Nestor Carbonell: 10 Unknown Facts You Should Know!

Featuring Nestor Carbonell our article today focuses on facts and details about several facets of Nestor’s life as an actor. Nestor Carbonell often recognized in the film industry for his innate role in the TV show known as Lost and also as the character of Mayor in The Dark Night. Demonstrating great versatility throughout all the roles that he starred in ever since his acting career kicked off, he has been entirely in the limelight for so. To add to it, he then made a comeback on The Dark Night: Rises as Mayor Anthony Garcia. He might be known for his on-screen performances but do people see the person behind those entire roles?

You might know Nestor from Law and order or from the sitcom The Tick. But do you know enough? To test how much you know, continue reading our take on Nestor Carbonell.

1. Early Life

First things first like all the times, so where is this charmer from and how did he get here? Born on December 1st, 1967, Nestor grew up in New York. His parents are known to be from Cuba but are of Spanish descent, however. He hasn’t had a steady and settled childhood growing up. Since his father worked for PepsiCo, the family had to shift from one country to others regularly. He has stayed in Mexico City, London, Caracas, and so on. His original birth name is comprised of three names and is called Néstor Gastón Carbonell for official purposes.

2. Education

Nestor got his luck by being born in a better off class in the society, being taught the principles of Roman Catholic throughout his upbringing.  While his stay in Caracas, he attended The British School. After his parents moved back to the US, he got into the Deerfield Academy that is located in Massachusetts where he met Mathew Fox, who now plays in lost beside Nestor. Being a privileged student he received his graduation on Bachelor of Arts in English from the prestige Harvard University. He followed the line of education that has been passed through his family. His father and sister both have a degree in English too.

3.  Wife and children

Nestor fell in love with co-star Shannon Kenny from the 1995 TV series Muscles. They went on and worked together on the film Attention Shopper released in 2000 and was written by Nestor himself. Nestor and Shannon then exchanged vows on January 3rd 2001 and have been married since then. Nestor is practicing Roman Catholic along with his two children named Rafael who was born in 2002 and Marco born in 2005. The couple has faced any controversies neither rumors. They seem as to be a very close and collected family of 4, all of whom does appearing into the spotlight as a family. They have attended many events together.

4. Eyelash Goals

Nestor Carbonell’s is goals in many facets, but the females have one particular reason to envy Nestor. Like, have you ever seen his eyelashes? SUCH GOALS RIGHT? Not only are his eyelashes absolutely undeniable but his eyes too look beautiful Effortlessly. He has revealed that he avoids all kinds of makeup on his eyelash or anywhere near the eyes to make his eyelashes and eye-line really pop out with that lush darkness it appears to have naturally. For some makeup artists, it looked way too strong and unusual that they had to use concealer on the eye-line and lashes to tone it up with the rest of his face for the movie Lost. He added that back in school, he got bullied and teased for having those unusually dark eyelashes. And heck look at us desperately trying to achieve those set of eyelashes and yet failing. At a behind the scenes special set up for one of the shows he did, upon being questioned by one his fan about the eyelashes and the host’s insists, Nestor, wiped his eyes with makeup-removing cotton pads only to reveal that they came out clean.

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5. Decent at Spanish

If you have watched Nestor Carbonell in the series Lost, You might recall that in one of the episodes he spoke several dialogues in Spanish. Nope, they weren’t pre-recorded or foul in any way. They were actually authentic Spanish spoken by the man himself. Carbonell is pretty fluent in Spanish, and he developed the skill himself growing up. Well kudos to him he could put it to good use in the series he enacted in. In the episode titled “Ab Aeterno,” Carbonell is seen to be conversing in Spanish solely casually flaunting and showcasing his skills and fluency in the language. He was also spotted in a few Spanish commercials some of which include a Pepsi commercial along with Eva Longoria and other being a Heineken commercial for TV. Way to go perfect all-rounder Carbonell.

6. Awards, recognition, and success

Carbonell first started out in a random episode of As the World Turns, being starred as a guest. Slowly gradually, this marked the start of his career and growth. After this, he consecutively got small roles in Law & Order, A Different World, and Brotherly Love and so on. From a mere actor to a director, executive producer and a writer all in one Carbonell has come a long way from his starting point. He has so far earned 3 awards from his work and roles awarded by Alma Awards and St. Lauderdale Int. Film Festival. He has only earned 6 nominations in renowned award granting shows. In 2017, Carbonell directed an episode of The Good Doctor.

7.  Best thing about filming Lost

Nestor Carbonell made into Lost in season 3 where he first acted in the Spanish titled episode that literally meant “For Eternity.” Fans of this show watched Carbonell play the role of Immortal Richard who keeps reviving back to different timelines, never aging, always young. For the next three seasons, he contributed his remarkable role in Lost as an immortal guy that just won’t go away. When asked about the best memories he had shooting Lost, he went on to say that shooting his characters back-story was the most memorable and pleasant moment he recalls to this day. To him, it felt like an original movie of its own as the whole origin of his character and everything that he encountered was contained all in one episode. He got to shoot beside Tucker Gates with whom he shot Bates Motel later on. Carbonell shot this episode for 13 days and went for Horse riding for some of the scenes that he had to re-shoot later due to technical issues.

8. Net worth and earnings

By featuring as a character in some brilliant movies and directing some more Carbonell has kept a good score on his earnings. Nestor has not only developed his acting career, but he has also been expanding his businesses alongside his career since the very beginning. He does have a few small-scale sources of income, but that is insignificant when compared to his income as an actor, director, writer, and a producer. After getting his hands on some lucrative movies, his earning has low key sky-rocketed. As of 2019, we do not know what he is working at the moment, but he might reveal it soon. According to credible sources, Carbonell is known to have a net worth of $3 million.

9.  Playing Sheriff Romero

Carbonell has been busy shooting Bates Motel, and upon asked what he enjoys playing his character, he has something interesting to say. He finds the arc of each character, especially his, total well built. Although the character he played was nothing like Carbonell in real life that is exactly why it was fun to play. His character was plain non-sympathetic of a person and rather a bulldog. But only because he was educated on the trajectory of the character he was going to play, he was able to put a lot of him out there. He also makes a remark that the writers are so clever when it comes to what they had planned for “Romero.” Romero is seen to drop his guard only when he is drunk, but the writes found a sweet spot to get that essence out of Romero when sober. In a nutshell, Carbonell has been really digging all his roles.

10. What event did he attend last?

Along with his sons, Carbonell visited the Sorry for finger boarding contest. He posted about it on Twitter, praising the event as a whole and the venue. He further added that it was a new concept that he found immensely fun despite not being at the right age suitable for it. Carbonell does love being a dad and is evidently proud of his kids; most importantly, he is good at being one. 

To wrap up this article, we have provided authentic details regarding Nestor Carbonell for your convenience and ease. Maybe now you know this handsome man with beautiful eyelashes probably too good-looking for his age but its just Nestor Carbonell working hard to improve his career in the Film industry.

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