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10 Best Romantic Short Films to Watch in 2019!

Short films have been out and about as early as the 1890s and till date,  has managed to nurture its essence among the changing generations of people. Short films have been constant in this world where nothing lasts for long. But even then short films are unable to gather as much audience when compared to longer full-length movies which are played in the theatres and can afford for the large scale publicity. One of the many reasons for which short films need to be given more and more emphasis on is since short Film is the only scope for a low budget average human being who is just starting on film making. For which more attention must be given to their small scale productions as that little contribution on our part can make vast differences.

To begin with, which short films to start on, we chose to base our article on the genre- romance and further go on to highlight the Best Romantic Short films for you to watch.  All of these are bound to touch your soul if not even linger in your minds for a few days.

List of Best Romantic Short Films

1. I don’t want to go back alone

An Iris prize (2011) and 3 other awards winning Brazilian short Film released on 2010, “I don’t want to go back alone” have received lots of response and appreciations from the LGBT community especially. This short follows the story of 3 school friends who are in an unanticipated love triangle that ultimately leads to inevitable conflicts in their friendship. Even though this short is too good to be true, the little euphoria you will experience while watching this Film lasts until the Film ends. It is an uncomplicated and simple sweet short with attractive actors that makes it a must watch as one of the best romantic short films. Stream it on Youtube right away!

2. Hotel Chevalier

Released in 2007, Hotel Chevalier is an American-French short film starring Jason Schwartzman and Natalie Portman. The short follows the story of two former lovers that are reunited in a coincidental encounter in a hotel room located In Paris, also known as the city of love. This short is said to be filmed at the Hotel Raphael in Paris, the same spot where lots of other film shooting took place in the past. This movie was an absolutely low budget film that went to be the most discussed Film of that year and received lots of criticism mostly positive. This short acts as more of a prologue to Anderson’s, the director’s feature film “The Darjeeling Limited.” According to me, this short is a wholesome little short film that conveys a lot in 13minutes at the same time keeping everything thoughtfully composed. A must watch for every Anderson fan.

3. Tokyo Project

Coming into form due to Richard Shephard’s mere desire to film in Tokyo as well as to write a love story, Tokyo project is a quick short film worth watching solely due to the environment that the movie is set on adding to that, the melancholy narrative that you get to hear throughout the Film. This Film focuses the mystery between its leads when they come across each other first at a ramen shop and then so many other places several times, revealing a latent connection between them. That’s not it, however; the short continues to explore the romance between them along with a twist, which is why it is one of the best romantic short films. And the best part? It is only 30 minutes long, a perfect duration for a short film to deliver quality to its audience. The movie ends at a sad-optimistic state that hints the audience that life is not over after a chapter closes, yet there is more to discover. Something worth taking away from this movie is the morals it indirectly hints to the captivated viewer. 

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4. The place we go to hide

The pace we go to hide is inspired by the theme of ‘The Power of Sleep.’ Available on Amazon prime, this short Film stars our very favorite actor Tom Ellis, who stole million hearts from his heavily criticized TV series Lucifer that’s awfully trending at the moment. The place we go to hide is about two sleepwalkers, both of which are somehow in the same hotel and in their sleep live a parallel life that is nothing like their waking life. In their sleep, they are lovers, but when they are awake, they aren’t aware of each other. This short really asks the real mind-bending question- When it comes to human connection, are we actually sleepwalking through our waking lives? If you are a huge Lucifer fan, then you must and absolutely must watch this short Film that is only 15 minutes long and won’t take much of your time, but I do warn you that, this Film would occupy your mind throughout the day provoking thoughts of several possibilities.

5. In a heartbeat

An animated short film that went viral, receiving lots of attention globally hence shortlisted in the academy awards as the best animated short Film. Released in 2017, This short Film tells the story about a shy young gingered hair boy that crushes on this another boy who is schoolmates with him. In a heartbeat, a film that is only 4 minutes in length has won 7 awards since its release and has also received appraisals for its flawless animation and the positive message that it conveyed effortlessly.  Not only that, but this short Film has also been featured and displayed at various LGBT events. All of which makes “In a heartbeat” one of the best romance short films of all time. And I doubt I have to pursue you to watch it as I don’t know anyone that hasn’t watched it yet but still if you haven’t, please do!

6. Adman

A romance-comedy short film that is simply inventive, clever and creative in its own way all of which credit goes to Writer and Director, Ben Callner and his brother Adam Callner as producer.Adman features Logan, who is settling into a new job and home and at the same time encounters Allie, his love interest in an ad agency. Usually, this kind of genre is deemed to be cliché and predictable, but this one short Film has managed to turn tables around and breathe new life into the same genre. The story follows a sequence of fake ads that sell nonexistent products and somehow the couple that represents the Film, get featured in these ads often the result of which is a never seen before cinematic experience, that’s funny and clever at the same time entertaining enough to keep you immersed into it. Adman takes advantage of heightened demands of commercials at a basic level to amuse and entertain its audiences.

7. Paperman

Produced by Walt Disney in the year 2012, Paperman is an American black and white animated short film that was the first animated short Film to win an academy award. It has also won an award for the best animated short Film. In a span of 6 minutes 33 seconds, this short Film tells the story of a young accountant, who through a series of uncalculated events, finds his way into a beautiful woman. He chases her and does everything to find her again and finally meets her in an unpredicted way. It’s a unique story about finding soul mates everywhere you go. This Film leaves you with a sense of contemplation and optimism that there are people out there who will simply click with you with minimum efforts. This short Film is interesting because it is considered as a hybrid of both 2D and 3D technology, all of which adds to the minimalistic appearance of the unique animation. The voice of Meg was given by Kari Wahlgren, You might know her from Bolt and Tangled, two great movies that always topped my list. The recording of voice took only 30 minutes, which is unbelievable although yes, the movie is mostly silent with slight voices added for ambience, which is why it is more powerful. Paperman is a brilliant short film from the start to finish for which It must be rated as the top Best Romantic Short Films to be ever made.

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8. Washland Express

Directed by Camille Campell, Washland Express is about a love story that all takes place in one spot. In a self serve car wash a woman is approached by a man asking if he could join her to test quality of the car wash during which the flashing lights and exterior soapy mess creates an exotic environment for the couple to fall for each other but things do take a turn at the end.

9. Two cars, one night

Written and directed by Taika Waititi, Two cars one night is a romantic short film that was released during the year 2004. This film is simple and revolves around the arrival of a car near a preexisting car outside a pub in which sit two boys waiting for their father. They spot a girl in the other car, after which Romeo starts calling names to the girl and then the story takes on to a cheesy young love phase. The director has successfully brought the best performance from these three children.

10. The Blue Umbrella

Directed and written by Saschka Unseld, The Blue Umbrella is a fun animated cartoon short film from Pixar. In the span of 7 minutes, this short film holds on to our attention as it portrays the story of two umbrellas one blue and one red that amidst a chaotic city find its way together throughout the film. Appealing to all age groups this short film is a must watch!

With that being said, we have come to the end of the list for Best Romantic Short Films. Most of the above listed short films are available on YouTube as the producers are usually less money minded and more focused on gaining acknowledgment and more viewers by showcasing their work by making it available on platforms that are easier to access for an average person. And the ones not on YouTube will surely be available once you Google it. Now waste no more time, forget what’s bothering you for a while and watch away these amazing few short films. After all, it will only take an hour to complete watching everything we have listed above.

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