Russian Doll Season 1 Episode 2 Review: “The Great Escape”

The Russian Doll has proved to be the most intense show on Netflix for its viewers. It is a tremendous super hit on Netflix. Undoubtedly, it is an honest attempt by the writers to showcase authentic plot with pure feelings. You can spend hours on your couch watching open-mouthed, especially in the second half. Much deeper than first perceived, and this show is worth your precious time. The acting and humor are genuinely genuine and biting. After each episode, you need to remember how to breathe.

Created by Lyonne alongside comedy great Amy Poehler Leslye Headland, Russian Doll has formulated that gives the current super hit the Russian Doll a different meaning. Unlike many popular Tv series on Netflix, The characters enter the scene abruptly, but each bears their significance in the big picture. Russian Doll’s 8 episodes continue to keep us hooked as Nadia steps out as if nothing happened. However, she continually finds herself killed. Is that the show considers the importance considers the immense significance of mental health and addiction through the strange case of Nadia. Special thanks to Lyonne, who co-created the series with the playwright Leslye Headland and the actor and producer Amy Poehler. You will be amazed at how everything fits in theory at the end!

The show begins when a speeding taxi kills Nadia, but fortunately, she promptly regains consciousness back at her own birthday party from where she came. What makes the Russian Doll one of the most refreshing show is that the show naturally draws a picture of an imperfect Nadia who is messed-up in an unusual situation.

If you found the first episode weird, episode two will surely keep you astound. Nadia continues to die and become alive again.  The new chapter begins with a perfectly normal Nadia doing her job. She is a computer programmer, as mentioned in the first episode. She goes on discovering the bug in her code. What does this indicate? Is there a bug in Nadia’s loop?

Nadia has a hard time figuring out the pattern of her death. She mostly identifies that her deaths often happen shortly after her interactions with men, be it Professor Mike or John. Several loops continue to baffle the audience, where the end finally arrives.

She goes to Maxine to complain. Getting no hope, Nadia strides away, and she falls to her death. Another loop begins with Nadia wandering through her party, relaxingly with wine and cigarettes. Nevertheless, at the end of the party, she falls asleep on a couch where she escapes her death. Each loop has a new lesson to offer.

Besides, Alan continues to be the constant support of Nadia. His theories and philosophies are overwhelming for the audience to perceive. Their chemistry often beats any conventional stories.  They can also make it super easy for the audience to connect with the theme. The credit goes to the makers for crafting such masterpiece and challenging the concepts of modern sitcoms. Great thanks to them for daring to explore the big questions about physics.

Lyonne plays the role of Nadia marvelously. She seamlessly conveys the actual theme of the story through her intelligence, acting, and tenderness.

This episode is exceptional in the way you can find glimpses of Nadia’s heartbreaking past. The original beauty of the story is the point where Nadia reveals her horrific history to her friend. Surprisingly, the series portrays the sheer importance of mental health and joy. Russian Doll is definitely on its way to becoming the most excellent show on earth as the audience regard is as one of the thrilling shows of Netflix at this moment. Packed with the perfect balance of comedy and pathos, you will get a mixture of tears and amazing laughter with every episode Nadia’s revelation. She holds specific horrific memories sin her heart the entire life. The chapter shows a few flashbacks to Nadia’s childhood. Besides, the audience can catch glimpses of her mother but dies suddenly before she turned 36. This is the very age Nadia faces the incident of deaths. For years, Nadia suppressed the sorrow within herself. Nadia believes that the untimely death of her mother was at her fault.

 Nadia continues to live the rest of her life with this feeling, and she becomes the Russian Doll at the very age of 36. She is stuck in an unusual stubborn loop where she keeps experiencing her death on the same night repeatedly.

Over the years, Nadia tries to escape the agony of her past. But she fails, just like the way she fails to escape the loop. Every time, her soul keeps trying to save her from the pain. Unfortunately, Nadia gets her lesson the hard way from life again. Neither she can escape, nor can she run away every time.

The loops that unfold, each time revealing a new piece of Nadia throughout the season. In this episode, Nadia meets ruth, where she confronts the mental sickness of her mother.

Is Nadia going crazy, or is the whole world conspiring against her? Alternatively, are they separated by the brutal destiny? You can watch the entire series on Netflix:

Anyone who already watched the Russian Doll can help but praise the series. Russian Doll is the most brilliantly executed TV show on earth currently as the audience regard is as tremendously dramatic and thrilling. For the immense audience demand, Season 2 is around the corner. So, just appreciate Headland, Lyonne, and Poehler’s work in the last eight episodes that never run longer than 29 minutes. Great things come in little packages, and this marvelous creation of the Russian Doll is no different. Packed with the perfect balance of comedy and emotion, you will get a mixture of tears and amazing laughter with every episode. Like the rest of the event, the Russian Doll takes you a roller coaster ride to your emotional balance. The plots become more and more compelling, making you desperate for the next episode. Suffice to say, the series is worth your time and wait.

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