Ralph Ineson

Ralph Ineson: 10 Unknown Facts about Him I Bet You Didn’t Know Before!

Starring on most of the greatest shows ever created, starting somewhere from Game of Thrones to Harry Potter to The Office, Sherlock and then The Peaky blinders added to that the most recent of which is Chernobyl on HBO, yet very little is known about this 48-year-old English actor that the ordinary people know of. For this very reason we list facts about Ralph Ineson that most of us don’t know of down below:

#1. Life before acting

Ralph Ineson isn’t one of those hotshot actors that landed their career by getting into acting; he actually had a life away and different from what he is doing currently. Yes, Ineson started out as a teacher and taught at York Sixth Form College the same place where he was also the coach of the cricket team. Crazy how this guy has literally no chill, ever.

#2. Education Background

Ineson was born in Leeds on 15th December 1969 and attended his school located in Yorkshire. He graduated from Lancaster University after completing his Theatre Studies at Furness College.

#3. Personal Life

He has two kids Luc (born on 1999) and Rebecca (born on 2003) with his wife, Ali Ineson with whom he has been married since December 2003. He is quite the family guy, fears the loss of his family and also has a soft side for dogs owning a great Dane, named Grayson himself. Additionally, He is seen to be a determined supporter of Leeds United as well and desperately wants to witness them signing a decent striker.

#4. Religion

Ralph is an atheist, admitting that The Bible is the only book that did change his life.

#5. Weird favorite smell

Growing up, Ralph Ineson has witnessed his dad indulge in shooting. At one specific circumstance, he reminisces the smell of the Gun oil when his dad would be cleaning up the weapons down the road. He considers the scent of Gun oil as a lovely smell. Now can’t judge him can we, as all of us are attracted to some weird smell or the other.

#6. Ambition

Growing up. Ralph aspired to be a successful Yorkshire cricketer, but he couldn’t complete his goals as he claims himself to be not good enough. So that’s why instead he became a cricket coach in a college.

#7. Unappealing habit

When stressed, he does end up plucking portions of his beard leaving a bald patch which is indeed unappealing to look at.

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#8. Voice over

Ineson has a very distinctive Yorkshire accent which gives him a good advantage in landing a variety of roles that require English accent like his. He has voiced several TV programs including series like Inside Gatwick and Skint. His voice was also used in multiple TV adverts. He has also voiced in a few video games such as in the video game adaption of Harry Potters and the Deathly Hallows as well as in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag in which he gave his voice for the Infamous Pirate Charles Vane.

#9. Net worth

Having more than 100 acting credit s to his name Ralph Ineson has a net worth of $4 Million.

#10. Injuries

On a red carpet interview Ralph Ineson has said that he has been hospitalized three times by a goat during the filming of the movie The Witch. The Creators of this movie does use real elements rather than CGI elements for authentic horror experience, so something like that was quite inevitable given by the fact the goat was 4 stones heavier than him. In fact, Ineson says that the script of The witch was so intense that he had to put it down midway while reading it as he felt highly overwhelmed by it. He took a break and sat down with his family and watched television to cool off after reading some of the script just to continue it later in a calmer state of mind. It’s a rare experience for any actor to be blown away by the script so much that they needed to take a break.

That’s 10 things about Ralph Ineson, hope you learned something new from this list down!

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