stitch Floral Fun 7 Piece Queen Bed Set 

Customizable between three different sizes that are provided with quality by the manufacturer these bed set involves 7 extras. The comforter that comes along with it measures 90 inch x 90 inch queen comforter and further all the essentials to a bed are added. The set is made up of 100% microfiber polyester which is why you feel high comfort from them.

17. Dressy Daisy Baby Boys’ Birthday Halloween Fancy Party Costumes 

You can dress your known baby in the Lilo and Stitch theme for the next Halloween or costumer party. Before stocks run out, it is worth getting your hands on this polyester material body suit for kids. This romper even comes fitted seamlessly with a cap. If you are getting this purchase, then its best expect 10-12days delivery time. 

We have come to the end of yet another well-crafted list down of Lilo and Stitch Merchandise that you need to get your hands on before stocks run out. Since we have handpicked these, we can assure quality on them. Majority of these items are licensed by Disney themselves and hence come with incomparable quality when compared to generic Lilo and stitch themed items. When buying your products carefully skim through to avoid fraudulences. With that being said, we have listed our best take on Lilo and stitch merchandise from around the world, which one of these are you getting delivered soon?

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