19 Best Moana Merchandise to Buy in 2020!

The latest addition to the podium of Disney’s stunning princesses, Moana stands firm with her dashing young and brave personality. Unlike the generic Disney princesses, Moana doesn’t belong to the mainstream royalty or skinny looking outlook. In fact, she has the healthiest and most peculiar physique compared to others, precisely one of the reasons why she has a broad fan-base belonging to Gen z. The story of Moana is something less of a fairytale but one those to attain some moral values from. In the 2016 film, Moana is a young teenager who is given high responsibilities in her island when all she wants is to go beyond the sea, and so she does one day. Upon facing several hurdles when she sails raging waters, she discovers that the sea is more alive than she thought. She then teams up with a coward demigod, who comes to his senses and helps Moana out on her journey. While the film itself is such a top-notch and high end with its animations, we are assured that there is an excellent scope of quality Moana Merchandise around us.  Take an attentive read to find out your ideal one.

List of Moana Merchandise

1. Disney Moana ‘The Wave’ Throw

Make your room look brighter and more appealing with this Moana Merchandise throw over that features a familiar scene from the movie. Made entirely out of polyester this throw over measures 46″ x 60″ of pure comfort and warmth all year round. You can easily wash the throw in a washing machine without it being impacted or faded immensely by the wash.

2. Disney Moana 10 Piece Figure Play Set

Introducing a whooping ten-piece Moana figure set that comes with almost all of your favorite characters from Moana. The thrill doesn’t stop here, you have the liberty to use these figurines as a cake decoration for a Moana themed cake, and further a Moana themed party, surely that would be fancied and remembered by any Moana fan out there.

3. Disney Moana’s Magical Seashell Necklace

Feel the heart of Te fiti at your own hands that gives out a soft glow when it lights up. The necklace itself comes with a sum of three button cell batteries so that you can save the hassle to run to a nearby shop at a random time to fetch them. The necklace as a whole weighs 3.2 ounces so kids can wear it around their neck with ease.

4. Funko Pocket POP Keychain: Moana – Maui Action Figure

One of the Moana Merchandise that you can’t miss out on when purchasing your next gift. Although this 1 1/2 inches tall action figure has been modified to a simplified minimalistic form of Maui himself, it still stays true to Maui’s physical details down to each bone. Made entirely of high-density polymer, this Keychain has its glaze and life.

5. Moana Glitter Stickers

Featuring Moana stickers, whole 50 stickers per pack, so you have plenty to decorate your possessions. The stickers feature all Moana characters.  Every other scene from the movie while they go on their journey across the sea. Measuring about 2 ½ inches in diameter, you are provided with five different designs.

6. Disney Moana Fishhook Mug

An original product of Disney that ensures quality and authenticity to all the buyers. Featuring Moana, Maui, and Hei Hei, this mug displays a flawless artwork that looks almost animated. The intriguing component of the mug is the handle, which is a representation of creativity, and the thoughtfulness that has gone into designing this Maui handheld incorporated handle.

7. Disney Pua Plush Moana 

A very significant character from the movie that is commonly associated as a Moana’s pet. Weighing only 5.6 ounces, this little piglet can be the next pet for whomever you are considering purchasing it. A very soft and cuddly plushie covered head to toe with soft fur, that will be his/her favorites one for sure, hard to resist.

8. LEGO Disney Princess Moana’s Ocean Voyage 

This Lego set comprises of Moana’s boat which measures over, 6″ high and 5” wide, along with Island of Te Fiti which measures over 1” deep, 6” long and 4” high. Smallest intricate details from the movie are incorporated in this, 307 pieces Lego set that ensures customer satisfaction.

9. Disney Moana Adventure Collection

These figurines measure stands about 12″ High and 8″-6″ wide. Each of these figurines is made of robust high-density polymer with a glazed finished that represents quality. Great for kids to reenact some of their favorite scenes from the movie and have good playtime.  If you are searching for a gift, then this Moana Merchandise is a good prospect.

10. Funko Pocket POP Keychain: Moana

The character of Moana is represented on the Keychain with minimal details but yet enough to make this Moana keychain standout from the rest. Manufactured by FunkoPop, this Moana Merchandise includes a PVC figurine that stands 1 ½ inch tall while being attached to a keychain. The perfect souvenir to collect from the movie!

11. Moana Cosplay Costume Jewelry 

This Moana Merchandise bracelet consists of 11 charms in total that each has a reference to the movie itself. The chain also several blue beads attached that provide a physical appeal to the bracelet to the eyes of the viewer. The chain is long enough to fit most wrist sizes without any difficulties.

12. Jay Franco Cotton Hooded Cape Bath/Pool/Beach Towel, Moana

Enjoy your day at beach without worrying about changing to fresh clothes afterwards as you have got this hooded cotton towel to help you cover yourself. These Moana Merchandise towels are super absorbent and measure 22 x 51 inches. Not only is it suitable for beach use, you can use it for pools too.

13. Disney Moana Adventure Doll

Dressed in her iconic outfit as seen throughout the movie Moana, this action figurine of Moana is perfect for young one’s playtime. It comes with a flower clip that can be worn by you as well. This 14 inches tall figurine has matching jewelries provided alongside the package for small dress up sessions.  

14. Disney – Moana Little Sound Book: Play-A-Sound

This next level interactive book comes with sound board filled with dialogues and familiar sounds that you can refer back to the movie. The detailed high quality graphics book has cues for sounds to play throughout its 12 pages story. Includes characters from the movie such as Moana, Maui and so on.

15. AmzBarley Moana Costume for Girls Dress up Toddler 

Little girls wearing this costume will steal everyone’s heart in a costume or dress up party. Now you can enact Moana with this costume made for toddlers. You won’t be able to anticipate the quality of this Moana Merchandise due to high quality thick material that feels impossible to get rid of any soon.

16. Zak Designs MOAF-3180 Disney Flatware Sets, 1 Pack,

Moana designed cutlery for any Moana fan would be a flaunting addition to their lunch boxes. Grab your stainless steel fork and spoon for your girl from the link above. The handles of the cutlery comes with BPA free durable plastic with precise textured grips which improves the firm handling reducing slip offs.

17. Disney Moana Toddler Girl’s Plush A-Line Slippers with Faux Fur

Very cozy looking comfortable slippers that fits sizes 7-12 US kids. The details and effort put into these slippers are evident from its features like a soft plush texture, slip-resistant sole, faux fur, and few printed images with Moana themed bow details. To clean these slippers, you will only need a damp cloth.

18. Meet Novelty Disney Moana Penny Coin Bank Gift Set with Removable Top

6 inches tall coin or money bank for kids to learn saving from an early age. Unlike other generic coin banks, you won’t have to cut off the lid when the bank is full; instead the lid is removable on this set. The image printed on each coin bank features Moana, Maui, pet chicken and piglet on a sea-venture.

19. Moana Thermos container 12 Ounce Bottle

Mainly suitable for cold liquids, this thermostat flask is seamlessly designed for maximum temperature retention. Both interior and exterior is designed with durable stainless steel which keeps your drinks cold. This 12 ounce thermostat flask keeps beverages cold for almost 12 hours throughout the day.

We have concluded our list of Moana Merchandise that features the most quality products that are durable and long lasting with appropriate care. Aimed towards the younger population of this generation, these enlisted items are all kid-safe and are free from harmful substances and choking hazards so you can be tension free when it comes to gifting safe toys. With that being said, have you found your ideal Moana Merchandise?

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