Russian Doll Season 1 Episode 1 Review: “Nothing In This World Is Easy”

Bizarre, yet addictive, the fantastic new series of The Russian Doll on Netflix is on its way to win the heart and appreciation of millions of views across the globe. The Russian Doll is undoubtedly the first spellbound TV series hit of 2019. Created by Leslye Headland, Amy Poehler and the central character of the series, Natasha Lyonne, the show might be described as the right blend of extraordinary humor, the real mystery, and sheer surprise. However, there are more complicated events going on here than that. Honestly, the show has brilliant insights to offer to its viewers than any other show. The show is packed entirely constructed plots along with the spectacular performance of the actors. The subtle sense of humor will surely give you the true essence of laughter. At the same time, it compels you to question life, death, and depression. The show seamlessly portrays the immense importance issues of mental health and substance abuse. This may appear darkly funny and always very witty for some audience to look into the lives of people who need to learn to embrace the situation they have been so far and accepting the crucial things they fought to escape.

The central part of the series involves the story of a party girl named Nadia. She is stuck in an unusual stubborn loop where she keeps experiencing her death on the same night repeatedly. She steps out as if nothing really happened. From Happy Death Day and The Butterfly Effect right through to Groundhog Day, this concept of reliving the same day continuously is something entirely new for the Netflix viewers. Thankfully, Russian Doll cast and crew tried their level best to make this concept feel surprisingly fresh for the loyal audience of Netflix.

With Lyonne as the central character of Nadia, the series shows the depressing history of a woman who is in a perpetual battle to combat booze, drugs, and sex. The plot proceeds as Nadia comes across Alan in a plummeting elevator. To her utter amazement, she finds out he has been living and repeatedly dying just like Nadia. Nadia soon discovers that she has a lesson to learn from this mere random stranger.

As they say, life is never perfect or predictable. Nevertheless, making the right decision in the correct time can obviously have an impact on the course of life for anyone. Instead of complaining about the imperfections of life, one must appreciate the little happy things in life.

You will soon be heartbroken to find Nadia and Alan wholly devastated by the harsh reality of their constant deaths. Soon, they will find their way to break the mundane possibilities to rescue themselves from their terrible plight. They join hands to be each other’s support after all the strange events that follow.

After the audience to Nadia’s lifestyle and constant deaths, you will discover more and more pieces of Nadia’s shelf. With each scene, countless fears and pain come into sight of Nadia. What makes the Russian Dolls stands out is the well- constructed plot as well as the brilliant performance of the cast.

Just you begin to speculate you have found out the plot of this show, a cunning yet mind-blowing plot twist turns the entire series upside down. The show becomes more and more bizarre as the show reveals more unique secrets and clever turns formulated towards a climactic finale with one last twist ready for the viewers. The writers genuinely capture the actual themes and mystery of the show.

Thankfully, the Russian Doll is a series where the audience can experience outright comedy with specks of drastic mystery. You can come across profound humor with the concepts of funny little Easter eggs but is soon turns into a dark secret.  The main plot of the story revolves around the death of the central character, Nadia. The series keeps the audience guessing why Nadia has to repeat the same action.  With eight impressive and breath-taking episodes, you get to discover Nadia while it keeps adding understandable reasons her self-defense mechanisms. You can also find her in place, making several blatant attempts to overcome her own demons fantastically. This .is something that inevitably drives the whole series, the characters, and the theme of the show forward. Ultimately, each character works their way to portray the concept of the show. While you must appreciate Nadia as the central character of this superb show, but the supporting cast and crew all have, their own crucial roles to play that make this show feel original.

As people say, life is a series of unpredictable moments. You will begin to think if Alan can pull Nadia out of the path of that taxi. Alternatively, can Nadia stop Alan from jumping off the building? Will they be there to be with each other in the future? Yes, the Russian Doll keeps you thinking deep to solve the puzzle solved. Here, the writers successfully deliver the message about how we can build each other and forget the traumatic past, just like the stressful incident of Nadia’s childhood. Indeed, no other series emphasized much on mental health and peach before the Russian Doll.

You can watch the full episode on Netflix:

If you are bored with the popular shows on Netflix, be assured that the Russian Doll is definitely the biggest surprises of this year and a series worth your time and patience. The script is usually different and substantial; the acting makes the plot lively, yet sophisticated for you. Trust me; you will bite your nails as the plot proceeds forward to keep you guessing right through to the end. If there is any show worth watching, the answer is definitely the Russian Doll. So what about you watching this masterpiece weekend? You will keep wondering how incredibly beautiful this show is.

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