7 Best Marvel Games For Android You Should Play in 2020!

Many of us have passed our childhood days with endless stories and characters that make up the Marvel Universe. Thanks to the Marvel Universe for creating an unusual childhood for countless fans across the world. Just imagine how boring our lives could be without Marvel! The characters were limited to comic books only. However, after several years, Marvel Studios managed to extend its legacy to the world of cinema. Now, with the recent advancement of technology, you can discover your superheroes on the screen of your mobile phone through android apps.

The gaming world has faced many changes in the past few years. There has been difficulty in getting licenses that shut down many gaming companies. So, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is always on a quest to bring something innovative and challenging for the loyal Marvel fans.

1.Marvel Contest for Champions

The Marvel Contest of Champions is a breath-taking limited-edition series that incorporates most of the Marvel superheroes all at a time. The players can build their tea based on their preferences. There are different levels in the games, each with varying degree of complexities. The game is filled with intense actions that produce different effects depending on the favorite superheroes. Undoubtedly, this game is an enormous array of characters with several modes that reward your win. The incredible things about the game are that new tasks are added every day, so the players can enjoy something new every time they log in. 


Like the Marvel movie Deadpool, android video game Deadpool is an extraordinary creation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Just like the movie, the android version of the video game is filled with warmth and laughter for the audience. With the increased popularity of Deadpool, Dead pool android game is an absolute necessity. The game did exceptionally well, earning millions around the globe. So if you want to be the part of the legacy, download Deadpool now!

For the gameplay and the graphics work, the color and action sequences are excellent. The levels are very well-planned, like any Marvel movie. The screenplay is beyond imagination. According to audience review, it is indeed the best Deadpool game.

The Android version of Deadpool leaves the audience satisfied with a lifetime experience. The game received positive reviews from the audience. The players and audience appreciate the game for its courage, humor, storyline, just like the original Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds. The action sequences will surely leave the audience spellbound.

Deadpool game is top-rated among players of all age and race. But, the game can be quite tricky at times. There is a 50%-50% chance that you can win or lose the game. Failing will lead you to lose your points.  To avoid making a group too large at the beginning. It is pretty natural when we play with international players, and we are not fully aware of their skills.

The trick is to avoid common mistakes that others make. The best part about the game is that there are levels where you can practice before entering the original game.  Therefore, you can devise your strategies and enhance your skills. This is a feature that is not found in many accessible games. In the end, Marvel never fails to shock us with its magic. Eventually, there will be an increase in complexity. But, there is no need to be nervous or afraid. That is a grave mistake. The smart way is to make precise and small moves at the beginning. This the best strategy that expert players follow.

3.Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force is another versatile game in the series.  It features most Marvel superheroes like most Marvel games. The players can build their favorite villains and heroes, featuring RPG mechanics. The sensible way is to choose a group just large enough for your enemy. Statistics show that while in the game, another player has at most an extraordinary 19% chance to improve. This generates a higher probability for you to win.

On the contrary, if you chose the larger group with many members, it becomes challenging to manage and lead the group. There is a high chance that there will be players around the world; players often become aggressive. They often make the turn without thinking, and that is where the mistake lies. They tend to believe that their opponent will strike, and in the end, they suffer miserably. The correct method is, you should know your opponent first and always fight accordingly in the game.

4.Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight stars majority of Marvel characters who take part in future fights. Released in 2015, you have the opportunity to build your team. MARVEL Future Fight is based on the most popular stories where the superheroes form alliances from different timelines. They have only one motto: stop the evil. You have to build three-membered team, including Deadpool, Gamora, Dr. Strange, Mystique, and pretty much all characters Marvel Have created in 50 years.  

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5.Marvel Battle Lines

Marvel Battle Lines is undoubtedly the best Marvel Android game where the battles take place on a 3×4 gridlock. The players need to put the cards in a specific way to activate the powers that can help them to defeat the villains. Also, the players can build decks with 300 cards, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Thanos, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man. You need always to be aware and be alert, or you might lose control!

Marvel Battle Lines provides terrific features like controlling the battlefield, playing your favorite Marvel heroes, etc. Besides, you team up with players from all over the world. You can join the force to save the world! Also, you can formulate strategies with characters from the Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, S.H.I.E.L.D., Wakanda, and the Spider-Verse! The players can collect clues and upgrade Marvel characters like Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Loki, Ant-Man, and Venom! The figure demonstrates amazing skills and astonishing abilities to dominate the world. Marvel Battle Lines features a superb collection of characters and villains.

Indeed, this is a superhero fighting game, and you will surely enjoy the gameplay and challenges. This game made its way to the list of best Android game of 2019. The ultimate objective of the Ultimate Superhero Avengers Immortal Gods Arena Wars is to protect the universe from harm by using unique fighting techniques. This includes flying kicks, martial art skills, and superkicks.

6.Ultimate Superhero Avenger Immortal Gods Arena War

Ultimate Superhero Avenger Immortal Gods Arena War indeed provides a fantastic experience for the loyal Marvel fans. However, the game gets complex as the stages advance. The game offers incredible fighting sequences and is the champion as well. This war game will satisfy its players. In this fighting game, there are real champions, superheroes, as well as, comic characters who use ancient fighting styles including karate, kung-fu, Muay Thai, etc. The game requires less data, so it is easy to install. In Ultimate Superhero Avenger Immortal Gods Arena War, you need to formulate strategies and techniques to fight your opponent team.  Karate Grand Immortals Superheros Arena also incorporates flying kicking, superkick, and martial arts skills to give you enjoyment. With every round of fighting, there will be a winner.

7.Amazing Spider-Man 2

In Amazing Spider-Man 2, the players stop crimes. If the players successfully stop them, they will earn rewards. Besides, the players can upgrade Spider-Man’s web-shooters and can control how it works. The brilliant feature is, the players have access to Peter Parker’s home where they can plot missions from the storyline, as well as purchase gadgets and equipment. They can use the map if necessary. In Amazing Spider-Man 2, the players can navigate through a linear level allowing players to use the map. This enables easy and convenient ways to accomplish the mission. Players can easily defeat their enemies. Players can silently take down enemies through the wall or the ground. The player can use their smartphone to access the map. Thus, they gain information about the activities taking place in any area at a particular time. The game provides an equal share of action sequences, excellent visual effects, and amazing features. This Marvel creation earned $2 billion worldwide, making it a hit of the year.

This game has been widely accepted by the audience and critics alike. There is a blend of action and graphics.  Spider-Man 2 gives the viewer the taste of the next era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe action definition.  The audience recommends the game. 

Marvel war games give you a lifetime experience and best skills to cherish throughout your life. In recent times, due to technological advancement, playing games with robots and superhero beasts has become easier than ever. Anyone is going to enjoy these fighting games on Android. What are you waiting for? So choose your favorite game. Download it and start playing now!

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