Lucy DeVito: 8 Unknown Facts including Lifestyle, Family and Net worth!

Ascending from one of the well known families of Hollywood that grew in the spotlight itself, Lucy DeVito has become one of the popular movie actresses in the film industry alongside her family. Some of her roles in the movie are Uncredited while some are recognized. One might know Lucy from her films such as A Quiet Little Marriage, Sleepwalk with Me, Leaves of Grass, The Comedian, and her latest film Speech & Debate with a role named Lucy itself. On the other hand, Lucy DeVito is well known for Television series such as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Melissa & Joey, DeadBeat and so on. Her participation in a decent number of American television shows contributes to her income every year. With the passage of her time, Lucy’s career is only looking more prosperous blooming into something substantial for a content life. However, due to lack of publicity, Lucy’s exposure to the public is looking really dim at the moment. Her talents are yet to be acknowledged for which we highlight on her talents to bring forth to you a bright actress devoid of what she deserves.

To gain some insight on the American actress Lucy DeVito we have carefully crafted this article into something resourceful for the common readers of ours.

1. Birthday

Starting off with Lucy DeVito’s previous date from all the 365 days in the year is obviously her birthday. She was born on 11th March 1983 in the luxurious provinces of Los Angeles. Lucy DeVito stands at 36 years old as of 2019. She wasn’t born with the name she is known commonly today, which is, in fact, her stage name. Lucy is officially addressed as Lucy Chet DeVito, which is often not mentioned by the actress as she prefers to go by Lucy among people.

2. Family

Lucy DeVito has a highly reputed family in the film industry. She is the daughter of Danny DeVito, a famous director, producer, actor and comedian in Hollywood. Her mother, Rhea Periman, is also a famous actor but has been estranged away from her father. Her parents have so far split twice and haven’t yet reconciled from the last separation; however, they aren’t divorced.  She has two siblings. Lucy’s brother Jake and sister Grace are also part of the whole entertainment industry. Lucy is known to be really close to her father from a very young age. Her father has groomed her to become the growing actress she is today both on stage and on film. 

3. Career

After Lucy DeVito graduated from the Brown University in 2005 with a degree majoring in theatre, she has gotten into the show business along with her family. She is better recognized for her part as Miss Greenstein throughout the film Leaves of Grass. She featured partnering her dad in the film The Comedian and joined the stage with her mom in a series called Love, Loss and What I Wore. In 2008, Lucy went on to star as Anne Frank in the development of Anne Frank which was held at the Intiman Theater in Seattle, Washington. Her TV roles include Jenny’s part in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia which she played for two years. Currently, her net worth is projected to be over $250,000, but with her skill, there’s a bit more to follow in the life of this budding actress.

4. Her favorite food

This budding actress has shared her passion for Negroni cuisine. She loves to take her parents to a restaurant called Locanda Vini e Olii, which is located in Brooklyn. She says the restaurant feels very warm and cozy for her, especially with their six different options in the Negroni menu. The family likes to feast on white wine mainly. As for the main course she enjoys a parchment paper wrapped truffle pasta. This one is her sweet delicacy because it feels like opening up a present each time she has it.

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5. Places Lucy likes to go

Lucy DeVito, along with her artist sister, loves to visit the galleries around Chelsea. Lucy likes to go over to Frick, which she considers to be a lovely gem in the whole city. They enjoy its serenity, and the sense of transformation one feels while observing the various colors and the textures in that place. Lucy DeVito herself is into consignment stores such as Su’Juk which is a part hair salon and part all vintage clothes store. A popular activity she tried out over there is tarot card reading. One of the common things she purchases of consignment stores is the driftwood scented candles and other rare designer vintage collections which are fairly cheap. At times when the mood sets in, Lucy also likes to take a walk in Clinton Hill’s Greene Avenue. There is a transformed grocery down in a place called Mekelburg’s which feature a bar on the rear of the grocery. Lucy always prefers to purchase herself a fancy mint chocolate chip ice-cream from there.

6. Ancestry

Lucy’s father Danny DeVito has an ancestry that relates him back near to Bari, located in Italy. On the other hand, Lucy’ mother belongs to a Russian and a polish descent. So hence Lucy has a little of almost everything which makes her fan of the daughters belonging to Zabar and Russ.

7. Growing up with her family

She was born and raised alongside her own brother and sister in Beverly Hills California and Interlaken, New Jersey. Lucy is the oldest among all her siblings. Her dad is a Catholic, and her mom is of Jewish descent. Lucy and her friends enjoy the festivities of both cultures, but they have not pursued any specific faith. Her parents expected their children to take their own decisions when they grew up. Lucy was affected by her fathers and mothers successful professions and decided to follow their footprints when she grew up. She was the favorite of her dad, who was the primary pushing influence behind her tv and film profession.

8. Relationships

Lucy DeVito is renowned for her short physique and gorgeous eyes, which have earned her many admirers. Her current status is single to social media. At present, her utmost focus is on her much sought acting profession, so much that she has had no time for a constant relationship.

That was our well compiled eight facts on budding actress Lucy DeVito who is still growing out in her professional acting career. We hope we have done Lucy herself and our dedicated readers a justice with our article today.

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