Russian Doll Season 1 Episode 3 Review: “A Warm Body”

You cannot judge the book by its cover. The same rule applies for TV series as well. The latest TV series on Netflix, The Russian Doll could be regarded as one of this. With each new episode, the viewers can really feel the thrill.  With every passing second, you will surely be compelled to question the laws of the universe, addiction, trauma, or the redeeming power of pets? The Russian Doll might be the only show where you need to provide close attention to every intricate detail to solve the final puzzle. Even a funny concept like Groundhog Day starts getting deeper, darker, and complicated as the show proceeds. Nadia is stuck in an unusual stubborn loop where she keeps experiencing her death on the same night, her 36th birthday, repeatedly. However, she continually finds her killed. From Happy Death Day and The Butterfly Effect right through to Groundhog Day, this concept of reliving the same day continuously is something entirely new for the Netflix viewers.

One of the most outstanding features of the Russian Doll is that the show considers the importance considers the immense significance of mental health and addiction. Special thanks to Lyonne, who co-created the series with the playwright Leslye Headland and the actor and producer Amy Poehler. Plus, the rest of the actors in the series played tremendously well to make it livelier and believable. Nadia, the central character and star of the show, demonstrates her addiction to alcohol and drug after every traumatic experience. 

The story revolves around an unusual stubborn loop where Nadia keeps experiencing her death on the same night repeatedly. Nadia celebrates her 36th birthday at a strikingly weird Lower East Side loft party.  She is confused, disorganized, and imperfect. She looks for her missing cat in the lonely streets. Then Nadia stumbles into the street and gets struck by a taxi. She dies, only to awaken back in the shaggy bathroom at her birthday party, stunned and discombobulated. Her incidents sound immortal. With every death, she returns to the same bathroom. She steps out as if nothing really happened. However, she continually finds her killed.

The drama gets at the highest point when John arrives, Nadia introduces him as her husband.  After a series of extreme events, Nadia finds herself death at Max’s bathroom.

In Episode 3, Nadia develops tactics to the sheer madness: Stay a little longer in the loop. The key to solve is Nadia’s programming skills would influence its solution. Besides, she comes across a big secret. She is not alone in the madness. She comes across Alan in an elevator who is suffering the same strange things as she does.

Furthermore, he uplifts the spirit of the show entirely when he reveals that he repeatedly dies too. To give a spark of entertainment, the whole setup is in the rabbi’s office. Hopefully, there are only two loops in this episode. Nadia goes on figuring out a pattern, but there she comes across a bug. Nadia wakes up on Maxine’s couch and has a Champagne cage ensnared in her bushy hair. The lesson and motive of the show are evident in this part of the series: our persistent effort makes a profound difference to our problems.

The views can enjoy the moment of pure laughter with a rabbi and a homeless man named Horse. The characters seamlessly uncover surprising facts of the Doll that are discovered with each new magical twists and turns.

Just like the addiction to reading most books, the Russian Doll manipulates the adrenaline rush of the audience levels by withholding information, giving the same old pleasure books.

At first, Nadia correlates the rabbi to be the bug in her system. The Lower East Side of the apartment where Maxine lives used to be a Yeshiva school. Nadia assumes the school to bear some significance regarding the mystery of the unusual events in her problematic life. There Nadia finds some answers to her questions.

At a very crucial point, you will feel the whole world conspiring against Nadia. Nadia is unable to communicate with rabbi without a husband.  Here, she needs the help of John, who had a love affair with Nadia in the past.  Will Nadia take the help of John? Will John ultimately help Nadia solve the clues?

This is the only episode that gives us some John-Nadia romantic moments. The past relationship between Nadia and John is still unclear and vague, but we get glimpses of their past.  This couple may have been in deep love at one particular point in their history. Again, they involve in a fight. Nadia makes a mistake and finds her dead. The same theory continues. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Nadia meets Horse, the homeless. The homeless man gives Nadia a haircut.

In another loop, Nadia demonstrates that she learned something. Nadia finds it utterly essential to save Horse from freezing to death. Fortunately, she can also stop her own death as someone stole her shoes. As a result, she spends the entire night watching over her boots at the Horse’s shelter.

In the next scene, Nadia thinks about the new code. Can the system stop the loop?

For the viewer, there is a slight sign of relieve with the appearance of Alan, who suffers the same terrible fate as Nadia. He, too, is stuck in the dangerous loop. He becomes Nadia’s new consistent support in the mystery-solving severe mission. The audience must appreciate his brilliant performance in the plot.  But with his partnership be everlasting? Or will it be lost in a loop?

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This particular episode reveals, for the first time, Nadia has a companion in the loop. Are Alan and Nadia the same person stuck in the loop? This is sad heartbroken to discover that Nadia and Alan entirely devastated by the harsh reality of their constant deaths. They join hands to be each other’s support after all the strange events that follow.

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