Best Military TV Series

5 Best Military TV Series of 2020 to know the Value of Wars!

For whatever reason you feel an immense craving for the thrill and adrenaline rush of TV series accompanied by war filled actions and chaos all-around, added to that adventures of starving homesick men facing the wrath of isolation and alienation, a sense of bonding among those comrades that they struggle with-in their designated environment to eventually facing loss of those bonded comrades.

If any of these descriptions matches your ideal tv series but have no idea on where to begin, We are here to back you up on which series to hop on to for fulfilling your craving this lazy summer season. With that being said let’s get on to the list down for best military TV series that you absolutely need to watch.

List of Best Military TV Series

#1. SEAL Team

Airing since 2017, SEAL team has only 44 episodes to catch up on, quite perfect for experimenting with series of the kind.

The series follows the story of US navy Seals, an elite unit represented by Max Thieriot, Jessica Paré and rest of the team as they plan and execute missions of unpredictable danger with little to no notice to their families thus fuming dilemmas and feuds amongst them.

On rotten tomatoes it has received an approval rate of about 69% based on 16 reviews. The sites critical response reads “SEAL Team’s solidly written first season offers compelling characters and hints at broader potential, even if it’s somewhat undermined by an overall sense of predictability”

Personally, I think the show is heavily realistic and touchy. The suspense is something to look forward to in each episode. What else do you need in a TV show when it keeps you at an edge?

#2. M*A*S*H

Abbreviation to Mobile Aviation Surgical Hospital, rated one of the best military TV series that aired on CBS from 1972 to 1983. The series is based on a novel by Richard Hooker.

The story follows the Korean war timeline during which a team of doctors were assigned to Uijeongbu region of south Korea.

This series has 11 seasons with total of 256 episodes but don’t worry each episode is only about 25minutes long.

The series is more of dark comedy which is why it is a masterpiece, the script is brilliant and the acting as well as the casting could have not been any better. Being ranked 8.4/10 on imdb,  this series had a large audience at the time and many still tend to watch it when it’s on the TV.

M*A*S*H is not only a military tv series of worth but also is loaded with history and true incidents for which if you are into history then this show is precisely for you!

#3. The Last Ship

Based on the novel of the same name, the last ship aired on 2014 and concluded on 2018 with five seasons in total.

In the series, a deadly plague has destroyed humanity on land whereas the only alive population is on the ship names US Nathan James. It is that believed the cure to this plague can be safely yet effectively developed only and only on this ship to save humanity from extinction.

Rated 7.5/10 on IMDb, this series is a thrill filled roller coaster (or ship). You will notice how with the advancement of the season the cast production and screen play just keeps improving to a flawless dimension. The cast is so immersed in their character it feels too real.  The cliffhanger of each episode keeps you on the edge till the series finale. If you are an action lover this series is a must for you. It is a top recommend for all ages.

#4. Our Girl

First ever broad-casted on BBC one during the year 2013, stars actress Lacey Turner for the role of Molly Dawes (in the first season), a young hopeless women who joins the British army in hopes of doing something revolutionary since her life seems meaningless to her. Each season she goes through drastic advancements in her role as an army medic to ultimately being assigned as a captain. It is one of a kind of military TV series that represents female in the lead role.

The cast does keep changing throughout the series but the main plot is same however.

If you are looking for a change in the typical male lead military TV series then this one is for you.  To view the armed forces in a female point of view is indeed eye opening and enlightening for majority of us here making it one of the best military TV series. The series has 24 episodes so far and currently still ongoing so if you do need to catch up, its not much to binge on, just a few couple of days to be on track with the show.

#5. Wolf

Released on 2018, Netflix’s Wolf (BÖRÜ-original Title) is an Turkish Military TV series that is set around the timeline of spring 2014 in Turkey. The series portrays real incidents of the time when the Republic of Turkey faced mass threats from the growing number of enemies in the border of the country. There is only 6 episodes of this show each about 90minutes long, a pretty decent amount.

I think this is an underrated show as to how well the cinematography is, along with the music, acting and character development all of which makes this show more deserving of attention that it doesn’t get.

The story could get a little too complex for many but it’s no less of a show to be left out of this list. It’s one of few Turkish shows that levels up to a mark to be deserving of more respect. Safe to say Wolf could be the next best military TV series in the near future.

With that being said, we have come to the end of the list to best military TV series that you absolutely need to binge on right now. I suggest that, without haste must you begin watching them already for there is a lot of episodes to cover up on and so little time. That’s all for now, enjoy!

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