Marco Perego

Marco Perego: 7 Unknown Facts You Should Know!

Probably the only man known more popularly on the internet as Zoe Saldana’s Husband than his individual identity as an artist, we here would like to focus on other parts and prospects of Marco Perego’s life that must be genuinely highlighted. Although not much is known, we shall try to keep this article informative enough for you.

With that being said, here are a few things that we have gathered about him in a nutshell:-

1. Who is Marco Perego really?

Born on 1st March 1979 Marco Perego Saldana was raised in Salo, Italy in a blue-collar family. Perego’s family struggled with managing their finances.  His mother took care of the house while his father was a waiter. He has three kids, all of which are lovely boys with his wife, Zoe Saldana. 

2. Interests to career

Growing up as a child Marco Perego was fondly interested in soccer although he did have a great liking towards art.  Throughout his adolescence he actively indulged in practicing and perfecting his soccer skills and at 17, he was already a part of the Venice’s soccer team. Unfortunately, he had to go through a leg injury at the age of 21 for which he was unable to continue his soccer career even after attempting to relapse back to the game following his migration to Brazil. He then moved to his current location, New York in 2002 to debut and built his career as an artist.

3.Getting started

Marco Perego only received recognition when Gilda Moratti, a renowned film producer, who is his friend’s sister that bought one of his paintings while he was broke. The central theme he follows for his art provides underlying social commentary. His work has been displayed on various art galleries like Art Basel, The Royals arts academy in London and so on. The most recognized artwork done by Marco is the background he painted for Dolce & Gabbana’s “where fashion meets art” campaign in 2008. After receiving recognition, some of Marco’s painting even sold up to $30,000!

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4. He is a massive believer of women rights

And it is not “all words no actions” when he says he supports women’s rights because Marco Perego is the first person to change the typical norms that have been followed in our male-dominated society.  After Marriage, it was not only Zoe that took up Marco’s surname, but even Marco took up Zoe’s surname even though Zoe was skeptical about the idea, thus proving his morals of gender equality. He was also seen to accompany his wife to Women’s March often.

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5. Parenting

When it comes to their three sons, Zoe and Marco both are very careful in ensuring that their kids are raised and exposed to the right kind of environment suitable for a child’s best bringing up. The couple has decided to raise their kids in a gender-neutral environment by incorporating all sorts of toys in the house, not only toys targeted towards boys. In addition to that, Zoe takes up tasks that are usually taken up by the male population, and Marco takes up womanly chores like washing dishes, and so on.

6. Supportive

Marco Perego is undoubtedly goals as a husband. He is Zoe’s number one fan given by the constant photos he uploads on his Instagram of his wife showing his immense love and support. He is more into supporting his family and finds true happiness in his family, which I think is the first loveliest thing about Marco Perego. He has never missed an opportunity to support his wife in her partaking in different movements, one of which is the famous #Metoo movement.

7. Love in first sight is real everyone

Zoe saw Marco in an airplane for the first time, and upon the very first eye contact, they both knew that they were meant to be. She describes that she saw him from the back and she felt a vibration at that moment milliseconds after which he turned back because he felt it too! HOW ADORABLE! Shortly after that the couples went on to exchange vows in a secret ceremony and were later spotted wearing engagement rings. They are one of the few couples that restore our hope in real love and idea of the existence of soulmates.

That’s a few things about Marco Perego that you needed to know about. The man who only spreads an aura of positivity when you lay eyes upon him. Truly a wonderful life he has created for himself alongside his family.

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